A Spring Afternoon

The sun warms my flesh in the Spring afternoon.

Your flesh is even warmer against mine as we lie naked to the world.

Only the nature of the universe is our witness in our act of raw passion, raising my sexual energy.

The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air with all the buzzing of wildlife. The birds are our serenade that is accompanying our breathing making a sweet song in the cool spring air.

Our bodies dance to the sound as we are entangled in our physical web. With our lips interlocked, my legs wrapped around yours we share our lust for each other.

My hips matching and meeting your thrusts as your cock fills my wet hot pussy. Feeling it throb deep inside me is making my pussy react as it tightens down on your shaft.

The sun beating down on us, our audience of Mather Nature watching as our passion explodes.

I grab at your flesh feeling the heat from your energy as my body is reacting to your cock impaling me. My fingernails digging into your skin as the building of my orgasm is reaching the edge of explosion.

I release my lips from yours only to exclaim my pleasure of your cock to the air. Loud and passionately, as I scream out from the depths of my soul.

Your cock throbbing as it penetrates deep in me. My pussy wet and hot from the climax. The sun and nature surrounds us, as we continue to grab hold to each other.

Your cock grows harder as I cum again and you expel your hot liquid inside me as my fingertips dig into your ass and the heat rises from the two of us.

Our lips share the passion of this raw moment not wanting to loosen our grip on one another. How can we, while we are in deep throws of unbridled sexual energy.

Slowly I untangle my legs and my muscles loosen but my lips still connected to yours, as I kiss you and continue to feel the heat from your desire and sun on our flesh.

What a way to spend a Spring afternoon. A ride on a Harley and a roll in the grass.

What will Summer bring?


  1. John Satisfy

    You’ve captured the rawness of an unplanned moment within nature beautifully. The details are just enough to give a vividness to the unfolding events, yet there seems to be details missing that the reader can fill in with their own unique desires.

    • Thank you for the compliment. I sometimes write “off the cuff” when the moment hits me. Yes, it doesn’t give you the full details, but like you said, it give the reader enough to fill in the “missing” pieces with their imagination.

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