A Long Long Time

You admire me; my physical appearance, my dress and my smile. My laughter is music to your ears and my voice that of an angel that takes you to a world of sexual desire.

I’m like a present you want to unwrap to reach the surprise inside. How I wrap myself, doesn’t matter to you as long as you can tear at the covering to reveal the tenderness of my flesh lying underneath. The ultimate prize of finding my vulnerable spots that will make me melt under your touch.

You look and watch my movements, reaching out to touch me pulling me into you. Your lips meeting mine in a passionate kiss of lust and desire. Our arms hold on to each other as they tighten to feel one another’s body. Our tongues dance and search for each other and we only pull back do our serpents can run across our lips feeling the smoothness and to express our want.

You eagerness gets ahead of you as you pull on my shirt, upwards, to remove and expose my breasts encased in a black lace bra. Enticing but so sexual, you want to remove it, but you first want to run your hands over the fabric feeling the texture with your hands. The smoothness of my skin and the ridges of the lace is exhilarating to your senses.

Pulling your lips away from mine so you can look at my flesh and study my face for signs of desire, which you can see in my eyes the amount of lust I have for you. My hands wander across your body and I feel your breathing under my touch. I pull up your shirt so our flesh can be pressed against each other. The warmth is like sparking a fire between us as we take our eyes away from each other momentarily to glance at our bodies.

Your hands roaming my skin as mine roam yours. I feel the heat and I want more, but I am patient and let you take your time. For the present is yet to be completely unwrapped.

Reaching behind me you undo my bra and slide the straps down my arms. Your fingers barely touching my skin, but raising the intensity inside me as I feel myself becoming aroused with you close to me. I am feeling hot all of sudden. Hot with desire, passion to feel you. Again, I tell myself be patient. Let you take your time. Enjoy the moment of passion being shared between us.

My pussy feels like it is on fire as you cup my breasts and I can now feel your cock getting hard in your pants. My hands are still feeling your body as you lips move down my neck to my breasts, which you kiss and lick my nipples making them harder. I feel the tension building deep from within. I run my nails down your back and up the sides of your torso, feeling your skin react to my touch. Yet, you continue to play with my breasts. Your touch feels so good to me.

My fingers traces the top of your jeans and then slide down the back to grab your ass, onto your thighs to feel the tight muscles encased in them. They end at your hard cock that is beginning to throb inside there. I want you and can feel your want for me. I am patient and let you enjoy your pleasure in touching my body for I am taking this moment to feel your tension build as it is building inside me too.

You look up to me returning your lips to mine and I close my eyes to feel your body. Your hands still cupping my breasts, holding them. They slide away to hold me closer to you. I feel your cock pressing against mine. My pussy is telling me it can’t wait. Is your cock saying the same thing to you. Your lips bring a fire to my body as our tongues play with each other. I want you!

You let your hands move down and you begin to unwrap the rest of me. The package is almost completely unwrapped and exposed. We are like children that want to get to the prize, for I too begin to unbutton your pants. But I deliberately move slow. Patience I tell myself.

Pushing my pants down you grab my ass. I release my grasp of your cock to push my pants off and kick them from around my legs and you do the same to yours. Naked we are to each other. Present is now completely unwrapped.

Like two children we want to play and fondle with our new-found presents, but we are gently and calm. We realize the slower we are the more pleasure we will bring each other. Only our lips and tongues tell of a different desire. As we try to almost eat each other through our kisses. We are feverish with our need to please but also with our desire of each other. The patience has paid off.

Your cock is hard as I stroke it with one hand and hold you with the other. You push your hand between my legs, moving my thong to the side to push your fingers into the folds of my pussy to feel the heat that is overwhelming and you know your final prize is inside.

Pressing your fingers into the my hot wet well that is waiting for you, I let out a sigh releasing my lips from yours, but holding you tightly against me still stroking your cock with one hand. I can feel the juices beginning to flow from me and I haven’t climaxed yet; your final prize or present is that. My flow of juices from the ecstasy you will give me.

I stroke your cock feeling it grow harder in my hand and I want to feel it in my mouth, but I want to continue to kiss you as our tongues fight like to swordsmen in a battle for attention and want. There is no end or beginning for my want for you. I can feel your want for me. Your passion growing from within the tighter you hold me.

My breathing is becoming deeper and faster as your fingers continue to push deeper inside me and I can feel from the movement of them that I will cum and my juices will from me into your hand. Gripping you with my arm as my fingers begin to dig deep into your flesh, your lips on mine, our tongues in a battle and my hand wrapped around your cock. How much more can I take?

The sheets are drenched from my sweat as I wake from the dream. The pre-dawn sky is a light blue as I look out my window above my head-board, the clouds like cotton balls floating ever so slowly by.

It has been a long long time.

Aww another fantasy to be played out someday. I still search for that one that can fulfill my dreams and my imagination.

I will be venturing to the Big Apple this Friday and Saturday and with that I will be writing and posting pics of my adventure. Hey, maybe I will hire a male prostitute. No, I won’t waste my money on something like that. Empty sex is just that…empty.

Until then…Stay Wet, Stay Hard and Stay Sexy My Friends!


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