His cock was raging in his pants as the storm outside was approaching. The clouds thick and dark like smoke were billowing and moving across the sky. They looked heavy, filled with natures moisture, similar to his balls aching in his pants waiting to have the much-needed release from the lack of sex.

The storm created a pressure in the air that he felt against his skin, like the pressure in his pants as he waited for her to arrive. His cock throbbing hard against the side of his leg, encased in his jeans. He couldn’t wait to feel either her warm mouth or her hot pussy wrapped tightly around his member. Giving him the ability to release all that pent-up frustration with her giving him all pleasure he desired.

The tension was building. He couldn’t wait to see her. To feel her body pressed against his. The scent of her skin. The warmth of her flesh and her lips pressed against, like a deep fire that was smoldering and she had the gasoline. He really wanted some “good” sex, as he had told her. That, and a really “good” blow job.

The thunder roared in the sky. The dark ominous clouds were looming over his head as he sat outside waiting. What was that she had told him, “thunderstorms raise the sexual desire and tension in humans.” Oh, boy did he feel this storm throughout his body, even the hair on his arm was beginning to tingle.

What was it about her that turned him on so much, desired her so? So many times he asked himself that. Her voice would get him aroused and wake his cock up from its slumber in his pants anytime of day or no matter how he felt. God, he had to feel her soon. He felt like his balls were going to burst. He tried to control the throbbing in his cock, but it had thoughts of his own as he couldn’t get the vision of her out of his mind.

Thunder cracked and broke his concentration of daydreaming he was in. The world of sexual desire and lust that his mind would drift to when he thought of her broken by the sound of the Gods in the clouds. Patience, he told himself. Slow and deliberate he had to be. He wanted to please her. They shared so much of the same passion; life, their surroundings, and the need to please each other.

He couldn’t wait to take her out on his Harley. Drive to a secluded place and lay under the clouds with her. They talked about it so much. He was counting the days until they could do that together. But for now he sat and waited. That day would come, just not soon enough.

She pulled up the drive and it startled him at first.

Finally, he could take her in his arms and feel the heated passion come from her. He just had to have her right now. No time to waste, but again, he told himself patience.

The thunder cracked hard and loud in the sky.

All he could think about is her lips wrapped around his cock. Feeling that tongue play with the head of his cock as her hand stroked his shaft and fondled his ball sack. The joy it brought him made his cock even harder.

Watching her walk from the car to the porch as he sat enjoying his wine in the early Spring evening. He felt his loins begin to crave her tight pussy. The heat and wetness spilling from it as she would climax with his first penetration. He couldn’t wait to feel it. His cock continued to throb.

She looked at him and smiled a bit surprised to see him waiting outside with a storm approaching. He stood up and greeted her with a return smile and embraced her, kissing her long and hard. Letting his tongue explore her mouth. She returned it with just as much desire as he was giving to her.

Releasing her from his arms, he picked up his glass of wine and opened the door for her.

She entered with him following her.

The thunder cracked again in the sky and the clouds opened up as they released a deluge of rain, heavy and hard.

He could only think of her pussy and the tightness as she too would be letting the flood gates open to release her wetness for him. What passion they shared and he couldn’t wait to unleash hers. For them to share with each other.




  1. Loved it!

    • Thanks for the compliment! So happy you enjoyed that!

  2. Awesome use of juxtaposition. Very sexy story.

    • Glad you enjoyed that! I love relating weather or music to sex. I think they go hand in hand in many ways and so many people don’t see or feel it.

  3. Thanks for NOT ASKING me to copy my blog. That is very unprofessional and impolite. If I can block you I will.



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