Can You Feel This?

This story or blog is one for your senses. It is best if someone reads it to you. But I do hope to do an audio for my readers so you can take it ALL in.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this ride.


Written from a woman to a man.

Close your eyes and open up your senses of touch, scent and hearing.

The windows in the room are open and the fresh scent of the magnolia tree is drifting through. You hear the song of the birds to serenade us as we step into a world of our senses.

You sit quietly in a chair, your arms by your side and you are relaxed. You know I am here, but you’re not sure what I’m going to do. So just relax and enjoy this experience.

I slowly brush your cheek with the side of my face. You feel my breath on your skin and you can smell my hair and face. My lips graze over your cheek and I feel the bristles of your 5 o’clock shadow. I linger there to smell you as my lips move across your skin but I don’t kiss you. I let them guide me as I too have closed my eyes to take in all of this. I move my face from one cheek to the other, letting my lips glide across your skin.

My lips dance over yours, but only briefly, for I do not kiss you, I’m just there to feel your energy exude from your body. Your mustache tickles my lips as I let them slowly pinch the hairs between my lips and let my tongue lick it. Though I don’t penetrate your mouth, I only tease you with my wet serpent who too is eager to explore.

As I move my face from cheek to cheek, I take the time to also look at you. Your eyes are closed, but I still feel like you are watching me. I let my lips explore your face. For the human lips are the most sensitive part of our bodies. I let my lips feel your eye lashes and I let them move across them gracefully so you can feel them on your lids.

I move my face and cheeks down to explore your ears and by now your hearing is acute to every sound as my breathing is now a bit heavier as I am becoming aroused by this sensory experience.

I begin to use my tongue, to touch your ears and the side of your face. It feels wet, maybe warm, but as I exhale the moisture that my tongue leaves behind is cool on your skin. I still haven’t touched you with my hands, only my lips and tongue are in play. I take full advantage of using them to explore you.

You hear me exhale in your ear. My breathing is heavy and almost loud in your ear as you feel the heat from my breath and the energy from my lips is now beginning to spread to you. Your cock is getting hard in your pants.

Oh how I want to tear into your flesh with my hands, but hold back from doing so. You are dressed and I can feel the heat come through your shirt and your chest is moving with each breath as now I let my hands come into play in this sensory game.

Your arms are exposed and I pull my face away from yours so I can watch my fingers move up your forearms, your biceps and they disappear under the sleeves of your t-shirt. I watch your face for your reaction and your lips part as your tongue moistens them and you swallow hard. I am still close enough that you can feel my breath on your skin. I smile as your muscles restrict and relax under my touch. The hair on your arms react to my touch and I tease you again as I bring my lips back into play with your cheeks. I smile to myself as I too am becoming excited and I feel the tension beginning to build inside me.

I pull my hands back and grab your shirt pulling it out of your pants and over your head exposing your chest to me. Your skin is smooth just by looking at it and I want to sink my fingers into it, but I am here to tease. You let out a sigh, but your eyes are still closed. One of relaxation but one that expresses sexual tension building as now you are becoming more vulnerable to me.

I kneel between your legs and just allow my hands to trace the outline of your skin and I can hear your breathing becoming deeper with each touch of my hands. Now I bring my lips and tongue back into play with your body.

I smell the scent of your skin, the masculinity of your sweat as you react to the touch of my hands and my lips on your chest. I press my face against your flesh and I feel the warmth coming from it as you can now smell my hair because my head is just below your chin. You not only feel my hands on your body but my hair as it tickles your bare skin as I move my face back and forth against your chest, feeling your skin against my cheek. My lips grazing across your flesh and I let them slide over you.

Still your hands have not touched me. You’re having a difficult time holding back from running your fingers through my hair or down my back as I continue to use my hands and face to touch you. I am enjoying the sensation of your skin on mine as I am driving myself crazy with want for you. I am becoming excited and I know you are too as now I move my hands down your legs and can not only feel but see your cock is getting hard in your pants.

Do I stop? No I continue to raise your senses to the next level as I begin to let my tongue create an invisible wet trail across your chest. Licking your nipples and toying with them with my lips. I am becoming excited. I too am getting wet and I feel my sexual need for you building in my touch of your skin.

I grab one of your hands and bring it to my face, and now I allow you to touch me, but I direct your hand where I want it to go, but first I must suck on your fingers.

Slowly I let your hand feel my cheek as my lips move across your palm and I play with your fingertips and I begin to lick between your fingers, slowly letting each one slide into my mouth making them wet. I suck on them, but not hard, just enough to create a sensation that reaches down deep inside you and you feel it all the way to the base of your cock that is throbbing in your pants from my wet hot mouth on your phalanges. The stimulating factor of my mouth on your fingers is increasing in intensity with my tongue as it slides over your fingers and I stop as I place your thumb into my mouth.

I suck on it just as if I would suck on your cock. My tongue running over it as I gyrate my mouth around giving you a deep stimulation. You are having a problem containing yourself. I have placed your other hand on my breast so you can feel it as I suck on your thumb and watch your face for your reaction.

You open your eyes and watch me as I continue to suck on your thumb. I rub your hard cock through your jeans enjoying the pleasure I am giving you. I know I have heightened your senses and I too feel the sexual energy building to a higher level. We look at each other and you see my passion and desire for you.

Your hand is feeling my breast through my shirt. I am feeling the joy of your touch and I am ready to take this exploration of sexual desire and passion to the next level.

The breeze comes through the window and the room fills with the scent of the magnolia. I unzip your pants as I continue to suck on your thumb.

Are your senses awakened? Mine are. For I as the writer have “damp pants”.


  1. Amazing well written description. With your wordsmithing skills it is easy to get lost in the sensations you’re trying to give to the recipient/reader. Very erotic.

    • Thank your for such a great compliment! I am happy that you enjoyed that read. I do my best to bring the senses alive to my readers. I hope to do the audio to this sometime soon, which will be great for my followers/readers.

  2. No comment, but that’s ok. I read yours and liked it.

    Have A Most Wonderful Day!

  3. Though you didn’t leave a comment, I did read your poem and liked it too. Very well written.


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