My Aphrodisiac

The smell of honeysuckle and fresh-cut grass fills the dusk air as the moon begins to rise over the landscape. It awakens my senses and memories of summers long past. But it is the scent of your skin, the musk odor of masculine sex that arouses my juices in my body. That is my primal sexual drive.

The moon, only half, hangs low in the dark sea of the night sky. I feel your breath on my flesh as you are close enough to touch, but you tease me as you lure me closer but pull back at the last moment.

The moon is laughing at me, as it hangs there with its friends the stars; Mercury and Venus as its close companions in this mid-June night. Watching every move we make. My tension is building as I feel the heat grow within my pants. My pussy is craving for your cock, that I know wants in, but yet you pull back. Such a tease you are.

The scent of the night and of your body is my aphrodisiac that has heightened my sexual tension. I feel it grow inside of me as we both gaze upon the night sky and admire the stars. I feel your energy emitting through your clothes and I want to just tear into them and rip them from your body.

Your laughter adds to my sexual tension as the depth of your voice makes my soul crave for you. The touch of your hands on my body and those lips pressed against mine. I have a hard time holding back from reaching out to you. You tease me in every way you can; your body, your eyes, your voice, your laughter, all the factors that make me crave you.

What was it you asked me once, “What are you looking for in a man?” and when I listed all the attributes, you answered your name every time. Because You knew you were and are everything I want in a man. Your mustache was the straw that broke the camels back as I love mustaches. Mustache rides and to feel those whiskers on my lips; both sets! You are such a tease.

Our laughter fills the night air with the crickets as our background sound and we move and tease each other under the dark sky and moon. I move closer so you feel my flesh against your bare skin, my legs are smooth and tan already from being outside and I can feel the heat from your body. I can’t take much more as I crave you more now than before.

I place myself closer to you and I know you can’t resist, but still you hold back so I take the upper hand and make the first move.

I run my hand up your leg, feeling the muscles of your legs through your jeans. Visions run through my mind of how they will feel against mine, and how my feet will run up them. Oh the thoughts of your flesh, hot and desirable pressed against mine. My pussy is screaming inside my pants as I feel the heat of desire grow inside me.

You move towards me and I make no hesitation as you place lips on mine; our lips part to play with one another. Your lips are soft and smooth and your tongue; the other serpent I want to play with. Your lips move down my neck and I tilt my head back and I close my eyes to take in the sensation of your lips, your tongue and your mustache moving across my flesh. I feel the chills run down my spine and my hands roam down your arms as you hold me against you. You tighten your hold and pull me closer to you.  The tension is building and the tease is over, we have broken the barrier of intimate space.

We fall back into the grass and your body is pressing against me.  I feel your hard cock through your jeans and my pussy is hot and waiting for you to touch it as your hands move across my body and my torso.  My chest is heaving as my breathing is becoming deeper and my heart is pounding in my body.  I can feel all my senses becoming alive with your touch.  The bouquet of your sweat; your flesh mixed with the grass and the honeysuckle brings me to life.   Your touch has ignited the fire deep within my soul as I feel the passion and desire increasing with your body against mine.

I pull on your shirt lifting it up to run my hands across your flesh feeling the warmth of your skin, you do the same to me.  Our flesh meets and the fire is blazing in the later afternoon day.  The sun, the aroma of the outdoors, and the scent of our bodies are now intermingled in this moment.  Your cock is pushing against my body and the time is ticking by, but we want to take our time, but we also can’t wait to feel each others’ naked flesh pressed into one.

Tugging at our clothing we disrobe; you, me and Mother Nature watches.  Birds and bees are playing their song and buzzing around us and we are only aware of each others’ body and the heat contained in our being.

Flesh pressed against flesh we lay naked to the world as our hands move across our bodies and we feel the sexual energy building in our want and desire.  Wanting to fill the passion that is deep within our being, the craving cannot be satisfied as quickly as we want. But again, we take our time to explore and to satisfy each others’ needs.

Lips upon lips and tongues dancing, hands roaming over hot flesh in the sun, we move like a fine piece of music, with no sheet music to follow, we fit perfectly together in our actions to fold into one another.

You press your fingers into the folds of my pussy that is hot and waiting to be touched as I reach down and stroke your hard cock that is waiting attention as it throbs for my attention.  With just your touch, I am on fire.  Feeling all the tension building deep within my soul as I sigh and tell you how good your touch feels to my body and your body does to mine.  I love the way you feel next to me.  Warm and soothing like a good glass of wine or my favorite blanket.

Your fingers deep inside my pussy are making me so wet, not that I wasn’t before but now the feverish climax is approaching.  You continue to kiss me, my breathing deeper and my heart rate increases while your finger delves deeper into my core.  I cum and you feel my pussy spasm with the orgasm and it tightens around your fingers.  You whisper to me but my mind is far away and only feels your fingers and my climax.

You move on top of me and I spread my legs to allow you access to my wet garden that is waiting for your cock to penetrate it deeper than your fingers could.  I fold my legs and let my feet move up and down yours, feeling the muscles as you guide the head of your cock through my swollen lips that are waiting for your throbbing cock.

You push slowly as I gasp at the thickness of your shaft as it invades my wet hot garden waiting for you.  I welcome it as your push a bit harder and than a final thrust and you fill me.  With one sudden movement of your cock I cum again, as I tighten my legs around your hips feeling your throbbing cock deep inside me and you watch my face as I gasp fat the shock and the pleasure.

You press your body into mine and I feel the weight of you and the throbbing of your cock deep inside of me and I hold onto you as if you are going to save me and your lips meet mine.  Luscious tasting, wet and hot,  as you kiss me and your tongue enters my mouth to play.  I love the way you feel against me.  Your body is so inviting and your cock fits so well inside my pussy and my legs are wrapped around you tightly and holding you there.  The pleasure we are giving each other in this very moment.  The heat, the intensity of our passion.  The raw feeling of lust and desire brought to the surface but not like greed to take and not give. We give and take with each other out of pure want to satisfy one another.

Pushing and pulling we are at each others body as you wrap your arms under my body grabbing hold of my shoulders to impale me deeper by holding me tighter.  My legs are wrapped and locked around you not to let go.  You push your cock as deep as it will go as I feel your balls smashing against my ass and I cum again at your sexual need to please me.

Your cock is throbbing deep inside me as my pussy tightens around your hard shaft and I feel every movement of your body inside of me and all around me.  My fingers dig deep into your flesh as I feel the passion grow and I become vocal and loud with my pleasure as I holler out my need for you to fuck me hard.  You obey and listen to me as you push deeper inside me, though you can’t go any deeper than you already are.  Your cock throbs harder as I cum again at the movement of your body inside me and all around me.

Our lips are locked as our tongues play and penetrate the dark space of our mouths.  We are hot and the sweat can be felt between our bodies in the sun.  I can smell the sweat and the scent of sex as it is mixed with the aroma of Mother Nature and us as one at this moment.

My pussy is hot and wet and your cock is deep inside me throbbing as the raw sexual need to satisfy is raised again as you impale me quick and hard.  Our bodies slide with each other from the sweat and you grip my shoulders tighter.

You cum and explode with a number of thrusts inside of me and I meet your climax with my own as my pussy tightens around your shaft one more time.   Between your throbbing cock and the spasms from my pussy, I can feel every inch of your cock as it spews forth its hot liquid deep inside my well.

Our teasing is over but not our passion of the moment.  We have met all of our needs but yet, we would do it all over again and not change a thing.  You relax and I let go of you slowly and you do the same.  But our lips, our kisses still remain. A reminder of the desire to please and to satisfy to please one another.  They are the last of the connection between the two of us as we move slower not wanting to end the moment of desire.

Sweat trickles down the side of my breast and I feel it run down my body.  Your lips still hot and wet and my pussy still clenched around your cock.  Our bodies are still reacting to the passion of want of one another.  How can we let go?  To pull away would mean to end the session of passion.  We still cling to one another in the aftermath as the clouds move over head and we feel the sun on our naked flesh warming us.

The smell of the honeysuckle and the grass, but it is the scent of your skin that is my aphrodisiac and I want to please you all over again.  Let’s do it all over again.


  1. It has been a while since I’ve seen you sharing a story, and I’m so glad you’ve gotten back to it. Once again your details bring a sense of place and presence to your stories. 🙂 Very erotic.

    • Yes, I have written in a bit, been very busy and it’s been a challenge to put words down on paper, but I plug away at it.

      Glad You liked the new one.

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