Just the Beginning

She ran her hand up his leg until she reached his balls and cupped them while whispering in his ear, “Take me.”

Taking his hand she lead him to the bedroom, turning herself to face him and letting her lips touch his so lightly like a butterfly landing on a flower. His touch ignited the fire that had been smoldering inside her all day; thinking of him aroused her like no other man. They both shared this passion for each other.

He let his hands run up her legs feeling the stockings under her skirt, which raised the hardness in his cock. Her lips like fire on his, as his hands moved up her perfectly shaped ass and around her torso. He enjoyed her body; the way it felt against his, the way it reacted to his touch, he couldn’t get enough of her body.

Holding each other not too tightly as their hands moved across their bodies, feeling the heat raise through their clothes; heat of desire and passion, as their sexual energy began to grow.  They aroused the sexual energy in each other through their touch, like the finishing touch to their conversations was their exchange of their contact of flesh.

Her kisses began lightly, becoming more intense as her desire for him began to grow.  Her tongue probing his mouth searching out the serpent that lived within the cave.  Feeling his lips against hers, his body pressed against hers and his cock pressed against her was bringing all the raw energy to the forefront.  She wanted him badly.  To feel his cock inside her or to even just suck on him made her excited.  The rawness was surfacing and becoming uncontrollable.

She pulled back from him and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and he helped her remove her garment. Freeing herself on the silk blouse and letting it fall to the floor.  He ran his hands across her chest, her body emitting heat that he could feel.  Like the electricity they shared between them.  He looked into her eyes as his fingertips ran the outline of her bra, showing her the need and desire for her.  No words needed to be exchanged.

Reaching behind her, she unzipped her skirt, letting it slide down her body and fall to the floor.  Stepping out of it, but leaving her shoes on, he let his hands move down between her legs to feel the warmth of her mound and the soft folds of her pussy through her thong.

Pushing her thong to the side, he let his fingers feel the folds of her pussy and the moisture hidden among them.  He pressed his fingers deeper within her as their lips rejoined in their want of each other.   She pulled at his shirt, letting her hands wander under it, and letting their hot flesh press against one another.

Not taking her lips away from his, she reached down and undid his pants, pushing them downwards so that his cock was free to be caressed by her.  She stroked it in her hand and felt it throbbing as it welcomed her touch.  Feeling the hardness in her hand while his fingers continued to probe her wetness, she was feeling herself so close to an orgasm that she almost couldn’t control herself.

Releasing herself from his lips, she looked back at him and gave him a sly smile letting him know what she wanted to do.  Pulling his shirt up and off of him, she moved her body downwards, letting her tongue lead her to his throbbing cock that she was still stroking.  Slowly she moved; kissing and licking his torso, stopping to lick his nipples and suck on them, moving with intention but to also enjoy his skin and the way it felt on her lips.

Her mouth finally reached its destination as she began to let it lick the shaft of his cock while her hand moved down to massage his sack that was full.  With purpose in mind, she let her lips slide over his cock with her tongue licking and circling his head, but not letting it penetrate the orifice of her hot mouth.

She licked the underside of his cock while still stroking it and then she finally…

Yes, I’m leaving you hanging, because this is just a tease and we know how I like to tease!


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