My Hand, My Memory

Darkness begins to fall on the spring day and with it a light breeze blows through the window. She lies in bed alone with her thoughts.

Too early to sleep, her mind wanders through the dark caverns contain therein, searching out a memory or just a fantasy. Which one to pick or expand upon as her hands roams her body?

Her skin reacts to her own touch as her hands move across her flesh and the cotton sheet floats over body. She closes her eyes having chosen her memory to use.

Listening to the outside sounds of nature, she caresses her breasts with one hand while her other hand moves down between her legs. Letting her fingers play with the folds of her pussy knowing exactly how to arouse herself with her touch while her memory is leading her down the path of sexual need.

Her memory unfolds to him.

As she presses her fingers into the soft folds of her pussy, spreading her legs as if it was him using his fingers, she thinks of his tongue licking her clit. Feeling the heat from his mouth as the tip of his tongue flicks her clit and his fingers begin to press further into her folds finding the source of her wetness. But it is she that is pressing her fingers into her heat and her thumb massaging her clit.

Pinching her own nipples is heightening the sexual raw energy as her fingers continue to probe her wet pussy.

Feeling his lips begin to kiss her folds as now he moves his tongue into her hot wet hole and hums creating a low vibration that is traveling through her lower region. The sensation makes her spread her legs wider and his free hand is moving across the tender flesh of her inner thigh. She moans with the beginning release of sexual tension, but it is only her that hears it.

Her finger is deep inside her hot cavern and she feels her orgasm getting close to the surface. Her hand is moving across her chest pinching and rubbing her erect nipples. Her breathing heavy, her eyes closed still except to the memory that is unfolding from the recesses of her mind.

His tongue and finger probing at her pussy, her juices flow as she arches her back and hollers out with the deep rooted satisfaction of her climax. Reaching down letting her hands run through his hair as he licks at her juices as they flow from her. He continues to lick at her, letting his tongue run over her swollen lips and running across her clit. He squeezes her thighs as he knows he wants to feel her hot pussy wrapped around his cock.

She slows her pace of probing as she is reaching an ever needed orgasm that has been building deep inside her. Breathing heavy, while her other hand is moving across her chest, feeling the heat rising from her skin. The desire and passion from her soul getting ready to explode from within.

Pulling himself away from her hot wet crevice. Her breathing deep and heavy he continues to run his hands over her thighs allowing his one hand to caress the outer part of her swollen lips with his thumb just pushing on her erect clit. His cock waiting to delve into the hot folds wanting to explore her hot garden if pleasure. He looks at her seeing the pleasure he has given her. Satisfied with himself knowing his cock will satisfy her again.

Moving closer between her legs, the head his cock less then an inch away from the entrance to her hot cave.

Her fingers wet from her juices. Her breathing heavy as her memory is getting closer to the end and her orgasm within her own grasp of her ecstasy.

He pushes the head of his cock into her folds and she spreads her legs to allow him room to move his body into hers. Watching her as he slowly inserts his hard cock deep inside her slowly. Moving it into her hot pussy, he watches her face and sees the level of pleasure and passion on her face. She has no need to verbalized to him except for her vocalization of the pleasure he is giving her as his cock penetrates her deeper.

“Your pussy is so tight!” He says to her.

His cock deep inside her as she grabs hold of him pulling him into her, wrapping her body around his and he lowers his body pressing himself into her, feeling the fullness of his cock and the intensity of his body. His lips pressing into hers, with his tongue probing her mouth and being greeted by her wet serpent as a welcomed guest into her wet cave like a good friend.

Her breathing heavy as her finger probes her folds once more and as her thumb rubs her clit. She climaxes as her memory begins to dissipate as a piece of celluloid film being burned by a too bright of a bulb and melting back into the corners of her memory where it was stored. Arching her back as the sexual tension is expelled and her body tenses and relaxes with the release of explosion.

Pulling her hand away from her wet pussy, she folds herself over, pulling the sheet up around her. She is now floating in the ecstasy of sexual passion that she alone gave herself. The memory gone. She opens her eyes as a sigh seeps out of her long, low and slow.

If only she could live it for real, again. The floating memory of him. She closes her eyes and picks another memory, one if sleep with him by her side.

FYI – I will be visiting NYC this weekend exploring the city and its culture, and of course writing something to excite you.


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