Candid Thoughts of Desire

Hello Readers –

I, Victoria, have often written from my deep dark spots of my soul. I have received some negative feedback about this, so I don’t post anything of personal nature anymore. I will keep that to myself so tonight I will share some candid thoughts with you.

So here we go.

OH how I want to feel you next me. The heat of your flesh. the warmth of your touch and the smoothness of your lips. Make me wet with desire as you embrace me and touch me with your hands. So long have I desired you. So long have I waited for this moment. I don’t want it to end.

You take me. Manipulate me. Move and mold my body like clay and form me to the position you want me. For I am yours if only for this one night. I show no resistance to you. I am yours, all yours. I have longed for this moment to be shared with you. How would I know it would only be once. One time. Do you know how long it has been? How long I have waited? How long it has been since you?

Months I waited for you. And it has been months since I last had an intimate embrace.

I want to feel that warm embrace of a man. Have him take me unconditionally. Ravish me with his body. Leave nothing but the bones. Take my soul and feed on my flesh. Fuck! I still live in that moment so many months ago! When will it leave my mind?

I am wet with desire for you. I dream of you during the daylight hours. I can still feel your cock deep inside me. Your lips upon mine. What spell do you have over me? For I am the Sorceress and You the Wizard. Were we not meant to be? The question.

I want to feel your body close to mine and your breath upon my skin. Feel the heat rising between my legs as you press your fingers deep into my folds to release the wetness waiting and the heat that is contained therein. For I am yours. You have a hold on me; physically and mentally.

Fuck me and make me cum as your cock is deep inside me. I have longed for you all my life and I have only this one night with you. Make it last a lifetime in my memory as I still feel your body pressed against mine as your cock is deep inside me. Roll me over and grab my hips. Smack my ass like I have asked you to. And then smack it again.

Pull your cock out and make me almost beg for you to fuck me harder as you penetrate me deeper with each thrust. I have climaxed not only once, but more. Can you feel my pussy tighten around your cock?


Let the morning bring us another embrace. Tighter, faster and with more lust and desire. For our passion runs deep as you tell me how tight my pussy is on your cock.

This is not lust. This is pure passion of the soul that we share. The passion for life and the world around us to share with one another in our thoughts, our words and our bodies.

Fuck me! Fuck me hard!

Press your body against me as your lips are pressed against mine and I feel you deep inside me.

I look into your eyes and see you. All of you. There is no hiding from me as we are in this intimate embrace of sex, lust, desire and passion.

You cum with force to match my climax as my legs are wrapped around you never to let you go. Yes, I still feel that. Feel that deep throbbing cock of yours in my hot wet pussy, only to want more. I can feel your hot liquid flowing from your cock mixing with my wetness as I climax to match yours.

Fuck me! Fuck me Harder!

Never to let go.

Take me now!

My soul can still feel you inside me. When are you going to let go? When are you going to return, if at all?

PS: It has been many months since I have an intimate embrace of a man. I am waiting, for I don’t believe in sharing my flesh for the sake of self pleasure. I want the ONE. Yes, the ONLY ONE. For I am waiting for the one to fill my soul and compliment me.

As the saying goes…if I have to wait a lonely life time, if you want me to I will.

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