The Coffee can Wait!

She made a an evil laugh to match her wicked smile she had on her face as she looked at him, and he knew exactly what she had in mind.

Her mind wasn’t in the gutter, it was in his pants.  The thought of his hard cock pressing against his pants as she slowly rubbed up against him made her excited and wet.  Sometimes it didn’t take much to get her “in the mood” she was often in the mood; anywhere and anytime was her motto and today was no different.

Grabbing hold of his body, she pushed him against the kitchen counter as the morning coffee wasn’t even finished.  Pressing herself against him, letting her hands move up under his shirt feeling his skin, warm but a bit cool, and his nipples were hard as she let her fingers rub over them.  She was becoming more aroused.

The smell of the coffee was completely ignored, she didn’t need that to wake up; his body was all she needed, that was her wake up call.

Feeling herself becoming aroused knowing her pussy was getting wet and hot while stroking his cock through his pants.  Her kisses were matching the intensity of her desire for him as she made her intentions very clear.  Letting her hands moved across his body under his shirt and he returned the want back to her, through his kisses and his hands.

His cock was hard and pressing against her body as she was pressed against him, feeling him breathe while his hands moved under her night-shirt and rubbing her ass.  Her body reacted to his touch as it always welcomed his hands on her flesh.  She was hot for him in more ways than one.

Letting her hands move down to his throbbing cock in his pants she let her hand move to the inside of them, stroking his member.  Not stopping her kisses on his lips, only raising the intensity, she ran her tongue over his lips feeling his mustache.  Tasting him and wanting more than just his tongue to play with.

Feeling his hard cock in her hand while her other hand continued to play and roam his body, she pushed his sweat pants down to expose his cock.  She released his cock from her grasp and pulled herself away just long enough to pull her night-shirt off and press her body to his.  Feeling the warmth of his skin against her only raised the full desire for him.

It didn’t matter to her if they had sex or not, sucking on his cock was as good as having him penetrate her.  She had so many things run through her mind, but decided not to leave the kitchen to break the moment of passion.  She was going to have her way, right here right now.

Lowering her body and squatting in front of him, letting her fingertips tease his skin as she ran them down his flesh.  She found his throbbing cock and began to lick it.  Starting at the head of his cock, her tongue toyed it and slid down the shaft enjoying the pleasure she was giving him.  Licking his cock aroused her almost as much as it did him, listening to him moan with pleasure knew that this was what he wanted.

Letting the head of his cock slide into her hot mouth as her tongue circled it and she moved it back and forth while stroking it with one hand and massaging his balls with the other.  Occasionally letting her hands run down the inside of his thighs to the tender area between his legs and feeling the heat come from his skin.

He ran his fingers through her hair, pulling it back away from her face so he could watch his cock disappear into the orifice of her mouth.  The warmth of her opening and the wetness felt so good to him; he wasn’t sure how long he could last.  She knew exactly what to do to excite him in the morning and he loved the way she sucked on his cock.

Pulling his cock out of her hot mouth only to slide it back in slowly, letting her tongue lead her as she also moaned with pleasure of performing this act on him.  She enjoyed sucking on him and he knew it.  Looking down watching his cock in her mouth made his cock even harder.  Knowing that the morning exercise was not going to last much longer and he would soon explode with a release.

Slowing her pace even more, she sucked even harder on the head of his cock, making a smacking noise with her mouth.  Releasing his cock from the grip of her mouth only to let her lips slide over it again as she returned it to the warmth wetness of her mouth.  The head of his cock was growing inside her mouth with the sensation of her tongue running over it.

He moaned even louder, letting her know that it wouldn’t be longer for him to burst and blow his hot load.  She continued to move his cock slowly into her mouth, still stroking it with her free hand, it slid with ease in and out of her mouth. Her tongue ran the length of his shaft as she moved it back and forth in her mouth raising the sexual tension inside him.

Picking up the pace of sucking on him she began to move quicker feeling his head grow inside her mouth and his hands gripped onto her shoulders tighter with the feeling of her mouth on his cock.

Gripping his leg with one hand while still guiding his cock in her mouth, he erupted letting his hot goo loose in her mouth.  Feeling his hot load spew forth and filling her orifice with its liquid, she swallowed it all. Sucking on his cock until it was completely drained; he moaned and held onto her, pushing his cock deep within her hot mouth letting her get every last drop.

He slowly began to loosen his fingers on her, running his hands across her head and through her long dark hair.  She continued to suck on him, making sure to get every last drop from him, savoring his hot liquid, swallowing every last drop of his essence.

She released his cock from the grasp of her hand and mouth, letting her tongue slide over it giving it one last lick before returning her lips to his.  Her hands still moved over his body as she let go of his cock, her lips meeting his, her tongue running over his lips and he could taste himself on her mouth.

He returned the kisses to her, holding her tightly against her in appreciation of the morning release of sexual tension.

Pulling away from him, she gave him that wicked smile and evil laugh, knowing soon it would be her turn.

“I’m awake now but I could go for some coffee, how about you?” She asked as she reached down and stroked his cock.  Giving him the hint that it was now her turn.

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