The Serpent in the Garden

The fever grows inside me.
Touch my flesh to ignite the blaze.
Kiss me and begin the fire.

Like fire and ice, I’m hot and wet for you.
Your hardness grows and I gasp for air.
From just the thought of the pleasure of your flesh.

Strip me naked and mold me.
I’m yours for the taking and to please.
Fold me as I go to my knees and take in your hardness.

Let me fulfill the need to lick your hardness.
I hear you sigh with pleasure of my mouth all warm and wet.
My lips and tongue toy with you to entice you even more.

My garden is growing with moisture and heat
Waiting for the thick serpent to explore that heated wet cave
I let you penetrate my mouth while my cave awaits its turn.

Your sack is full and heavy with its liquid waiting to spew
You grab me pulling me onto your hardness
It in engulfed in my mouth as my tongue circles and licks at the sensitive head.

My wetness flows from the folds,
They are beginning to swell waiting your arrival.
You pant and I moan with pleasure of your need.

Pulling me away you bend me again
Pushing your hardness deep within
I open my folds and make myself yours

Panting, breathing I vocalize my pleasure
My wetness flows from me as your serpent seeks out the source
Flowing from me as the heat is growing from deep within me.

You have found the source!
I overflow as you grip me hard and pull me on to you
Your sack smacking me with each thrust.

Temperatures rise as well as tension with each thrust
Pulling, pushing we are close to reaching the goal
Feel the tightness with each thrust

Hardness growing as your thick serpent has achieved the goal
Wetness flows thick and hot as my garden releases it’s hidden river
Pounding of flesh as the serpent spits out its venom

Hot thick liquid fills my garden
Flowing with my river as waves of tension is released and tightened
Though the grip of flesh is still tight.

Breathing heavy and quick
Matching the movements of our bodies
You release your grip slowly, as the serpent is pulled from my garden.

Waiting for the next visit.

Oh yes!

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