Unquenchable Thirst

Let your skin move across mine and raise the hairs on my flesh as we embrace each other in the daylight.

The sun warms our skin, but the real heat is coming from deep within our souls. Desire and passion are too weak to describe our want if each other.

Slide your hand up the side of my torso and feel me quiver under your touch. My heat us building just as your cock is becoming harder. Your lips are pressing against mine as your tongue invades my orifice and our two serpents play.

Wetness begins to flow from my garden as you probe it with your finger, releasing the flow and I grip you tighter against me. I gasp at my first orgasm and I pull you tighter to me. Yes feel my warmth as it flows from me. I want to feel your raging cock inside me, but I want to enjoy the pleasure you are giving me.

I stroke your cock and rub it against my lips that are pulsating from my orgasm as my juices flow from me.

You take your finger and we share the taste of my essence, my fluid and we savor it between the two of us.

Your cock is throbbing, begging to be let in. It wants that heated embrace of my pussy. To feel those hot juices as you would slide your hard member deep inside me, but you hesitate.

Pushing me on my back you glide down between my legs to get a better taste as you lick and kiss the inner part if my thighs. Teasing me even more as you slowly let your fingers and tongue move across my swollen lips and press my clit. Rubbing the exposed nub that is sensitive, but you are gentle. You lick and caress me with your tongue and I feel the pressure build. I lick my lips wanting to fill my mouth with your cock.

You read my mind and slide your body over so I can fill my mouth with your throbbing cock that us waiting for a warm hole to fill and I lick and toy with it as I stroke your member.

The passion is building with each lick of your tongue on my hot pussy and me striking your cock. Building of tension as I know my juices will flow as you probe and lick my folds as you do so well. Humming to create and raise the sensation you are giving me.

Your cock fills my mouth and I massage your balls. Letting it slide in and out creating a suction that is do tantalizing to you. My tongue circles your head and licks your shaft as I slide it in and out of my mouth.

I climax. Forcing my pussy onto your finger and tongue. You lick at my juices as they flow from me. I gasp with the climax but I continue to stroke your cock never skipping a movement. We are in-sync and I want to please you.

Your cock is throbbing inside your mouth. My Pusey is still throbbing from my orgasm, as I can tell you are ready to explode. I don’t let up.

Closer and closer you are to flooding my mouth with your hot cum, I feel your body begin to tense. Your cock slides in and out if my mouth as I stroke it. Your head pulsing with the movement and you release.

My mouth is filled with your cock’s hot seed and I suck in it to drain it of all your fluid. Feeling it pulsate and you continue to lick me but your body says release. The tension in your legs begins to dissipate with each stroke and my mouth still sucking on your shaft.

I am quenched but still have a thirst. Thirst for your hard cock deep inside me.

We wait. Relax as we collapse in the aftermath if our joint pleasure. The desire fulfilled, but yet yearning for more. To do it all over again.

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