The way her legs moved against each other as she walks and the silken cloth flows across the curves of her body. She screams sexuality in every way. She is all female and she is well aware of the desire she raises in all men she passes by. But she is only interested in one, you.

Her body sways as she walks in the heels and you can feel the heat come from her pure sexual energy that she gives off and she hasn’t spoken a word. The fullness of her breasts pressed against the soft cloth, you want to unwrap her like a Christmas present to get to that surprise inside.

Her lips move in a poetic style and the words flow from them like music to your ears, as she turns and looks at you. You think of how they would fell against yours or better, wrapped around your cock with that tongue of hers licking your shaft.

The tussles of hair fall across her cheek and you want so much to move them from her face, but you enjoy seeing the wisps tickle her skin. You so much want to reach out and touch her.

The scent of her fresh showered body drifts in the air and you want to move yourself closer so you can take in her full scent. You wonder what she taste like.

Now lets switch.

I watch you and daydream about you being naked. The curve of your chest and the way you arms move under your shirt. I want to run my fingertips up your biceps and feel your skin quiver under my touch.

I watch your lips move and can only think of how they would feel against mine as I run my tongue across my own simulating the feeling. I feel myself getting aroused. I float around your words and lose my way among them as my mind wonders over thoughts of your body.

I look into your eyes and search your soul for your intention. Are you seeing through me and reading my inner thoughts? You speak to me and the thickness of your voice is all man, and it stirs my sexual desire of you. My pussy begins to awaken from my own desire of you and the thoughts racing through my mind. I want to reach out to you, but I’m patient.

I glance at your legs, wanting to feel their strength and can’t wait to wrap mine around them. I daringly reach over and grab your leg and feel the firmness of them through your jeans. I want and desire you now.

I let out a sigh so quietly that only I hear it, but it is just one of many that I will share loudly with you when we are alone. Alone with you pressed up against me, your lips interlocked on mine as our tongues do a wet dance and your cock is deep inside me. I climax and release a heavy long sigh that is loud and you know you have put me in a place that can only be reached through sexual satisfaction.

Our passion shared and released within each other. Oh the fullness of your cock as it continues to heighten my need of you and you me.

Even now that I have experienced you and your body it only makes me desire you more. Everyday. Every waking moment. I can still feel your cock deep inside, your lips pressed against mine and your arms wrapped around me. Can you still feel my legs around yours? Or my feet running up them?

Sensual. I have desire and passion for you. Can you feel it?


  1. mirabella

    Cazzo! Wicked true…loved immensely…grazie love…your words are good! Bells xxx

    • Thank You for the Great Compliment! So Happy You enjoyed that!

  2. Oh yeah, I can feel that. ♥

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