First and Last Kiss

He turned to her while sitting in the truck and said, “I better do this now before I loose my nerve.”

Holding her face between his hands, he gently placed his lips on hers, though startled she didn’t stop him. She felt the coarseness of his mustache on her lips and face, but his lips were soft on hers. Just like his rough exterior, but soft, kind personality. It felt good to have a man kiss her it has been many months since a man touched her in any way. He stopped and pulled away.

“I’ve wanted to do that since the first time I met you, but I probably shouldn’t have.” He said looking at but then have embarrassed.

“Why?” She said to him.

Without hesitation she leaned into him and kissed him, but this time it was more expressive.  Letting her tongue run across his lips feeling the softness of his lips, his mustache on her lips and face, it felt good to her, but she also knew it couldn’t go any further.

Releasing their lips from each other they made some small talk. This and that but returning to the subject of kissing and much more.

The energy between them could be felt and though they wanted to explore it, both them knew their boundaries. An invisible line of mutual respect of one another; his for her brothers and hers for his wife. That line couldn’t be crossed.

They spoke openly with each other of the want and need for sexual satisfaction.  Not only from each other, but the “ideal” situation of the person she wanted to meet and of his need for something “different”.

“You’re a wonderful person and so attractive! I can’t understand why someone doesn’t want to be with you?” He said to her as he slowly caressed her cheek.

His hand felt so good against her flesh, it has been many months since a man touched her.  She told him that it has been 8 months since she last had sex.  He obliged to resolve the problem for her.  Again, the matter of her brothers and his wife came up.

“You know if things were different…” he said.

“Yes, if things were different there wouldn’t be a problem.  But they aren’t and we have to realize we can’t do anything about that.” She replied looking straight at him.

A look of disappoint ran across his face.

Words of want cannot express what they were actually thinking.  The unspoken word can be dangerous, but they both knew they couldn’t say what they were really thinking.

Kissing and touching are one thing but the action of becoming too sexual was one place they couldn’t go.

“I want you to wrap your legs around me as I lick you and you beg me not to stop.” He said to her.

Somewhat embarrassed and not quite sure how to answer that statement, she just looked at him and said, “well that isn’t going to happen.”

She wanted to feel his face pressed against her pussy, his tongue exploring her soft folds, but she couldn’t cross that line, not here and not now.  She was attracted to him and wanted to feel all of his flesh against hers, but she knew if they started something, it would be hard to stop and no way of going back.

“If things were different.” She said to him.

He wanted to feel her body close to his, her breast pressed against his chest, feel her breathing becoming deeper and heavy.  Her lips pressed against his as their tongues explored each other in the dark.  She wanted it too, but she couldn’t go there.

“I have to get going.” She said to him.

“Yes, it is getting late.” He replied as he looked at the clock on the dashboard.

He turned to her and said, “You know I like coming out on Friday nights and seeing your brothers and other friends, but I mainly come out to see you.”

Parting their ways, he bid her a goodnight.

As she drove out of the parking lot and he was behind her in his truck, she watched him just to see if he would follow her home, and he didn’t.

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