Release of My Passion

I look into your eyes and see the depth held there that is just out of reach. Your body fills my desires, you are all man. Not an Adonis or god-like, but you have the strength to hold me, the desire to please me and the lips to explore me. You are firm, but not vain, the perfect specimen of a man. What you have between your legs is to please me and you have more than enough.

When you are close to me I feel all of you. All the raging desire building as your body brushes mine. Let me unleash it. Let me feel you ravish my body with that rage of passion and lust as I willingly open up to you.  You feel the force that is exchanged between us and we don’t even have to touch each other, it is ever so present in our verbal exchange, the lingering touch is like spreading the icing on the firm cake of our passion.

Feel my flesh crawl with your touch as my mouth gaps open with the ecstasy of your cock deep inside my hot pussy. You stare deep into my eyes seeing all that raw passion I feel for you. I release my energy onto you as you lay your body pressed against mine. I’m wet from the passion you released deep inside me, I can’t hold back any longer as I spill forth my hot juices and your cock slides deeper inside me. I scream with ecstasy at your intrusion into my deep well and you lavish in the joy you have brought me with your cock.

My fingers dig into the flesh of your back as your lips touch mine and a fire ignites within my soul and I want to eat you alive. My chest heaves with each breath as you impale me deeper and your balls smack my ass. My legs tighten around you and I openly express my rage of passion with each thrust you give me. I feel your thick cock throb inside me as we move in unison to please each other.  Deeper and deeper you go, but you can’t go any further inside me, but still I pull on you wanting more of your body. I can’t get enough of your flesh; inside me or on me.

Your lips on mine are sweet to taste as our tongues fight for space and attention. Dancing among our lips and mouths the heat from our orifices can’t match the heat that is felt deep within our souls, as my juice flow from me like a hot sticky cream that makes your cock harder as it moves with ease in and out of my hot wet pussy.

You grip my body from under my shoulders to pull me closer into you. My legs wrapped around your hips and my ankles locked makes you my prisoner of your body and cock as it moves inside me.  You slow your pace.  I feel every inch of you move inside me.  Your cock throbs and pulsates as my pussy spasms with each orgasm you give me. Our breathing heavy and quick as we are deep in the throes of passion.  Felt from within our soul, deep within our belly it is rooted only to share in these moments of ecstasy of lust.

Grabbing hold me tighter you roll me over so I am on top of you. Still inside me your cock pulsates more. I pull myself up so I can gyrate my hips down on your shaft and feel the head of your cock deep inside me and I continue to cum.  You pinch my nipples which only heightens my sexual energy like a switch as I throw my head back and my hair falls down across my shoulders and I arch my back is pure ecstasy and pleasure of your cock throbbing inside my pussy that is tightening around your shaft.

I release a wave of orgasms and you feel the shivers down your cock and into your balls as my pussy lets loose its climax. You squeeze my breasts hard with your hands and I look down on you and our eyes meet and we burn this moment into our memory. This rush of ecstasy of passion as it flows between the two of us.

I cup your ass with the soles of my feet and I begin to move slow to feel every inch of your cock as I begin to raise and lower my hips on your shaft. Riding your cock, the hard thick stick that it is, feeling it inch by inch enter me. Balanced I move myself so I keep just the head of your cock inside me and then lower myself down your shaft, than pull up to just repeat it over and over.  Feeling it slide in and out of me with ease. My juices flowing as I can see them at the base of your cock. The wet white sticky substance of my essence; my juices that you created.

You press your thumb on my clit and massage it ever so slowly as it is engorged from my orgasms and to stimulate it like this, you know that it will make me cum again especially feeling your hard cock deep inside me.  Still I ride you, slowly but begin to pick up the pace as I can feel myself building to an orgasm and the animal inside me is getting ready to let loose on you once again. Ravish your body as I want to tear at your flesh and rip you apart!

Your eyes look into my soul and you feel it building, becoming bigger as I lower my body to yours and our lips meet like a fire so intense that we can’t contain it.  You grab my ass and pull me down on your shaft as you meet my movement and impale me with the full force and I release my orgasm upon you and my pussy tightens once again around your shaft.  I scream out with pleasure of the intensity of the feeling and you don’t let up as my juices flow from me again.

Your cock is throbbing deep inside me as you too are close to exploding to release your hot juices inside my already wet cave.  We move rhythmically; slow and steady with each other wanting this moment to last as long as possible.

Closer and closer you are getting to your orgasm. I feel the head of your cock beginning to throb and grow inside me.  Without warning you roll me over again and pull my legs up to my chest so you have me at the best angle for the deepest penetration you can be.  You impale me as deep as you can go.  My pussy is wet and wants to cry out at the pleasure of your hard cock but it is my mouth that vocalize the pleasure of your cock.  I repeatedly scream out the joy of the passion of the heat of your cock is giving me as you thrust it deep inside me.

Pushing and pulling on your flesh, I pull grab your chest, your arms in the fury of pleasure. I feel like I can’t catch my breath and I bite my lip in the delight you are giving me.  I cry out your name over and over with each thrust of your cock.   You explode with a rampage of spasms as your cock expels its own hot liquid in my already hot wet cave.  It overflows with juices as I meet your volcanic explosion with my own climax.

Breathing still rapid, hands are still gripping at flesh as our lips clench to each other and our tongues still fighting for that moment of attention.  We slow down as our bodies begin to relax in the aftermath.  Taking the moment to relish in the pure passion of the release.  Release of tension, sexual energy the rawness that we shared, a moment in time remembered.  We take it all in as we begin to unfold but not let go of each other.

I feel you relax as my legs are released from the position of your body and we still hold onto each other. Savoring the moment, our lips slow down to enjoy each other. The sensuality of the kiss, the moment of intimacy shared was intense and we need to get back to the world of reality.

Holding on to that moment. We look at one another, each of us seeing the depths of our souls in our eyes, knowing we have touched that spot of pure raw passion.

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