My NYC Adventure – the Train – the Bus – Enroute on the NJ Turnpike


Now that I am at home sitting in front of my computer and can write a little more freely than on my phone, I will give you my summary of my NYC adventure.

The highlight of my evening was going to Hogs & Heifers.

This bar or saloon is located in the meat packing district of NYC. A hole in the wall with wire over the windows, obscuring the bright neon signs hanging there within. You would probably walk past it as I almost did.

It is a bar you could find in any local city and it just seemed out of place in NYC. The bartenders, all female dressed more for the beach than a bar. But we can’t forget their cowboy boots that they all had on. They served a purpose too.

Decorated in more a rustic interior other than the bras hanging from the deer head that was mounted above the bar. It was my type of place to go to.

Beside them entertaining the patrons with their outbursts via a bullhorn to some of the male customers, criticizing them on their dress or their way of being, they would also get on the bar and dance for us.

Now, females were invited to join in and I was one of them. I took advantage of it when asked and I now can check that off my bucket list. Yes, I did it a number of times. Sorry no pictures to show my minutes of fame on a bar in NYC. Maybe next time. And Yes, you could disrobe at least your shirt if you wanted to, and one female dancer did just that. She remained on the bar for awhile, as her boyfriend looked on watching her. She received a great deal of applause from both the men and women in the bar.

I tried to get the female sitting next to me to join me on the bar but she wouldn’t do it. Funny thing is she thought I was much younger than I am, which made me laugh…she though I was 30-something and was shocked to hear I was 50. It was a Great Time to be had and I did enjoy that a great deal.

IT was a friendly crowd including the employees and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that ventures to NYC for the day, weekend or week.

But yes, NYC is a city that doesn’t sleep. The hustle and bustle of cabs, cars and people never ended, even at 2 AM when I was heading home.

If I do return to NYC, I will definitely look this place up again. It was a great deal of fun and I enjoyed immensely.


Pics are below of some of the sights!



Ok I just got interrupted by man whose name is Manuel and he was wondering why I’m single. He also said he’s seen me at a Swing club by the name of Red Rooster. Very interesting.

Going to get in line for the 9/11 Memorial. But before I do all I can say is I can’t help but look at man’s crotches!


Now that I’m on the bus and headed in the right direction, I am actually enjoying the motion and vibration of the bus.

With my legs crossed I can feel the sensation rise up my legs to my crotch! Like a vibrator with a low battery, it is slow and constant. Giving me a real low feeling of arousal.

I really need to get laid if riding a bus is getting me excited!

Maybe I am finding my sense of humor again!



This is turning into a comedy! I missed my bus by minutes because my train was late getting into the station!

I missed it by minutes, watching it pull out if the parking lot as i turned the corner. So now I’m sitting at the bus terminal waiting for the next bus.

The Universe is working in mysterious ways today.

What will happen next?



So many sayings come to mind. Some you may not get but I will give you one to start your morning.

One that is first is “Trim on the Train”.

Scenario –

A female gets on a train alone for a destination new and different. Wearing a long flowing skirt, comfortable shoes and a loose but fitting shirt. The weather is warm and she wanted to dress for the ride ahead of her.

A man boards and takes the seat next to her. Dressed casually himself, he is attractive and as she puts it, of appropriate age. The stranger sitting next to her begins conversation and they realize they are heading to the same place.

What can happen?

She licks her lips anticipating his. She watches his lips move. His voice heavy and tantalizing to her ears. Her mind wonders.

No one is sitting near them, they have complete privacy on this trip.

To hike up her skirt and grind herself onto his pelvis as they ride the train. She rides him. Feeling his hard cock through his pants as she is getting herself off just by gyrating herself on his member.

He grabs her breasts through her shirt, feeling the fullness if them. Her nipples hard as he pinches them. She is keeping her breathing down by biting her lip. The sensation of his cock pressed against her clit and lips is getting her close to climaxing.

He moves his hand down to unzip his pants to pull out his cock pushing it inside her ready pussy that is wet. She lets out a low long moan of pleasure with the quick insertion. Cumming with that first penetration, he feels her pussy spasm around his cock. He is aroused at the act of doing this in such a public place that he can’t hold on.

Grinding herself on to him, feeling the thickness of his cock as her pussy tightens around it. This is a ride she wasn’t expecting.

As he is pushing himself into her, grabbing her hips, her legs holding on, and her hands gripping the back of the seat. The movement of the train and her hips is making it hard to hold his erection and he explodes. Feeling the juices flow from him, as his hot cum fills her void and she climaxes too.

She blinks her eyes and realizes she is daydreaming.

Next stop is announced and she is forced back to reality. She sits in the seat alone.

My vivid imagination at work! What a story that would make!


Oh what will tomorrow bring?

Many visions and thoughts are crossing my mind as I ready myself for bed. Oh I will dream tonight of many thing, but not sugar plums.

My sexual tension is high as my mind begins to rest. My adventure starts early tomorrow by train then by bus til I reach my destination.

I will be posting as I travel adding to this story or just starting a new blog in the early hours.

What will happen? Mmmmm I wish I knew, but I’m not going there to seek out anyone, but to enjoy my day of ME!

So this isn’t a sexual enticing blog to read, but I will keep you posted as my mind travels the countryside and the deep recesses of my vivid imagination.

Sleep tight my Darlings and Sweet Dreams!








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  1. A delightful tease. I can’t wait to read part 2.

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