My shorts rub my clit as I walk all day, making me aroused as my thoughts and my mind drift to a memory and I can still feel you deep inside me. I’m wet from sweat and being aroused by the motion, but it’s my mind that has taken over what I feel between my legs.

My shirt and bra cling to my breasts as the sun heats my skin but the real fire is between my legs and I feel my panties sticking to my pussy lips that crave your tongue, your fingers, your cock. I masturbated once already today, it was a quick release but the sexual tension is building again. I want to get home and play with my vibrator. Run it over my clit that is swollen and wants more than my own finger to stimulate it. I say to myself, “Fuck!” I keep walking.

The sun is browning my skin; my arms and legs are turning a nice bronze color and my breasts are a stark white. A contrast with my deep blue colored bra. I feel your fingers pinching my nipples as I rode your cock. it was deep inside me as my pussy tightened around your stiff shaft. My flesh is hot and the sexual tension is building. I can still feel your body pressed against mine.

I feel your lips against mine. Your kisses sweet and soft as your tongue explored mine and they played and danced together. Like the way your cock felt in my mouth as I sucked on it and held onto your legs while squatted in front if you. And again while you licked my pussy and your cock was full in my mouth and I sucked on it then, letting my tongue slide over it. Yes I remember.

The sweat runs down the back of my neck and I feel your lips kissing it softly as the sweat rolls down my back. My body quivers with the memory like a cold chill up my spine while the heat is felt on the outside of my flesh. I say to myself, “Why?” Why can still remember it? Why are you still lingering inside my body, my head, my pussy and my heart? The tension grows and I take a deep breath. Letting out a long sigh, not of relief but of tension of needing you, your body, your cock. All of it in one package wrapped up tight just for me.

I keep walking feeling the heat, desire and passion build inside me. My pussy is wet and my panties are clinging to my lips. I have to relieve this tension, but I must wait until I get home, alone. I need you to unleash this passion that is inside me. You opened it! You opened the last door and let this wave of sexual energy, passion or whatever you want to call it out! You left me to my own demise; alone.

“Fuck!” I say out loud as I get in my car. Feeling the sun through the sun roof basking on my exposed flesh. My pussy hot and throbbing wanting to feel your cock again and again. I am heated up inside and out. The heat of my own passion is flowing through my veins and I run my hand across the skin of my leg. I look down to see my Bengal tiger tattoo looking up at me.

I hear that voice inside me say, “wait, patience, it will happen. He wasn’t the one.”

I drive down the road with a hot wet pussy thinking of your cock throbbing inside me and I tell myself, Wait.

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