Just a Thought

The wonder of a mans’ body.  How their skin reacts to your touch; the scent of them when they are close and the way they move.  Aww to feel one next to you; morning, noon or night, naked or clothed.  You know the right one when you see them or feel them next to you.

Their body fits yours just right.  There is no special tricks that you need to do when they are close to you, the two of you move in sync as if it is meant to be.  And when they kiss you, they ignite that fire deep within your soul that has been lying dormant for so long and now it is blazing and can’t be put out.

They say if a man awakens a woman’s heart with no intention of loving her, it is a sin.  But what if they did it to show that woman her true path of life?  Not to be hurt, but that they have so much love to give to others and to the world. No, I am not talking about physical love, just general love.  To share the passion that has been buried for so long under many blankets of un-trust.

Yes that statement above is off course and a random thought.  Let’s return to the body of a man.

Their lips on yours, as your tongue fights with theirs for space in the dark wet cave of their mouth.  “Pay attention to me!” is what it is saying.  But you are subtle at first until they awaken the beast inside you. Ravenous you are for them.  That you want to keep them and hold them to their mercy of pleasing you.

The way their legs feel against yours.  They have hair and you don’t, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable you welcome how their legs can be wrapped around yours as you become a web of body parts especially in bed.  Intertwine and unravel to only intertwine again.  Even if they perspire you don’t mind, because their body is expressing something to you.

Their hands feel you, studying the territory of your flesh and the way it reacts to their touch.  You first shiver with delight and anticipation, than warmth as they look at you while their hands fondle your breasts and you know their full desire for you can been seen through their eyes.  The passion is being unleashed in them through you.

Then if they know how to please you, yes, please you, they have awakened the deep raw sexual need within you.  Not just with their hands on your body, but they read you and study your physical reaction to their touch. Unleashing the animal inside to strike out to them, but not vicious, in a way that can be tamed, but only by them.  You share it with just that one. Yes, to be sexually pleased by a man from the moment they touch your naked body to the last thrust of their cock deep inside you. Yes, that is pure unbridled satisfaction.

To climax while they look at you and you feel your whole body release all that pent up sexual energy as you grab at their flesh and you want to tear it from their bones and expose their soul.  Because what they have done to you is exposed you in a most vulnerable manner that can’t be explained.  And only a true lover can do it over and over and never tire of pleasing you.

Yes, that complete feeling of ecstasy of having a man make love to a you.  OR if you are a man; to make love to a woman. Never tire of pleasing each other, and never settle for “just good sex”. So many people do.  I am well aware of it, because I have experienced hearing about it many times.

Never hesitate to awaken the pure passion inside you.  For it is there to share with that special person and never-never settle for something that is “convenient”. Life is short. Take the bull by the horns and run with it Baby!

Fuck Yeah!

Yes, I am filled with passion to share with you and I wait for that one to share it with.  I write from my heart, my deepest thoughts of sexual need and desire for I was awakened by someone and now I am left to my own thoughts. So watch out whomever comes next, for I will unleash my fury on thee. To ravish in your sexual wants and needs.  And when that moment happens…I will write about it!



  1. Yes!

    • Is that Yes you like? Or Yes you agree?

    • I decided to do a sequel to this “shirt” but from a man’s perspective of a woman.

  2. Here’s to hoping and wishing and… oh my god, ‘YES!’… I want that too!

    • I know it exists, I came very very close to it. But now I’m in the waiting/holding pattern until the better one arrives.

      • same. it can be a long time waiting. it was so rare.

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