Keep YOU Hanging I

We walk into the night club and it is wall to wall people. As tight as a can of sardines we push our way through the crowd to get to the bar. There are so many people you can’t tell if your being groped at or if it is just innocent touching.

Finally we reach the bar and it is three people deep in all direction, so we push forward. My chest is pushing against your back and my hand is on your ass, not just because I like the way it feels through your pants, but to also keep track of you in this sea of people. While standing waiting patiently, we attempt to talk to each other, but between the music and the noise of the people we can only make facial expressions at each other.

Than it hits me, the way my mind works it is always thinking. I let my hands roam the backside of your body feeling it through your clothes, you glance over your shoulder at me and smile and I return it, but my mind is thinking of something a little more on the evil side.

You maneuver your way to the bar between people and finally get the attention of the bartender who looks so frazzled by the demands of the patrons, that he may just blow his top at any minute. He motions he will be with you in a minute. I look over your shoulder and watch as you wait patiently for your turn, paying no attention to anyone but you and the bartender, my hands are still running down your ass and now I let them move down your legs and in-between your butt cheeks finding your balls nestled quietly in your pants. Yes, I have you by the balls, literally.

I’m standing directly behind you so you looking over your shoulder doesn’t do anything to stop me from my adventure and boy do I have one in mind.

I reach around and unzip the fly of your pants and reach in for the prize waiting snugly in its hiding place. I feel your body tense up as I do this, but I don’t stop what I am after. I’m in a mission. I begin to stroke your cock inside your pants, though there is little room to do it, I try my best. Your cock reacts to my touch and begins to grow inside making it more difficult for me to keep it in its enclosure.

Even with the crowd who would notice me fondling you at the bar and I really don’t care who does and what happens.  I pull your hard cock out of your pants and begin stroking it while you are standing at the bar.  You look around at me surprised and a bit startled at my action, while you are still waiting for the bartender to take your order.  Then I slowly move around and down so I am under the edge of the bar and out of sight of any onlookers.

There I am squeezing my way between the front of the bar, your body and all the other legs at the bar and I am thankful for being a petite venturous female. My mind is always thinking. So here I am stroking your cock and in-between your legs as I begin to lick your cock under the bar.  I don’t care about anything but pleasing myself in this act of exhibitionism as I stroke and suck your cock.  I can tell by your body that you are trying hard to keep your composure, but it is getting difficult feeling your cock getting harder in my mouth and hand.

I toy it with my tongue as I circle your head with it and let it dive into my wet hot mouth; sucking and licking it feeling your body react as you can’t control your hard cock inside my mouth.  I lick the shaft and continue to stroke it.  I am in my own world as I bring you this pleasure of doing this in such a public but crowded space.  I can even feel myself becoming so aroused I can’t wait to get home and do this to you all over again.

Your head is throbbing as you can’t hold on much longer and I feel your hand reach in your pocket to retrieve your money to pay the bartender.  Your cock tastes so good to me and I can’t get enough of it and I know you are about to blow as I take it all into my mouth.  Feeling it grow harder as now I am holding onto you legs as I slowly move your hips back and forth so your cock is fucking my mouth.

I pull your cock out for just an instant to toy your throbbing head one more time and you…

~Yes, what do you do?  Do you let me finish?  Do you stop me from my pleasure?  Aww, yes I will keep you hanging. Because I am just a tease!


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