I’m Only Dancing

She hiked her skirt up a little higher to tease him as he watched her move across the dance floor. Yes, that is his girlfriend dancing with someone who he didn’t care that she did that. But it was watching her move that enticed him and got him aroused.

The fluidness of her body as it would bend and sway, like a willow in the wind, with its branches moving back and forth with no rhyme or reason, but was so poetic in its movement, just like her.

Her hair flowed with her body as her skirt swirled around her and again, she hiked it up to show more of her thigh to tease him and the person she was dancing with.

The dance partner also noticed her movements and he too was excited about them, but he knew she was here with someone else. He wanted to reach out and grab her to pull her close to his body to feel the fullness of her breasts pressed against his, but he couldn’t and he restrained himself. He knew she was teasing him, and he didn’t stop her, he could feel the pressure growing inside him to feel that flesh, but he stopped himself short a number of times.

Her boyfriend still watched her closely knowing she was teasing that poor soul she was dancing with. He sipped his beer and glanced at her as she would occasionally look back at him with that evil smile of hers knowing what she wanted to do later.

Dancing got her aroused. She loved to move her body close to a man or a woman and let them feel the energy she gave off. So explosive at times, filled with a sexual power that was hard to resist.

Her ass moved to the beat of the music as she twirled around grabbing at her skirt and sometimes the bottom of her shirt raising it just high enough to show some of stomach that was smooth. Her skirt hanging just on her hips, such an invitation to touch, but then not to, she would only allow certain individuals to touch her and tonight she had one person in mind.

She felt herself so aroused by dancing with this stranger. She could feel herself beginning to perspire but she knew the song was going to end soon and she wanted to tease her partner just a little more. Her pussy was getting hot and she knew she would have no problem climaxing, it would only take a little bit of pressure and some probing and she would cum.

Leaning into him she allowed her breasts to brush against his chest and she felt the electricity spark between them. Though she was aroused for her partner sitting at the bar and he knew she would have to wait till they were home.

Her mind thought of how she would ride his cock and how good it felt to feel his body under hers. Her flesh pressed into his. Feeling his lips on hers and their tongues dancing with each other as her pussy pressed itself down on his cock and her hips gyrate into his. Their movements matching just like a dance. So rhythmically they moved together. How his cock throbbing deep inside her as her pussy would be so wet and hot for him as it was beginning to get now.

She bit her bottom lip as she looked at her dance partner who almost looked like he was going to start drooling.

She ran her hands across her chest and down her torso as if to express to him that she wasn’t afraid to touch herself, because she wasn’t. Trained in exotic dancing, she knew her own sexuality and had no problems expressing her own personal needs and wants. She loved to touch herself; anytime, anywhere, and dancing was just another way to express her own sexual prowess.

Twirling around one more time her thoughts went back to the bedroom and sucking on her boyfriends cock. She loved oral sex; giving and receiving. She couldn’t wait to get her lips wrapped around his hard cock, and she thought that maybe a blow job in the car on the way home may be just the thing for her and for him. Like a jump-start on there sexual adventures when they got home.

To run her lips and tongue up and down his shaft while he was driving knowing he would have a hard time concentrating on the road. But he never would stop her or say no to a blow job even doing 60 mph down the road.

Stroking his cock while she would tease him with her tongue in his ear or give him light kisses on his neck, so tantalizing for both of them. Him keeping both hands on the wheel of the car trying to keep focus on the road. Yes, that was the idea. She would give him a blow job on the way home and then once home he would return the favor.

The song ended and she thanked her dance partner for his time and she walked over to her boyfriend who sat there with an evil grin to match hers. Standing between his legs as she kissed him and let her hands run down his legs and he tightened his thighs around her hips to hold her tighter to him.

She kissed him and let her lips move across his face to his ear where she nibbled on it just so lightly and whispered, “I want to suck your cock.”

Pulling away to see his face and he gave her a big smile back knowing that she was ready to go.

She let her hands run up the sides of his body and she returned her lips to his. Public affection was never an issue with them; they expressed it freely at all times.

She felt his cock begin to get hard in his pants as her hands moved back across his legs. Still kissing him but just enough to tease and entice him was all that was needed. He knew what was waiting for him as soon as he got into the car.

To feel her hot mouth wrapped around his cock as she sucked and licked him. Yes, he had to finish his beer, or why finish it, he thought. Fuck it, let’s go!

Yes, what a little dancing will do for the soul. Yes, I’m only dancing…


  1. loriandhubby

    i love it

  2. saundrafox

    Loved it!

    • Thanks! Come back and visit from time to time. ~Victoria

    • Thanks! Come back from time to time and see what else I post!

  3. Good story. 🙂
    I spotted a mistake near the start “Yes, that was his girlfriend…” but the rest of it is great.
    I’ll be back for more!

    • Thanks for the compliment! Not sure what you mean by the mistake, because what you have written in your comment is what i have down. Do you mean “Yes, that is his girlfriend…” I try to be as careful as I can with my grammar usage when I post, so I am open to any critiquing I receive.
      Let me know.

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