Just A Thought II

Yesterday I wrote a short mind dump of thoughts about a man and his body, so today I am turning the tables and talk about a woman’s body from a man’s perspective.  Now I didn’t “interview” anyone to do this, it again is Just A Thought, and they are mine!

The way their hair moves when they shake their head or toss it.  Their fingers running through it, smoothing it out or messing it up, you can only think of your fingers running through it, feeling its full texture.  Their lips move as they talk; full or thin, you can only think of what they feel like on yours or even on your cock.  The way their eyes follow every word out of your mouth, like invisible puffs floating through the air.

The curve of their body and how their clothing covers it, hiding some skin, but exposing enough for you to want to reach out and touch it.  The scent of their hair or body as they pass by you leaving a wake of fragrance like a trail leading to them.  Awakening the senses deep inside you that makes you desire to be close to them.

Their legs lead to a place that is full of desire to touch and explore.  Their breasts full and soft.  You can only think of their nipples; pink and hard as you suck or pinch them.

To get her naked and feel the softness of their skin.  Smell them close to you and to touch all that warm flesh is arousing as you explore the unknown territory to find that spot or places that makes them quiver with delight.  Knowing you can drive them crazy with your touch.

Your lips on theirs as you feel their arms embrace you tightly and your cock grows hard with their touch on your skin.  Who is exciting who?  For them to be uninhibited with their need for you arouses you and your cock is throbbing for attention as they touch and stroke it and you can’t help but sigh quietly as they bring your need for them to the surface.

Naked you embrace her, feeling the heat from her body, the way she is breathing under your embrace and the tightness of your hold.  She is open to you and your touch as you explore deeper into her.  Finding the sweetness between her legs and the heat resonating from that spot, she is wet and inviting you to touch her.

You can’t just let your fingers or hands explore her, your tongue and your cock are waiting their turn patiently for you want to raise the level of intensity you can bring her.

You can smell the desire and passion through her pores as you let your hands roam her body. Your fingers delve into the folds of her pussy, releasing that wetness and she lets out a sigh and moan of pleasure that you bring her.  For now you know what you need to do to heighten and allow her to explode with that full passion she has contained inside her body.

You let your tongue and mouth explore that sweetness between her legs as you lick and tongue her folds.  But you also explore the softness of her inner thighs that lead to that spot of heaven that all men desire and want.  You taste her sweet juices as her pussy opens up to you and she is now vulnerable to you.  Letting you explore her most intimate area and you taste her.  She is sweet and warm.  Flowing from her recesses all that passion you have now opened up.

Your tongue or fingers find her nub, her clit and you awaken from its hidden spot and you toy it, knowing it is going to bring her the ultimate pleasure and she will climax for you.  With a gush of wetness and her body reacts as you finger and lick her, she can’t control her own pleasure as she arches her back and pushes her pussy onto your tongue and finger.  She explodes with the raw deep soul aching orgasm that you have found.  Her body spasms under your touch and you now can’t wait to get your cock into that hot spot that is now ready for the penetration of your member.

Though you aren’t done toying or teasing her.

You run the head of your cock on the outside folds of her pussy,  letting her know what you have for her, but wanting to show you restraint.  You look into her eyes and you can read the unspoken words of desire for her to feel you deep inside her.

You push your cock deep inside that warm wetness that is begging for you.  She climaxes with your thrust and penetration of your shaft as you fill her with you hard cock.  You don’t take your eyes off her face as you hear her voice her want for you deep inside her.

The heat is exploding from her body and you can’t control yourself and the two of you move in sync as you now you are one with pleasure and passion.  The full need has now been met and you can’t get enough of that hot pussy wrapped around your cock.  As now you are throbbing and aching to release your hot juices deep inside her cave.

Embracing her to feel her heartbeat hard inside her chest you let you lips meet to seal the deal of the penetration and want.  The passion is now complete.

Hips meeting and bodies embracing in this deep raw lust of need as your sexual energies are exchanged and you can’t hold on to your hardness and you explode with intensity.  Filling her with your hot seed and she spasms with a tightness around your cock that shows you that you have completed what you wanted; pleasing her and releasing your sexual need.  Desire is only a word.  You can’t get enough of that intimate feeling of exchange of passion and you can only think of doing it again. Raising the intensity each time.

I am not sure if it reads as if a man wrote it, but I tried to write it as if I was a man exploring a woman’s body.  We all have our own perception of what we see and what we desire in the opposite sex.  We all want to explore our new found “love”, but we also want to explore ourselves; physically and mentally.


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