The Lost Afternoon

The clouds pass over our heads like cotton balls on the vast sea of blue sky. Open to the sun and the shade we are warmed and then cooled by the movement of the clouds and the soft breeze that blows through the tall grass as we lay naked to the world. Our world. It is our time to share and only we exist in it.

Relaxing in the aftermath of the glow of heavy breathing and sweaty passion we embrace and yet we don’t as we lay contemplating the world around us. Not just our general surrounds; but deep thoughts and ideas that come from within our souls. The intimacy of conversation runs deep between us, not just from between our legs.

Laughing and smiling as we converse the sense and desire to add an act two to our passion runs deep within us as we again begin to play out our need to fulfill and to be fulfilled. The never-ending well of lust.

The tall grass surrounds us, creating a screen of privacy in this open field along some lonely road in the countryside. The birds and bees, along with other flying creatures are our only witness to the devotion we share between the two of us. It doesn’t take much to wind us up and ignite the fire from the deep.

Rolling towards me your brush my face with your lips and I feel your mustache touch my skin that is warm from the sun but now it is on fire with your lips. I don’t hold back and pull on you so you are on top of me. I spread my legs to accommodate your body feeling your thick cock beginning to get hard as it presses against my wet folds, begging to be let back in. We don’t hesitate.

Time is not of the essence, but we want to savor our moments together and yet waste no time with the formalities of foreplay. Our first session was our foreplay while I sucked on your cock and you licked my pussy until I begged you to stop. Our foreplay started long ago before we pulled the bike over on this deserted road.

I pull my feet up to let them caress your legs, running them up and down as your lips are pressed into mine. Our tongues battling for attention in the wet darkness of our mouths. Aggressive but at the same time tender, as we allow our tongues to trace the outer parts of our lips feeling the sensation and tasting each other. I am pulling at you and the head of your cock is pushing to get back into my hot wet hole. The frenzy begins.

I reach down between our bodies and begin to guide the head of your cock into my hot swollen folds. Lifting my hips up, so you can ease your thickness into me. I am so wet still from cumming and also from you hot juices that you slide into me with ease, but I immediately tighten myself up around your shaft, like a warm hard handshake. Welcoming you back inside.

The thickness of your cock and the sudden thrust brings me up a notch as my breathing begins to become rapid and deep. You brace yourself upwards to watch my face as you move rhythmically in and out of me. First slowly, teasing me with your shaft, only letting the head of your cock past my folds, than suddenly thrusting yourself all the way in, probing me deeper.

I vocalize the desire and passion I have as I scream fuck me over and over calling out your name; Paul. You answer me with telling me how tight my pussy is. How wet I am and how good I feel. I tighten not only my pussy around your cock, but my legs around your body. The tug-o-war has begun.

Minutes pass as I have orgasm after orgasm and you delight in the pleasure you bring me and the wetness flows from me and the sheet is becoming wet with my juices as they flow freely from me.

Time stands still and the clouds continue to move across the blue sky and we pay no mind to anything around us. We are in our own world of deep-rooted passion of each other. The grabbing and pulling of flesh. The kissing and tongues twisting for attention. The entanglement of arms and legs as you continue to thrust into me and I match every movement of your hips as I grow closer to another orgasm while your cock throbs deep inside me.

Lying back on top of me I feel your cock throbbing as I tighten back down on your shaft. My feet locked around your hips as I still meet every thrust of your body deep into me. I continue to call out your name and exclamations of pleasure and enjoyment. Filling the air with our love noise, our breathing deeper and rapid.

Wrapping your arms under me pulling me tighter into you, but I can’t get under your skin, but that is your goal as your impale me deeper and you climax matching my own orgasm and the hot liquid flows from the two of us. You fill my crevice with your hot juices and tighten even more around you trying to drain your cock of every drop.

Kissing with the need to savor the time, the taste of each other, we begin to unfold, relaxing as our bodies now become two again; separate, but still connected from deep within our souls.

You roll over, but I can still feel your stiffness inside me as my pussy is still having spasms from the multiple orgasms. Touching each other as lovers often do, letting each other know the pure satisfaction and pleasure we just gave each other. I begin to relax and so do you as we lie in the sun enjoying this aftermath. Contemplating life in our world on this lost afternoon, in a field on a deserted back road.


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