Never Let Go

My body awakens with your touch in the pre-dawn hours in the dark. I feel your breath against my neck and I can feel the hardness of your cock brushing my thigh and I know exactly what you are in quest of.

Your warm and smooth as my hands run down you chest and back and can feel your muscles react to my touch as you move your body between my legs. Not much foreplay needed this morning, it has only been a few hours since our last and my pussy is still wet.

I never thought me walking into a pub near the Tower of London would bring me an encounter with an attractive man younger than me. But I was on vacation and hadn’t been here in years and I was on an adventure of my life. To have you chat with me was enough to satisfy my curiosity, never imagining I would be having sex with you hours later. This was the icing on my vacation cake!

Feeling your lips against mine are like an accelerant to my fire that was burning deep inside of me. You push my legs apart with yours as I feel your hard cock pressing against my swollen lips. Your tongue pressing into my mouth like a serpent wanting in, just like your cock. Wanting to taste me, feel the wetness contained within. The heat of the orifice; my mouth and my pussy.

Your arms are firm and tight around me as my hands run down your back feeling the strength and the solid build of your body. I feel the raw energy being exchanged between the two of us as we lay in our embrace feeling the passion and desire build with our kisses and your cock probing for the depth of my wet cave.

I pull my legs up and let my feet trace your legs feeling the tenseness of your muscles as your cock pushes through my swollen lips finding its destination waiting. The first intrusion was a bit startling, our bodies adjust and we begin to move rhythmically and I feel your cock fill my hot cave. Pushing yourself inside me and I release a gush of hot liquid at your entry, my first orgasm of the day and it felt warm and welcoming.

Your body tenses and than releases as you move into me. My legs wrapped around your hips pulling you into me holding on like we are lost at sea, letting go would mean being lost in the vast ocean of passion. Your lips are soft on mine as my hands move across you and you hold me tighter into your body. Feeling each breath of your body as I match it with mine.

Your cock feels welcoming inside me as you impale me with your hardness and I can smell your masculinity through your pores which is like an aphrodisiac to my nostrils and hold you tighter to me. I can feel it grow harder with each thrust as my pussy is so wet it slides into me with ease as I spasm with each orgasm you give me. Tightening it around your shaft and pull away just long enough to look at my eyes and you see the passion buried within my soul and you want to feel all of it. You want into that place that I keep it, under lock and key.

As the gates open and I let my hot liquid flow with each climax, your cock grows more inside me. Like it is feeding off of my orgasms and you move quicker and faster. Pulling back to ensure full penetration of your cock in my wet hot pussy, you grab hold of my hips and pull me onto your hard shaft. I grip your arms tightly with you thrusting into me. I can feel my orgasms growing as I release more hot liquid and I cry out that I am cumming and you relish in the joy and pleasure you are giving me and I see it on your face.

You are unable to hold on much longer as you thrust yourself deeper into me and your cock is throbbing and I can feel each inch of it growing. You burst with hot liquid inside me, mixing our fluids together as they flow from the two of us. Joining in an union of an orgasms as I tighten my pussy around your shaft and my fingers dig deeper into your arms. I arch my back to meet your thrusts with each savage like thrust.

Pulling and pushing we melt within each other. Taking what we want from this explosive experience of shared passion and lust. You collapse on top of me as I feel your cock pulsate deep inside my pussy that is still convulsing from the rapid orgasms. Your lips meeting mine as a seal of approval of this early morning romp. Kissing me with the depth of your tongue as it moves across my lips and searches out my serpent to taste and to feel.

Embracing in the aftermath we don’t want to let go, knowing that this is just a temporary moment of desire that will only last as long as we hold onto each other. Once it is broken it will not be there again. I feel a rush of emotion as you hold me, but I don’t show any weakness of this to you. I know I must go. Our time is up on this foreign encounter. But we wallow in the enjoyment of this time spent in our grips of passion. Letting go would be losing this moment altogether.

Never let go of that moment.

For Aaron



  1. Jenna Fox

    Lovely…very lovely. I enjoyed your short story. I like your style. It’s very descriptive in a classy, but naughty way; an excellent combination.
    Jenna Fox

    • Thank you for the compliment. That is the best descriptive of my writing style I have ever received.

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