Patience II

Flashes of lightning streaked across the sky, thunder, its partner followed close behind. The wind began to increase and the breeze blew in through the open window, bringing with it the soft scent of fresh-cut grass and the scent of spring flowers. Night had fallen and the sky was dark except for the sporadic light show in the sky.

Oblivious to natures music, Jay and Victoria were deep within their own world. Engrossed with a natural act of the own, while Mother Nature played its own symphony, a Mozart sonata was all that they heard. Their minds heard each others’ personal needs being spoken through their bodies, within their touch and need to feel. The natural act of pleasing one another was never an issue and never caused any storms.

The lightning was fierce and the thunder sharp, but the two of them continued on their own journey of self-satisfaction of pleasing one another through touch and passion. The energy in the air from the storm was creating an exhilarating feeling between the two of them, not that they needed the storm to create this atmosphere. For their desire was deeply rooted within their souls, the unbridled want for one another.

Victoria’s skin was smooth but filled with heat from the intense sexual force that was held with her body. Jay felt it and reacted to her needs. She could smell his sexuality want through his pores like two animals and he being the one that won the match with his masculinity. Their scents intermingled with one another creating the aroma of sexual passion, filled with the scent of unleashed desire. The barometric pressure was dropping as the storm approached, but the sexual pressure was increasing with each touch of their flesh.

With his lips pressed to hers and their tongues moving between their mouths, the taste of each others saliva was sweeter than the wine they had earlier. Feeling her flesh, her legs wrapped around his body as the two if them moved in tandem to a dance that they only knew the steps to.

His arms holding her tight against his flesh, feeling the perspiration beginning to emit from her pores was the final aphrodisiac of her body. The heat and wetness from her pussy, feeling her tighten herself around his throbbing cock as they moved within one another. Folding and unfolding, to explore one another and to complete the circle of their raw sexual desire.

Flashes of lightning and the crashes of thunder becoming faster and stronger as Jay continues to impale Victoria with his hard cock. She climaxes over and over again with a flood of wetness as the rain begins to pummel the window, creating a musical sound of its own.

Grabbing and pulling at each other, grasping at the air and flesh as the electricity of the storm is felt through their skin as they continue to move with each other. So much want and passion shared within their own storm of lust. Feverishly she matches each thrust of Jay’s hips, meeting every movement of his. Like the lightning right before the thunder outside.

He pulls himself up to grab hold of her legs to improve his angle of entry as he slows his pace down, but the storm outside is moving closer and faster.

The lights go out, the sonata stops and now it is nature’s symphony they are playing for.

The lightning flashes in the room like bulbs from a camera as if the paparazzi were capturing this moment on film to exploit them on the cover of a tabloid. They still move with each other and he turns her over, pulling her ass up to meet his cock and he smacks it not just once but twice and she hollers with the pure joy of sudden contact of his hand.

He teases her as the lightning still flashes around the room, filling it with an instance of light and then sudden darkness. The thunder roars louder drowning out the breathing and the vocalization of her screaming at the feeling of his cock as he slowly moves back into her hot folds and releasing more of the wetness from her well.

Grabbing hold her hips he pulls her back to him, and she buries her face in the sheets of the bed. Holding on to them to brace herself with his constant movement as he continues to pull back from her hot pussy to only impale her again with his throbbing cock. The storm is right overhead. The flashes quicker and the roar almost deafening.

Her breathing faster as she screams out again, “Fuck me Jay! Fuck me! I want to feel your hard cock!”

He does not back off but beckons to her demands as moves faster and faster, she is still meeting every forward motion of his cock. His cock is holding on to its hardness but he is having a difficult time keeping it. Her pussy is tightening around his cock like a stranglehold not wanting to let go. He felt the hot juices of her pussy pouring out of her as he moves back and forth.

Feeling her rawness and the sexual energy they are sharing he can’t hold on, but he must. He stops and slows his pace down, as the flashes of lightning are even stronger, filling the room with bright light, he can make out the shape of her ass, her back and sees her hands gripping the sheets. He pulls back.

Turning her back over, she catches her breath and he sees her face in the sporadic flashes. He can see the full desire and passion in her eyes as her mouth is partly open and the sparkle of perspire on her forehead and chest. She looks so desirable in light. His cock is throbbing to be back inside the heated cave she possesses. He pushes forward.

Slowly and deliberate. Patience of want and desire, he moves into her. She feels every inch of his hard cock as it re-enters her. With one final push he thrusts his cock in up to his balls and he looks at her. Though the room is dark he can still see her. The flashes from the lightning are becoming less and less but the thunder is still roaring in the evening dark.

Pressing his body into her, she grabs hold. Wrapping her arms around him and moving her feet up his legs til they meet and she locks her ankles around his hips. He is encased now within her. His hard cock deep inside her wet pussy, feeling it spasm as she climaxes yet again. His lips find hers in the dark and their tongues search out each other as they meet with a warm greeting and they are joined together once again.

His cock is throbbing and he knows it is only moments as she meets the thrusts of his hips and they move together as one in the last of the lightning storm. The rain is still beating against the window.

He cums. She climaxes and meets his thrusts as he releases his hot load of liquid deep inside her well. Feeling his cock throbbing, she pulls on his flesh like a ravenous beast wanting to rip it from his bones. Gripping him tighter with her legs and arms as he empties himself deep inside her.

One final lightning flash and a crash of thunder brings the storm to an end. The room is still dark as the two of them hold onto each other. Deep in their own aftermath of storm they created, they collapse, but don’t let go. Seeing each other in the dark like two nocturnal animals in a mating dance, they don’t let go but relish in the moment of the cool air and the hot flesh they share.

Patience and deliberate. Time of complete ecstasy shared. Moment pass as the storm moves off and they begin to untangle themselves, leaving only their lips to finish the final movement.

Patience and time. Keep it and hold it. For now it is just a memory for each of them.


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