In the Dawns Early Light

Moving herself closer to him, she feels his hot breath on her skin and he reaches out to grab her to pull her closer to him. The morning is just beginning.

What a dream she wakes from. Her pussy wet from the excitement from her subconscious visions that raced through mind only seconds before.

The room slowly filling with morning sun, she begins to wake realizing she is not alone. Yes, he is with her in the morning dawn. He is still in his own slumber; his own dream world where she cannot venture. But her body remembers what transpired only hours before.

She licks her lips and blinks her eyes, while she runs her hands over her body, feeling the warmth from her skin as the sheets brushes her naked flesh. Her legs rubbing against each other raising the excitement as she can tell her pussy is still aroused and sore from the marathon of sex that they participated in. The memories rushing back quickly and pussy recalls his cock probing her not long ago and in the dawn she wants it again.

Running her feet up her own legs remembering doing it to him brought a smile to her face and the heat began to raise between her legs and continued to grow. Her one hand still running across her breasts feeling her hard nipples as she arouses herself even more. His body, only inches away from hers and listening to his breathing was making her hot for him. She couldn’t take much more.

His back is to her and she rolls over so her chest is beginning to press against his skin. She moves her leg in-between his and brings her arm around his torso. His body warm against her and begins to kiss his back letting her lips move across his skin feeling it react to her touch. He lets out a low moan, still not awake even with her movement.

Moving into him, continually kissing and touching him he begins to wake from his slumber. He weakens to the soft warm flesh of her body pressed against his. He becomes aroused with her touch. Her passion and desire is felt through her touch and he reacts to her body as his cock begins to wake too, remembering the hot wet cavern in which it penetrated in the dark of night.

She presses her body harder into his, letting her hand move down and begin to stroke his cock and he moans even deeper now becoming more awake with her hand on his cock that is now fully erect and waiting for the next opportunity to explore her.

Turning his body to face hers, their lips meet. They do not speak a word to each other and only pull away to look into each others eyes as he brings his hand up fondle her breast. Finding her nipples hard he rubs the palm of his hand across them as she lets out a long sigh at the sensation of his touch. Her pussy is now getting wet and she can feel the desire for him growing with the touch of his hand on her body.

She pulls her leg on top of his, as he pushes her onto her back, making room between her legs so his body is now in full contact of hers and his cock is pushing on the soft folds of her pussy wanting back into the hot cave she possesses.

Their lips do not part from each other as their tongues lick and swirl in each others’ mouth. Wanting more then the night before. Exploring deeper as the head of his cock continues to push on the soft hot folds of her pussy.

Her breathing becoming deeper as she pulls her legs up around his, letting her feet explore his body. The heels of her feet moving slowly up and down his legs feeling his skin. Like a match across striker, a fire is ignited within them. His cock still pushing to get inside her. Her hands move across his back and down to grab his ass and he pushes harder into her.

to be continued….

They stop momentarily to look at each other, the unspoken word of passion sowing in their eyes. He rubs his hands through her hair, pushing it away from her face, while her hands move slower across his body feeling all the warmth he is giving off. Their eyes say so much to each other and he returns his lips back to hers.

Filled with passion and desire for each other, they continue on their journey of sexual energy as he pushes his cock inside her. The head of his cock penetrating the soft hot folds of her pussy and she lets out gasp at the hardness of his cock. Her pussy still sore from all the sex play from the night before. The wetness flows from her like a broken pipe, first slow, before turning to a steady flow of moisture that he releases as his cock pushes deeper inside her.

Feeling his body pressing into her, not just his cock which filled her hot cave and made her want more of him, made her unleash the unbridled desire for him. Her legs and arms wrapped tight around his body. His flesh felt so welcoming against hers as he penetrated her, probing her with his cock and she climaxed immediately only to begin to build to another orgasm.

Want and desire were a daily conversation between the two of them. Nothing could come close to fill what they lusted from each other. The passion they shared was from the depths of their souls. Real and unquenchable, but could only be filled in each others arms.

Grabbing at his flesh as the lips continued to embrace each other, she wrapped her legs around his hips, but only after she had ran her feet up and down his legs feeling every inch of them. Knowing how much he enjoyed her doing that, she would often repeat it over and over again, but once her legs were locked, she had him in her grips. Her legs tightened around him as he pussy tightened around his cock as she continued to cum, feeling every inch of his cock deep inside her.

Moving in tandem, their hips meeting with each thrust, bodies holding on to each other as they enter into their own world of passion. Not wanting to let go of one another or this moment as their want to please each other can be felt through their flesh and their completed with through their lips, as their tongues continue to explore the dark caves of their mouths.

His cock is throbbing inside her hot pussy as it spasms with each orgasm and she releases more liquid from her body, his cock gliding in and out of her with ease. The pressure building deep inside his body, as he knows he can’t hold on to his hardness much longer, but he wants to please her so badly, he restrains from cumming to quickly.

Pleasure is just a word to most people, but to them it is a way of life, just as the passion they share for one another and for life.

He releases the grip of his lips on hers as she begins to moan louder and faster with her breathing, releasing her pent up sexual need through her vocalization.

“Fuck me Jay!” she hollers as he continues to push and probe his cock deep inside her.

“Your cock feels so good to me!” she hollers again as she climaxes and finishes her sentence with, “I’m cumming!”

Grabbing her from underneath, pulling her tighter into him, her legs tight around his hips with her feet locked around each other, he can’t get any closer to her as his cock throbs. He explodes and his hot liquid spills forth inside her and she cums with force to match his.

Still moving to get deeper inside her, he lets out his own moan of fulfillment with the release of his hot seed deep inside her. So much want for one person and she returns it back to him in all the physical senses she gives him. With the final thrust of his cock, and the explosion of his liquid they cannot let go, but look at one another in the glow of the dawn.

The glow that fills the room grows brighter just as the fire within them grows every time they are together. So much want and passion.

She releases her legs slowly, letting her feet follow the invisible trail they followed only minutes earlier. Their lips meet again as their kissing is with more gentleness than for need. Still holding onto to each other and that moment shared, if only in the dawns early light.

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