Me & You

Me and You.
You and Me.

I’m wet and aroused
You’re hard and ready.

I’m hot and tense.
You’re impatient but waiting.

I’m soft and warm
Your hard and eager.

My lips touch yours
Your hands grab hold of me.

I feel your hardness
You smell my sex.

I taste you
You taste me.

I reach down and grab your hardness
You press your fingers into my wet folds.

I pull you tight to me
You press further into me.

I feel the pleasure your giving me.
You feel me quiver with sexual release.

Your hardness presses against me
I open myself to you.

You push your hardness and it fills me
I cry out with the ecstasy of pleasure.

You feel the wetness flow from me
I feel your hardness deep inside

You thrust into me
I pull and hold onto you

You pull on me
I tug at you

You throb your cock deep inside
My pussy tightens around you

You release your hot cum
I match it with my orgasm

You kiss me again
I return your passion

You feel me desire still
I can’t let go.

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