A Chance Encounter

She felt herself becoming aroused just watching him across the bar. He may not have been a “10”, but to her, he appeared irresistible. She watched him closely but tried not to seem too obvious as she would glance at him out of the corner of her eye. He had that “look” she was so drawn to. Rough but not too rough.

His body was average but well proportioned. Dark wavy hair, not long but not short, a well maintained and full mustache. Casual but not sloppy, clean and respectively dressed. A visible tattoo was on his left forearm. No wedding ring was present, but that is not a telltale sign anymore.

Victoria, sat drinking her kamikaze, her poison of choice, at the local watering hole. Stopping in to unwind from a long day on the road. Not expecting much other than some breathing time to herself. Now she found herself getting aroused as she crossed her legs feelings her stockings slide back and forth and her thong becoming moist with arousal. The last thing she wanted to do was pick up a stranger at a bar, or worse go home and masturbate for the umpteenth time this week or month.

Thinking to herself, why is she so attracted to this type? She couldn’t answer. She had dated the professionals: partners in investment firms, who made 1 mil a year, stock brokers, who worked at large financial firms, or the chemical engineers, that worked at the largest chemical firm in Delaware, and still was treated like less than what she was and she knew what she wanted and more than that, what she deserved. She deserved better and wanted it all. But right now she wanted to feel a man’s hands on her body or better yet, his flesh pressed against her with a hard cock deep inside her. Oh yes, that is what she wanted.

She sat there smiling to herself and let out a little chuckle as many thoughts raced through her. Jumping ahead of herself beyond just the nod of recognition or the casual smile.

Glancing up from her drink she looked over and noticed he was gone. Immediately she said to herself, “there goes any possibility there.” And returned her thoughts to her mental to-do list and began to check her phone for the numerous emails that required answering.

Deep in thought within seconds and thoughts of the stranger having vanished from her mind like ashes on a windy day, her mind moved on to tasks at hand. Entranced in her cell phone she didn’t notice the stranger had relocated himself next to her.

Suddenly a voice said “Hello” from behind her bringing her back to her surroundings and to reality.

Turning in the direction of the voice, she saw him standing there. Shocked and startled at his approach, she felt a sudden jolt of electricity shoot through her body and she almost tensed up as if not knowing what to say at this unexpected interruption in her world.

Shyly, she said hello back and he asked if he could sit down next to her. Inviting himself to join her, made her unsure of what to expect next. If anything it would be some conversation to have while relaxing.

“I noticed you as soon as you walked in. Haven’t seen you here before.”, he said to her. “My name is Paul.” He continued to say while extending his hand out to her.

“My name is Victoria.” She replied, shaking his hand and giving him a return smile as many thoughts ran through her mind like a runaway roller-coaster.

Taking the seat next to her at the bar, she shifted her body to be more open to the encounter of this stranger named Paul, but she also didn’t want to appear to “easy” in her body language as he sat down next to her and making himself comfortable.

She immediately noticed his smile and the warmth of his eyes as he spoke to her, and she struggled to pay attention to every word he said keeping her mind focused on the conversation, not letting it wander to thoughts of between the sheets with this new person. The battle inside her head was there from the moment she saw him and now it fought with her internal passion she had.

Small talk consumed them both as they discussed various subjects from, what do you do, do you come here often, where do you live, etc. Victoria found herself intrigued with this stranger named Paul and felt herself becoming aroused as she could tell from the feeling deep inside her soul to the wetness between her legs. Maybe this was going somewhere.

The energy between the two of them was growing, even he felt it. He watched how her lips moved when she spoke and listened intently. But his mind wondered to what was under that business attire. He wanted to unleash it.

Occasionally Victoria would reach out and touch him, just as a friendly gesture, but to her it meant more. She knew her sexual prowess and she wasn’t afraid to show it or express it. She would catch him looking at her chest from time to time and her white sick blouse was partly opened and was sheer enough to show off her dragonfly tattoo if you looked closely. Of course that became a topic of conversation; tattoos.

Evening was beginning to wind away as time flies when you have good conversation, and Victoria craved good conversation, especially with a man. Looking at her watch she told she had to leave. A look of disappointment ran across his face as she asked for the check and began to gather herself together to go. Than it hit him.

“I don’t live far from here, would you like to come over to my place for a drink? I can stop and pick up a bottle of wine.” Paul said to her in a begging almost pleading tone.

Victoria caught herself on the edge. So much desire and want was ready to explode inside her, but to leave with a man she just met was something she usually never does. Her head said one thing, her heart said another, but the wetness in her panties was the final vote.

“Yes, that would be great. I would enjoy that.” came out of her mouth before she could say no.

Paying for their tabs, she followed this stranger that had her blood flowing and heart beating in more ways than one, out the door and to her car.

He gestured to where he parked and lo and behold, he was on a Harley. Her heart beat even faster as the wetness grew between her legs. She literally stopped in her tracks as he walked away and said “FUCK” to herself. this is too good to be true.

He pulled up behind her in the parking lot and gestured for her to follow him and off they went.

Following him down the road she was excited but cautious. Talking to herself in the car she finally said, “Fuck it!”

Pulling into his driveway, he parked his bike inside the garage and she parked, removing herself from the car and grabbing her bag and cellphone. Following him into the house she felt a bit uneasy, but he was completely a gentlemen opening the door for her and she entered first.

He made her feel relaxed as she glanced around the house; tidy and clean, not overly decorated, a mature look about it made her feel comfortable. He put on some soothing music just loud enough to break the quiet.

Opening the wine, a chablis, he brought her over a glass and took a seat next to her.

Continuing the conversation, she felt that energy beginning to build again inside of her. The strong urge to reach out and grab hold of him and press her flesh to his. The heat was rising between her legs and she felt herself getting warm all over.

He told her to get comfortable and she decided to remove her shoes and the bottom of her skirt rose up just high enough to show off the top of her stockings. Paul was now becoming aroused with.

Conversation turned to one of Victoria’s favorite subject: sex and relationships.

Paul moved closer to her but still didn’t invade her space, but close enough he could now smell the lotion of her skin and the scent of her hair. He was enticed with her, her husky voice, so sensual and sexy the way her lips moved and her laugh. He enjoyed listening to her laugh. She was facing him holding her glass of wine casually, not protective, completely open to his advances and he took this as a good sign.

Putting his glass on the table, she did the same. He moved closer to her, facing his body to her.

Reaching over he ran his fingers through her hair letting his hand move down her neck and onto her shoulder. She looked at him, studying his face as he watched her. She took the invitation to reach out and touch him too.

Letting her hands move up her torso as he moved even closer and his lips began to press against hers. His pushing forward to explore her mouth like an explorer determined to find what it’s searching for, he pressed his body into hers.

Victoria immediately pulled his shirt out of his pants and let her hands move up his flesh, feeling the warmth coming from it, she felt a tingling sensation run up her back with excitement of feeling a man’s skin. The temperature was rising in her flesh and she could feel herself letting go of any restrictions.

Paul pulled back but only to look at her, while her hands continued to move against her flesh and he began to unbutton her shirt, she didn’t stop him. He was gentle and slow while unbuttoning the garment, looking into her eyes from time to time while completing the task. Once it was free, she slipped it off her body, her breasts full and pressing forward in her bra, as his hands moved across softly barely touching her flesh and she reached around to release the clasp to remove the garment and let him have the freedom of her skin.

Leaning against her but still giving himself room, he began to trace her breasts with the tips of his fingers, looking at her face and watching her flesh react to her touch. Her hands still moving under his shirt feeling the heat coming from her and the heat was building between her legs with the arousing of his touch. Pulling on his shirt she lifted it up over his head, and let her hands explore his chest. The temperature rising in her own flesh of having a man in her arms. What a feeling.

He moved his lips down to hers and let them slip down her neck to her chest and found her erect nipples that his fingers had fondled. Victoria let a sigh at the feeling of a man’s hands on her body. Something she hadn’t felt in a long time and so desired.

She returned his advances by running her fingertips through his hair, across his neck and down his back as far as they could reach taking in all his heat and energy. She wanted to savor this moment. Taste it in her mind. She licked her lips and closed her eyes to let her senses feel just him and nothing else.

He moved his lips and hands across her torso letting himself explore her and she lied there letting him. Open to his touch and his want. The pleasure of him was more than she could take. The heat building with the desire to feel him deep inside her. This was more than she expected on this evening.

Paul took a moment to pull back from her but he still touched chest and body, returning his lips to hers and pressing his body into hers. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her groin and couldn’t wait to unleash it. He took his time letting his lips caress hers, his tongue moving slowly over her tasting her.

Looking at her he asked, “Are you ready for this?”

Victoria looked at him and answered, “Yes.”

.to be continued

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