Too Hot!

She felt the heat from the air as the humidity was climbing and the sweat ran down her chest between her breasts and her shirt began to stick to her skin.  She wanted to just pour the bottle of cold water over her head to cool herself off, but she didn’t   Even in a tank top and cut-off, she still felt like she had too many clothes on.

She sat waiting for him to meet her in the park for their picnic.  Knowing he had to work early in the day, even though it was the weekend this was their only free time. The park was empty considering it was a weekend and the weather being warm.  Only one other car was in the parking lot.

She amused herself daydreaming of him, yes him, the man she daydreamed about a great deal as of late.  He stirred her soul like no other.  It had been a week since she had last seen him and that evening was burned into her mind.  Nothing before could compare to that night.

Replaying the evening they spent together in her mind from beginning to end, like a movie continually being re-wound to just start it all over again and again.  She had done it so many times.  Just thinking about him, made her feel aroused and she could tell her pussy was hot, not just from the weather but from the thought of him.

She could still feel his thick hard cock deep inside her as he thrust it into her.  Feeling her pussy getting wet with the thought of feeling that again and again.  But it was all that happened before hand, before that moment of thrusting that also stirred inside her memory.

The way he touched her flesh and she could feel the energy coming from his hands.  His eyes so filled with gentleness but when he smacked her ass, it turned a switch off inside her and she just wanted more.  More of his cock and more of his spanking her.  Yes, she wanted to play the submissive to him, but he also knew that she could be assertive.

Especially when she was on top and told him not to move and she rode his cock, moving her hips up and down, back and forth so to get him inside her as deep as possible.  Yes, she knew exactly what she wanted and she wanted him now.

Her pussy was getting wet just thinking about the next time he would grab hold of her hips and pull her onto his hard cock, leaving finger marks in his wake and the tell-tale hand print on her ass.  Yes, she wanted to feel that again.

His kisses light and gentle, but also demanding as his tongue fought with hers to get all the attention in that moment when she climaxed and wrapped her legs tighter around his hips, pulling him deeper into her. That feeling, yes that is what she wanted.

Sitting there on the bench, she was almost tempted to get back in her car and masturbate because she was becoming so horny thinking about him.

She could remember the way his skin felt, smelled and the way his hair felt as she ran her fingers through it.  The way his finger and tongue probed her pussy making her climax again and again and he licked at her folds tasting all her juices.  Yes, she did remember.

Her pussy was getting hotter with all these thoughts and the sweat continued to run down her chest leaving a trail and making her tank top wet from the perspiration.   She sighed to herself with all these thoughts.  Then she heard it.

In the distance not far away, the sound of a Harley.  It had to be him she thought.  Her pussy began to vibrate at the thought of his cock deep inside her like a vibrator of sexual energy that could be picked up from his presence.  She could feel her lips swollen not just from the heat but from the excitement of seeing him again.  Her panties sticking to her lips as she stood up.  Wet with sweat and desire.  The passion he brought to the service with just a touch from him.

He pulled into the parking lot, she stood and began to walk in his direction.  He lips swollen with desire for cock, his cock.  Smiling at the thought of feeling that once again.  She could see he was pleased to see her as he returned the smile back to her.

He had parked just as she approached him and dismounted himself from the bike.  He reached out to her and pulled her close to give her a kiss.  One of lust and desire but filled with passion and like a switch that went off inside her, her pussy exploded with wetness just from his touch.

Releasing her, he gave her a big smile and a Hello.

“Let’s go get wet.” She said to him, grabbing his hand and leading him down to the creek that ran through the park.  “I’m so hot in more ways than one.”

He gave her a big smile and followed her, knowing that he would get more wet when his cock was deep inside her.

mmmm…I may have to add to this later.  This was just a random thought that ran through my mind since it is HOT here in SE PA. We will have to see.


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