Fuck ME!

The full moon casts light upon their bodies making their skin look almost ghostly in the beam, but they are far from dead as their bodies are hot with desire within their flesh.

The heat in the room is emitting a scent of sex as they lie there in the aftermath. The aftermath of deep raw passion of lust. Lust for one another. Lust for life itself and the moon witnessed all of it and breeze blows through the window bring with it a scent of fresh flowers and cut grass.

Can you smell it? The lust? The passion held there within?

How deep can your soul go when you are in your lovers’ embrace? Can they feel your thoughts? The amount of passion held within your soul that only one person can open and they hold the key to that last door. The door to the deepest part of your being.

Oh, how lovers lie with one another, clenched in their embrace the feeling of deep wetness and desire.

The feeling of your touch upon my skin that I can’t hide as you move your hands across my flesh and I feel all that fire burn, burning for you. Your hard cock penetrating me deeper with each thrust. As the wetness explodes inside me. I grab at you wanting to pull your deeper into me, deeper into my soul.

The wetness flows from me like an open bottle of wine, never ending, but filled with taste and flavor. Taste me as I allow those juices to flow. Bring me to the edge and take me back again. Make me want only more and compare everyone to you. You made love to my mind and now you are touching my body and I only want more! More of YOU!

I touch your flesh and it feels like fire as I run my feet across your legs. Penetrate me and kiss me at the same time for I can’t get enough of you as you press yourself against me. What is it about you? Fuck! You are there and more! Can you feel the craving for you with my touch? I want you deep inside me pressing further and further as I wrap my legs around your body, pulling you deeper into me. Fuck me! Fuck me harder!

Passion for life is not just the sun that rises or the clouds at the sunset but time in-between and the passion for you! For are we not one? Don’t you feel it when you are deep inside me and I feel your cock throb with want? Throb with each thrust as it impales me and you hear me call out your name wanting more? Fuck Me!

Your kisses linger on my lips like a tattoo that is burned on my skin. I can feel them as you still lie next me. I can feel your tongue probing my mouth wanting more from me as I open myself up and let you in. You hold the key! Hold the key to that part of my soul that has been awakened. I can feel you there as the heat is beginning to dissipate from my flesh and from my pussy that is still wet from our combined juices. I just want more. I want more of you!

Take me now and hold me. Pull me closer to your flesh as I beg you to impale me with your cock. Fuck Me! Harder! I pull you into me with each thrust and I feel every stroke of your cock inside my hot wet pussy as I climax for you and you feel me spasm and tighten around your shaft. You have reached the point of complete acceptance a part that there is no turning back from as your cock delves deeper inside me and I cry out your name. Fuck me!

I grab at your flesh as I look deep into your eyes, you returning the gaze upon me and I want to look into your soul. You whisper to me but I can’t hear what you say as my mind is moving forward to your being, your body, your hard cock throbbing inside of me as it explodes and spews forth the white-hot liquid to mix with mine to make a cocktail of passion and unbridled sex to not compare to. Fuck me!

Untying ourselves from each other, we breathe deeper beginning to relax as we become two again in the light of the moon that is casting its glow upon our bodies that make us look ghostly but we are far from dead. We are alive. Alive within each other. Can you feel it? Can you feel my soul inside you? You touched it! Fuck me!

The moon is our witness as the sky is now black with only the one light shining down upon us through the window. The breeze blows and the scent of sex fills the room. The wetness flows from me and I feel the moisture from our deepest embrace. I breathe lightly feeling your hot flesh next to mine and all I can think about is….

Fuck me.



  1. Might sound weird but I’ve never had a woman just say that to me. Fuck Me! Don’t know why. But I’d love it.


  1. Come to me lover and Rest | Primal Night's

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