Not Just Your Ordinary Day

Her destination is new to her, but she is ready for this adventure expecting nothing and anything to happen as she starts out on this day trip. She boards the train alone for a destination new and different. Wearing a long flowing skirt, comfortable shoes and a loose but fitting shirt, she is dressed for the weather and for travel comfort. The weather is warm and she wanted to dress for the ride ahead of her.

The conductor comes by and gives her a welcoming smile noticing she is traveling alone.  He makes small talk with her, but nothing serious as he moves on to the next car. The train jolts forward onto the next stop.

A man boards and takes the seat next to her. Dressed casually himself, he is attractive and as she puts it, of appropriate age.  She finds herself very much attracted to this stranger. His body, voice and his smile all turn her on and feels herself becoming aroused. The stranger sitting next to her begins conversation and they realize they are heading to the same place.

Smiling and chatting with each other, they both seem to realize they are the only ones in the car.

What can happen?

She licks her lips anticipating his. She watches his lips move. His voice heavy and tantalizing to her ears; something that sparks an interest in her, that she feels deep within her soul.  Her mind wonders.

No one is sitting near them; they have complete privacy on this trip.

She thinks of hiking up her skirt and grinding herself onto his pelvis as they ride the train. She rides him as the train moves forward creating a vibration through both of them, making her more aroused with the movement and the chug chug of the train on the tracks.  Feeling his hard cock through his pants as she is getting herself off just by gyrating herself on his member.

His cock is hard and so inviting to her reaction as she pushes herself onto him.  Grabbing the back of the seat to balance herself and she pushes her chest into his face. She can smell his hair and feel his mustache on her bare skin exposed at the top of her shirt.

He grabs her breasts through her shirt, feeling the fullness if them. Her nipples hard as he pinches them, through her shirt, making her even more excited as bites her bottom lip to hold in the noise she wants to vocalize so much. She is keeping her breathing down by biting her lip. The sensation of his cock pressed against her clit and lips is getting her close to climaxing.

He moves his hand down to unzip his pants to pull out his cock pushing it inside her ready pussy that is wet. She lets out a low long moan of pleasure with the quick insertion. Cumming with that first penetration, he feels her pussy spasm around his cock. He is aroused at the act of doing this in such a public place that he can’t hold on.

Grinding herself on to him, feeling the thickness of his cock as her pussy tightens around it. This is a ride she wasn’t expecting.

The train is speeding down the track and the trees and buildings are wizzing by and are a blur, but they don’t see the outside surroundings.  They are in their own world of sexual gratification.

He is pushing himself into her, grabbing her hips, her legs holding on, and her hands gripping the back of the seat. The movement of the train and her hips is making it hard to hold his erection and he explodes. Feeling the juices flow from him, as his hot cum fills her void and she climaxes too.  She bites her lip even harder holding back all the pleasure she is feeling as she cums with force to match his thrusts.

She blinks her eyes and realizes she is daydreaming.

Next stop is announced and she is forced back to reality. She sits in the seat alone.

My vivid imagination at work! What a story that would make!



  1. Great story I often have a similar day dream on the train but that’s another story lol

  2. I noticed you commented on my story “Not just your ordinary Day” on Scoop it, I appreciate it, and I found your comment link in my spam folder. Your description of how I write or bring the reader in is accurate. I don’t give a great deal of details, because I want the reader to use their imagination to fill in the parts that they may relate to. Thanks again for the write up on Scoop It!


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