Twilight Time

The sun was beginning to set on the first full day of summer. The sky changing colors by the second from blue to pink to orange with a highlight of white. The breeze blew across the meadow bringing with it the aroma of wild flowers and the red-winged blackbirds were there to serenade them.

The day had been perfect. A long ride on the Harley together with friends stopping to eat, chat and quench their thirst, but it was this time that was most precious to them. Alone with the world and each other.

The moon rising hiding behind a thin veil of clouds looked ghostly as it hung in the sky. Almost full as it illuminated down on them. Other than the birds and the occasional bullfrog, the only other sound were distant cars and other bikers out for a ride.

They found a quiet place near a corn field, far from any neighboring houses in the middle of nowhere. Desolate but not deserted. Some distant lights could be seen from a farmhouse or a home, but other than that they were alone. Quiet and peace with the time of reflection is what they sought.

Pulling a blanket from one of the saddlebags, he laid it in the coarse field grass. Positioning themselves comfortably they stared at the moon over the tree line and fell into conversation. The desire and passion were not just in their words, they felt it through each other. Passion for life ran deep within the two of them.

Lying on her side facing him, she let her fingertips move up his bare arm feeling the warmth from his flesh. Triggering the warmth inside her body. Listening to him talk, she studied his face in the vanishing light, but she didn’t need light to see what she wanted, and she wanted him. Anytime, any place, was her motto.

His gaze was still on the moon and the sky as she moved closer letting her hand move over his body. He turned and smiled at her, knowing exactly what she was after and what she desired. That was one thing that turned him on about her; she had no fear. Never afraid to take a risk.

The sky darkened and the clouds moved across the sky as the moon rose higher. The sound of the crickets began to become their music and the lightning bugs blinked across the indigo sky and the dark of the trees. Quiet and peaceful. Serene in this world all of their own.

Desire for each other was clear, as they began to pull at each others’ clothing. First shirts were removed, followed by shoes and then pants. The insects and creatures of the night were watching but they didn’t care at the activities taking place. The sun disappeared behind the clouds and trees and the moon was there to bear witness to their passion.

Foreplay had begun early in the day so the passion was already burning deep within them. He felt his cock getting harder as they kissed feeling her lips pressed against his. Running his hands over her flesh that was bronzed by the sun and warm to his touch excited him and his cock throbbed for her attention.

She reached down and stroked his cock knowing his eagerness waiting for her to touch him. His lips pressed firmly against hers, tongues fighting for attention as their lips were latched to each other. She spread her legs to allow him access to her hot pussy that also was eager for attention. As he ran his hand up the inner part of her thighs feeling the soft tender flesh of her legs, reaching the wetness and heat he was ready to release from her.

Pressing his fingers into the folds of her pussy, so wet and hot, he felt her tighten her grip on his cock and her other arm tighten around his body. Removing his lips from hers to look upon her even in the darkness he could see the satisfaction in her eyes and face. She let out a long sigh as her breathing became deeper with each movement of his fingers in her pussy. She was reaching an orgasm and he felt it through her whole body as it tensed up next to his.

He moved his mouth down her neck giving her light kisses and he could see her chest rising in the moonlight, feeling her body react to his fingering and his kisses. He reached her breasts, he began to lick and suck on her nipples that were already hard. He made her nipples wet and then he would slowly blow air on them to make them even harder and react to his touch. Her body moved with his touch and the sensation of the wet and cold of his mouth made her quiver.

She continued to stroke his cock, letting her fingers tighten and loosen around his hard shaft, giving him such an arousing feeling. She would allow her fingers to move across the sensitive part of his head making him moan and sigh with the pleasurable feeling. He wanted to press his cock deep inside her, but kept himself controlled, wanting to enjoy this freedom of spontaneous intimacy in the middle of nowhere.

Their bodies moved in unison in the twilight of the day. They knew their bodies well and no words had to be spoken to tell the other what was wanted or needed. They were as one, not just with Mother Nature but with one another also.

Her orgasm came with a jolt as it had been building deep inside her. Riding the Harley all day was like being on a large vibrator and the motion of his finger in her pussy and the massaging of her clit made her orgasm that much intense. She arched her back and pushed her pelvis onto his probing fingers and hand. Breathing deep, she gasped at the force of her own climax.

Feeling her orgasm as she tightened her pussy around his finger, he knew she was ready to feel his cock deep inside her. He couldn’t wait much longer himself. The stroking of her hand on his cock was becoming excruciating for him, for him not to explode himself with a deep felt orgasm.

Pulling his hand from her throbbing hot pussy, he brought his fingers to his mouth to taste her. He enjoyed tasting her essence, he never tired of her nectar.

Pushing himself between her legs, the head of his cock found the entrance to her hot cave without too much guidance. Seeking it out like an explorer on a mission for lost treasure and finding the secret entrance without the treasure map. His cock pushed into the wetness with one firm thrust.

Exclaiming the pleasure of the intrusion she vocalized his entrance into her pussy. Stating obscenities that he enjoyed hearing her say, especially in the throes of deep raw sexual passion.
Her pussy felt hot as it gripped his cock tightly and he felt the spasms of her orgasm as he moved back and forth. Pressing his body deep into her, he held her and she held him even tighter. Feeling the fullness of his cock as it moved with ease in and out of her. She came with force as she wrapped her legs around him pulling him into her. She gyrated her hips to meet his forward thrusts, pulling on his flesh, trying to get a grip and not let go.

The moon peeked through the clouds and the fireflies gathered in the darkness. Birds had quieted down and only the lone owl could be heard through the darkness. But it was her moans of pleasure of the thrill of his cock, that were not of the normal nature sounds that were typically heard.

Pulling and squeezing, he continued to push his cock into her. She came again. Wrapping her legs even tighter around him. Still pressing his body into hers, kissing each other feverishly as if this was their one and only time for this intimacy with themselves and nature. He couldn’t get enough of her and she him. It was far from over, but he could feel himself getting closer to his breaking point.

Pushing himself upwards, he grabbed hold if her hips, with her legs still wrapped around him, he pushed his cock even further into her. His balls smacking her ass as the juices flowed from her pussy and ran down them. He couldn’t hold on. He erupted with a final thrust and she felt his head hit her cervix and she came with a force to match his. Digging her fingertips into his chest or arms, any part of his body that she could grab hold of, she did and she didn’t want to let go.

His hot juices mixing with hers as he continued the forward motion of his cock and she met every movement with equal force. Once he was emptied and her cavern filled he laid on top of her. Both of them breathing heavy with the completion of their sexual exercise. Lips met lips as she held him tight and he gripped her head in his hands to feel the passion he had for her.

Slowly moving off of her, as they relaxed, but yet still in intimacy of the moment. She turned to face him, letting her leg come to rest across his body. The two of them stared up at the moon as the clouds moved across the sky, listening to the owl, watching the fireflies and basking in this moment of deep ecstasy they had just shared.

Nothing could be better. The closeness felt, the time shared in this spontaneous act of passion in the twilight of the evening.



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