The cool wind blows across my skin raising the hair on my body but not deafening the desire for lust that is deep within my soul. Lust that burns, though does not burn for just the need for the pleasure of want, but the lust that burns with passion of desire of the need for that one. That only one.

Turn to me and see the depth within my eyes.

The depth of want for your flesh.

The desire for your skin pressed against mine in the heat of the embrace.

The unbridled desire that only you can fulfill.

I long for those arms to hold me as I sigh with the release of pleasure.

Your lips warm against mine as I taste you in my mouth.

I feel the fire burning from within my body as it burns hotter with your touch.

The wetness builds as your hardness grows. I feel it pressed against me as you pull me closer to you.

Let me unleash this passion, this lust upon your flesh, your being.

See all I have for you, to share, to open upon you.

My wetness grows as you probe me; finger and tongue.

I breath deeper as the volumes of lust are building. Building to explode.

Push into me your hardness. Let me feel it grow deeper within me.

I clench upon you and you rejoice at my release of passion as my joy flows from me. From the depths of my soul.

Your flesh is hot, your kisses the igniter as you press your body and lips against mine.

We tangle ourselves in our bodies, feeling all the passion through our pores.

We are one within this space. A place filled with desire, lust and passion. All barriers broken.

Tighter I become on you as you press even deeper to reach my center. I unfold even more.

Releasing my pleasure only to build back up again with more pressure.

Gripping at each other as we hold onto that moment of simultaneous release.

Feel my body tremble as you unfurl your fury of passion and reach my center.

Fill me with your hot liquid as our two bodies are closer then ever.

The heat that is felt is real and strong within our souls as we still hold on.

Time has stood still and moments burned there. Feel all that I have given you as you still can feel the fire burn. The passion of the flame deep within me as it still smolders even now. My lust still ever present, as you pull back but still hold on. Hold onto that complete fearless passion of life that I share with you. It still burns. Smoldering deep within my soul. Still waiting for you to ignite it again.

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