When the Rain Falls

I feel the wetness build inside of me as the clouds open up and empty their moisture onto the earth and you haven’t even touched me yet. Just the thought of your hands on my hot flesh is all I need to make me wet.

Press your body against mine as the lightning flashes through the window. I feel the heat from your body through your clothes and the wetness is building along with heat between my thighs. I smile at you being coy as the energy is building deep inside me and the thunder roars as the lights flicker almost as fast as my heart is beating.

You’re pressed into me and your hard cock is letting me know you are ready. Though I am aware of the needs you want satisfied before you enter me with your hardness. I want to suck on that cock. Feel it grow within my mouth as my tongue licks and toys with its head. Yes, we will take time to explore.

Let your body be the new territory I want to explore as you allow me the chance to use it like a road map for my fingers and tongue. Explore every inch of your skin and heat as I let my hands wander across your body. I smell you. Your scent as it fills my nostrils and I become more aroused; my senses are acute to you and your body.

I first let my fingers explore your skin, feeling the smoothness of it and the warmth encased under it, just the parts exposed to me. I want to rip into you like a cheetah does to an antelope; it’s kill. The heat from your skin rises upon my touch as my lips and tongue are pressed against yours. I taste your mouth and I hunger for more as your hands begin to run across my body. Oh how I want you now, but I wait. I tell myself take your time.

I pull at your shirt and you willingly remove it so I can have the freedom to touch you. I return the gesture by removing mine. Our flesh is now pressed against each other as my breasts, still encased in their bra are now touching the smooth heat of your skin.

We are eager but patient and I can feel the urgency building in my body as my pussy is getting wet and aroused at your kisses and your hands touching me. I am ready to rip into you. Wanting you is all I can think about. I block out all other thoughts but your flesh, your lips, your tongue and your hands. My pussy is waiting and wanting that stiff cock of yours.

Wasting no time I remove my bra and toss it to the floor with the other garments and reach down to undo your pants to get to that hard cock of yours. It’s begging for attention and I want to get out of it faster than my hands can move.

You continue to kiss me, running your fingers through my hair pulling me closer to you and I can feel the anticipation through your lips as they are pressing hard against my lips but then you back off and just let your tongue trace them. I can feel the energy growing as my pussy is begging too for attention and I want to lick your cock. Fuck! Is what I am thinking. Telling myself to slow down, enjoy this moment. Make it last, last a lifetime.

Pulling your pants down to allow your growing cock room, so I can stroke it. I remove them tossing them aside. Our lips still entranced and occupied with our tongues, your cock grows harder from my touch. It throbs in my hand as my fingers tighten and loosen, rubbing the sensitive head. I feel your arms tighten around my body as your cock begs for more than just my hand gripping it. I too want to feel your cock in my mouth.

No asking is required, as I sense your request through your skin, your lips and the tightness of your arms. You know I’m more than willing to please, so when pull away from you, you know exactly what I’m going to do.

First I remove my jeans and panties, because my pussy is hot and wet, also because once I’m done sucking on you I don’t want to waste anytime feeling you deep inside me.

Once I have undressed myself, I lower myself letting lips and tongue create a trail down to your cock that is throbbing for my hot mouth. I’m almost drooling with anticipating of having that thick shaft in my mouth.

I stop momentarily to let my tongue lick your nipples and to suck on them. They feel delightful in my mouth as my own nipples are erect and sticking out like pink jujubes. My hands are moving across your body feeling the heat from your flesh and the heat continues to build between my legs. I want to explore you, like a foreign land for me to have a feeling of adventure with my senses. Taking in every inch of your vast flesh.

Reaching your cock that is bobbing in the air begging for my mouth, I grab hold of it and begin stroking it as my tongue circles the head. You sigh with pleasure as my tongue licks the shaft and head, letting your hands move across my hair. I look up at you to see you watching me as your cock disappears into the cavern of my mouth only to reappear as I let it slide in and out of the hot wetness of this orifice.

The rain beats against the window as the storm unleashes its wrath on earth. The wind blowing through the window making the curtains billow and move like lost souls looking for a place to rest.

The tension from the storm increases the sexual tension between us as I let go of you cock and grab your ass and you fuck my mouth with your thick hard shaft. Filling the hole on my mouth as I lick and suck on it. I feel the heat of our raw passion building just as the storm begins to heighten outside. I can’t get enough of your cock as my pussy is wet and ready.

I reach down between my legs to fondle myself while sucking your cock. My pussy is wet and ready. Just by me touching myself and sucking on your cock, my pussy is beginning to flow with my juices, but I’m not done sucking on you nor ready to cum, I want you to give me the climax I seek. I will wait.

I’m enjoying sucking on you so much, I’m getting lost in the arousal I’m giving you and what I’m feeling myself. Your cock feels good in my mouth as I begin to slow down and just lick the shaft and circle the head with my tongue. The sensation you feel throughout your body and I too an indulging in this complete pleasure.

I can’t wait any longer or take much more. I pull your throbbing cock from my mouth and lick my lips with the thought of the pleasure I just gave you and myself, along with the feeling of your lips pressed against mine. Not to mention your cock deep inside my pussy. The anticipation is rising. The rain is falling heavy and the wind strong coming through window. The sky is darkening and it’s not close to sunset.

Pulling you over to the bed as I place myself on it, kneeling with you standing on the side so we are eye to eye. I pull you to me so I can kiss you. I taste you and let my tongue run across your lips and your mustache tickles my lips and face. I can’t get enough of you and your body. I can tell you can’t wait as you wrap your arms around me and your hands roam my body raising the sexual energy to the surface in both of us.

Running your hands over my ass and across my thighs, you press your fingers between my legs and I let a sigh of pleasure as you begin to explore my shaved pussy. You feel the wetness flow from me as your fingers press into my folds and I let out a gasp of the intrusion but of the pleasure.

“Your pussy is so wet.” You say to me and I continue to sigh and feel the wetness flow from my depths as your fingers probe deeper. You play with me and let your thumb massages my clit, so lightly but with full intention of making me cum. I hold onto you as you press your fingers deeper into me, releasing the flow of liquid from my well. Your cock pressing against me wanting to “taste” that wetness and feel the heat from my cave. It won’t be much longer as the rain continues to pound against the house.

Pushing me back onto the bed, you spread my legs so you can taste the flow of liquid you released and you lick and caress the fold of my hot pussy. Running your hands over my swollen lips and the inner part of my thighs as you lick and probe me. I’m in ecstasy of your touch and I sigh with pleasure and release of my sexual tension.

Your finger delves deep into my hot wet garden as your tongue moves across my clit and you hum creating a low vibration that sends shivers through my body. I clenched the sheets with my hands and arch my back as I’m ready to explode with my first climax and feel it as I push my pussy onto your driving finger and tongue. The fluid rushes from me as the dam breaks and you lap at my juices as I cry out in pleasure of my orgasm.

Reaching down I dig my fingers into your shoulders with the release if my passion. My fingernails leaving marks in your skin, but you don’t let up as continue to lick and probe me while my pussy continues to spasm and my clit is throbbing under your touch. I can’t take much more of the direct stimulation your giving me and I pull on your flesh while still pushing my pussy into your face.

I tell you to stop, but all you do is stop licking me, your finger is still probing my hot cave you are just moving slower. I want you inside me, I tell you and you slowly pull back licking one of your fingers as you put the other one to my mouth so I can taste my own essence. You watch me as I suck on your finger, letting my tongue twist around it.

Pushing back further you climb in top and grab hold of your throbbing hard cock and slowly push the head of it into my folds. Than wham! You thrust it in up to your balls, not giving me time to grasp the moment. You stop and pull your cock out. Only to repeat it again. The feverish way you enter me is exciting to my senses and a tease, but you know you have to slow down. After the 4th or 5th time I cum, exploding inside with wetness and I’m a wild animal as I grab and pull at you. Fuck me, I tell you, calling your name as you slow your pace and you too can feel the tightness of my pussy around your cock as my orgasms are becoming stronger and quicker with the thrusting of your cock.

Wrapped around you, my body is like a vice, not wanting to let go. My legs tighten around your body as I feel your cock throb and probe my pussy. The wetness is never ending as I continue to cum.

Your lips are on mine as our tongues fight for attention and space. Our breathing is heavy and in-sync with each other. I feel your cock grow and throb with each movement. I scream out my pleasure for you and your body as you know how to control my orgasms as they continue one right after another. The passion and lust is thick in the air like the heavy rain outside the bedroom window.

You grab hold of me from underneath, pulling me into you. I can’t get any closer but your cock wants to be deeper inside as you pull on my body and drive your hard shaft deep inside me. The tension of yet another orgasm is building as I feel the head of your cock beginning to swell and my pussy tightens even more around your shaft.

You convulse with your orgasm and I match its fever of the depth of your passion, as we grip and pull on each other to reach that final release. My orgasm explodes and my pussy tightens and releases its grasp around your stiffness as you spew forth your hot liquid filling me.

We collapse in the aftermath as the rain begins to subside. It is quiet, only our heavy breathing can be heard as the final raindrops seem to cease as we drain ourselves of our pent up raw sexual energy.

The light of the sun fills the room and sets it aglow. Like a fire burning bright outside and we hold onto one another letting our bodies and soul consume each others passion.

I turn to face you as you have moved to my side. I soak up your skin, your face your eyes as my hand runs through your hair and down your face letting my fingertips run across your lips. I can only think of one thing; how I enjoy so much pleasing you and I’d do it all over again.

Only the last raindrops can be heard as the sun warms the room, and we have moved each others soul.


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