Keep YOU Hanging II

She made sure the house was just right knowing he would arrive at any minute. Candles lit: check, wine and glasses ready: check, appropriate music, Chopin: check, bed inviting and comfortable: check, all things were just right, all she needed was him to complete the equation for a perfect evening.

She checked her hair and makeup once again in the mirror to just make sure, even though she had checked it over a dozen times already. He didn’t like a female to wear a lot of makeup, more natural and simple then overdone. Her dark hair she brushed one last time, smoothing it out some and checked her lipstick: just enough. Though she knew she would have a cigarette and drink some wine before he arrived, she wasn’t too worried about it. The less she wore on her body the better; both physically and in clothing.

Dressed in a simple dress; casual and comfortable, she sat and waited. It was warm enough out to not wear stockings and heels, but she was pleased with how she looked. Lighting a cigarette and sipping her wine she stared out the front window looking for his car to pull in the drive. Now it was the wait. Patience a test.

He arrived on time, punctual as always. She watched him remove himself from the vehicle and walk up the front walk. She was already aroused at the anticipation of his arrival, she had to masturbate after she had showered to relieve some of the sexual tension. Knowing that this visit would be different because of them discussing experimenting with some bondage and some new toys.  He said he had something special planned and excitement of it had her acting like a child getting ready to open a big gift. Now seeing him only made all that sexual energy rush to the surface in waves.

Smiling from ear to ear, she opened the door and greeted him. Though she controlled her excitement she couldn’t wait to press her lips against his and feel his warm embrace. Control she told herself, but not this time, no way.

Entering the house he was greeted by her warm body; her embrace and a kiss.  He had been waiting to see her, it had been a long time since their last meeting, months actually.  They had talked so often that they knew exactly what they wanted and it wasn’t just words that they exchanged, but true soul-searching feelings of passion.

He returned her kisses and embrace with the same intensity, want and desire.  He could feel himself begin to relax in her arms, with her kisses giving him exactly what he wanted; deep-rooted sexual passion.  His cock woke up in his pants as her lips and tongue made him know exactly what was on her mind.  He tightened his arms around her so she was aware of how much he wanted her.  Finally releasing their grasp so to greet each other in verbal communication, he gave her a big smile and she returned it back to him, but still holding on, not wanting to let go.

The atmosphere in the home was warm, but the feel of her flesh under his hands was hot and inviting.  He couldn’t wait to get her naked to press his skin to hers and let all that heat loose.

She pulled away and went to the table and opened the wine, pouring two glasses she noticed a small package in his hand.  She asked what it was in the package, but he replied that it was a surprise, taking the wine from her hand and placing the parcel on the table.  Toasting to each other they continue to chat and reach out to touch the skin of one another, not wanting to let too much space or time be wasted between he two of them.

Time stood still for a couple of minutes as they sipped, chatted and touched.  She looked longingly into his eyes for they said so much to him and he expressed the same feeling back to her.  Finishing the wine with one final gulp he placed his glass on the table and took her by the hand, grabbing the package with the other.

Leading her to the bedroom, he placed the package on the bed and returned his attention back to her.  Letting his hands wander across and down her bare skin, feeling her energy rising from his touch, his cock was growing harder in his pants. He pulled her into him, letting her feel the full need he had for her. No time was being wasted.  He had to have her and now was the time.

He pulled up her dress, exposing her legs and ass as he pushed his hand between her legs and she was a bit startled at his aggressiveness, but she knew their time together was precious.  Her mind drifted to the package, but that was soon overlooked as he began to press his fingers into the folds of her pussy feeling the heat and moisture that was enclosed within the secret spot.

She reached down and undid his pants, pushing them downwards and he pulled back from her long enough to take his shirt off exposing his chest to her and he pulled her dress up and over her head.  Seeing her full breasts held tightly by her bra and her chest was beginning to heave with her breathing, he reached around her and undid the garment to let them be free for him to touch and fondle.

She stroked his cock while he completed his task of undressing her and he pushed her to the bedside.  She fell back onto the bed and he let his fingers probe her folds deeper releasing the moisture and she let out the beginning of many moans and sighs at the pleasure of his touch brought her.  She was so wet already from masturbating earlier and he was excited over the wetness that poured from her hot pussy.

He ran one hand around her breasts and down her torso, teasing her flesh with his fingertips as he watched her relax with his fingers probing her wet spot.  She was hot with desire and she spread her legs to allow him ample room for his hand and body.  Pulling his finger out of her hot pussy, he brought his finger to his lips to taste her and he licked his finger clean.  He replaced his finger with his tongue probing her pussy and letting his tongue perform what his cock would later be doing.

She moaned and arched her back with the pleasure he was giving her.  She cried out to him the amount of joy he was giving her with his tongue.  She climaxed and he licked at her juices as they flowed from her.  Her pussy tightening around his finger and he let his tongue flick her clit while his fingers still probed her.  His cock was dancing in the air waiting for “its” turn to dive into that heated cave.

He placed his fingers deep inside her and stood up while she was still lying on the bed and grabbed the package with his free hand.  Dumping the contents onto the bed next to her as she was still in ecstasy of her orgasm, she was surprised and happy at all the “novelties” he had bought.  What would he use?  What did he have planned?

He pulled his finger out of her pussy and held it to her mouth as he pushed her back up on the bed.  She sucked his finger clean tasting her own essence as he grabbed the first item that caught his eye and he let the head of his cock invade the folds of her pussy and he dangled it over her head like a teasing a cat with a toy.

He thrust his cock with one swift movement into her wet hot pussy and she hollered out with the motion and let out a cry of an intense orgasm as his cock pushed through her tight pussy and he grabbed her wrist to place the first item on her body.


I am sure you know what that first item is, any intelligent person can figure it out but I don’t want to ruin all my stories or surprises. 


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