The Fine Line

He smacked her ass hard and she let a shriek of surprise and pleasure. Feeling the sting from his hand as his cock was thrusting deep into her hot wet pussy. So much pleasure and pain at the same time. That fine line they walked together.

Grabbing her hips tightly as he pulled her back onto his cock to get himself deeper inside her. Her pussy pulsating on his cock as she tightened it around his thick shaft with each spasm of her orgasms. Yes, the pleasure.

His fingers digging into her flesh as he impaled her and she squirmed with delight of his cock and vocalized her feelings. The heavy panting, his name, the begging tone of her voice, she vocalized to him all these desires. Fuck me, she kept repeating. She enjoyed this edginess of their play. He didn’t let up, smacking her ass again as she screamed with pleasure and shock.

Rubbing her ass, he couldn’t help himself but to begin to play with her button hole staring up at him.  Pressing at it applying a little bit of pressure, pushed his thumb through the puckered opening and he smacked her ass with his free hand, giving her an even bigger thrill and reason to make noise.  She became vocal with the constant impaling of his thick cock, his thumb in her ass and him smacking her, driving her to one climax after another.

Reaching up, he grabbed her hair pulling her head back, her back arched, her hands gripping the sheets as the ecstasy of raw sex was being exchanged between them. Like Mozart’s Requiem, dark, deep but with a feeling from the soul. They shared this intensity between them. Expanding upon their deep desires with each encounter, pushing the envelope to the limit was something they were both willing to do.

Not letting up in all the motion he was doing, like a maestro conducting a symphony, he coordinated all the moves in secession, to give her the ride of her life.

Like a quick-moving storm, he eased up on his intensity and began to release his grasp on her hair and moved into her with a slow rhythmic motion. Her breathing became relaxed but not slowing, just calmer. He caressed her ass that was red and sore from his spanking, rubbing his hands over it to soothe the skin. Running his hands up her back and down her sides to show a softer side to his sexual passion for her.

He pulled his cock out of her hot hole, and continued to caress her skin, feeling the heat rising from it as he let her lie flat on the bed. Pressing his body into hers, kissing the back of her neck, he held her as her body began to relax, but the session was less then over.

Rolling her over onto her back he looked at with the longing of wanting more. Pushing the hair away from her face, he touched her so gently, like a bow moving across the strings of a violin creating such a soft sound. He touched her lips with his fingertips and she kissed them gently. He moved his lips to touch hers, slowly kissing her.

Her pussy was throbbing from all the penetrating of his cock which was throbbing for more, but he took his time with her, and she enjoyed this moment to catch her breath.  She had so many orgasms from the all the action, that her pussy was so wet and hot.

He let his hands move across her chest, feeling her flesh hot and wet from perspiration, her nipples hard and pink standing up on her ivory toned full breasts.  They were also sensitive to his touch.  She reached over and grabbed at him, showing her desire for him through her contact.  No words were exchanged

Repositioning himself between her legs, pressed his full body onto hers and continued to kiss her.  Now the kisses became aggressive.  His tongue daring into her mouth like his cock was doing early to her pussy.  She grabbed at his skin, digging her fingertips into his arms and back.  Her legs moving across his and his ass as he began to push his cock back to the warm hot cavern of her pussy.  She gushed with excitement and wetness at feeling his fullness deep inside her again.

Pulling back to look at her and grabbing her hips he pushed even deeper into her heat.  She came with force of his movement.  Calling out his name and other various words of pure ecstasy at his control of her, she verbalized all that she could being so open to him.  She came again filling her void with wetness that ran out of her cavern and down his balls.  His cock sliding deep inside her.  She felt ever throbbing inch of him as he pushed into her.

Raising her arms over her head and bracing herself against the headboard to give her self some leverage to meet his continual thrusts.  He felt her matching his energy of raw sexual lust.  Pushing and pulling, the tug-o-war of unbridled sex of pure lust.

His cock began to ache and he knew he couldn’t hold on much longer.  Grabbing her hips tighter and thrusting himself forward into her, he came.  His hot liquid felt like lava in her pussy as he exploded and she met his climax with one of her own.  The two of them let out simultaneous noises of sexual release of their climax and as he emptied his juices deep inside her.  Still gripping her flesh and hips he pulled her into him with one final thrust and she could feel his cock spasm as it finished spilling itself.

Collapsing on top of her, she felt his heartbeat through his chest.  Her own pounding so fast and loud she could hear it.  Their breathing began to subside as their bodies also began to relax after this turmoil of passion had final played out and was now complete.

Spent of all energy the two of them held onto each other, almost as if they were consoling one another of the completed session.

He felt so good to her, and she him.  Kissing each other in the throes of passion that they always shared. His lips moving across hers.  Tongues intertwining as their hands and legs still moved across each others’ bodies to take in that last bit of energy from one another as the last step of their desire for each other.

Looking at him as he pulled his lips away from each other.  She exclaimed to him the joy that he gave her and he returned the compliment.

What fine line we walk between pain and pleasure.


  1. That was an extremely erotic read. Loved it.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my post and commenting. Glad you enjoyed it. It made me hot too writing it!

  2. Fans myself, you are gonna give this old guy a heart attack. Loved it.

    • I love hearing that YOUR heart is still beating! So happy you enjoyed that! It was arousing to write!

  3. Reblogged this on Naughty Novellas and commented:
    A pleasure to read 🙂

  4. Super Fucking Hot, I am sweating my my sun filled room. Re-blogged this on Look forward to more, more and the yep a lil more 🙂

    • Good Morning Missy –

      Sorry that I am just now getting back to your comment, but it ended up in my spam folder. I am glad that you enjoyed the story so much. Yes, hot erotica is great for the blood pressure and the imagination. I try to get my reader “involved” or “feel” what I am thinking when I write.

      Hope you come back and read some more.

  5. Hello

    I see that you copied my blog to your site, which is a compliment, but on a professional side, you should have asked me prior to doing so.

    I appreciate you giving your readers a link to my story, but in the future I would like to be asked first.

    Thank you,

  6. Outstanding story. Well written and sophisticated.

  7. Thank you for the compliment and I am glad you enjoyed the reading. Stop back again and comment!
    Enjoy your day!


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