Starry Starry Night

He was snoring so softly as she lied next to him in the dark.  Feeling the heat coming from his body under the sheets, she couldn’t resist reaching out and touching his warm skin in the night.

Looking through the window above her head she saw the stars shining bright in the dark blue sea of a sky.  Sparkling down with the moon almost full set the room glowing down on them.  Casting shadows and light on the dark blue sheets, just enough to make out the shape of his body next to hers.

Reaching carefully under the covers, she slowly moved her body closer to him to feel the heat coming from his body.  Then she began to move her hand across his leg, feeling his hair and the muscles of his leg as she let her fingertip lead her through the dark.  He stirred under her touch but didn’t wake.

Moving closer to him so her chest was against his back, she began to feel the full warmth of his skin; the scent of his body and hair tickling her face.  She couldn’t resist him.  Even in the dark, she closed her eyes to let her senses take over and her mind imagine what her hands were feeling.

He wasn’t quite awake, but he reached over and let his hand move across her thigh.  She moved closer and pulled her leg up over his, pressing herself closer to him.  Her hand still moving across his body feeling his breathing, the way his skin responded to her touch excited her and she felt herself becoming aroused.

Feeling the sexual energy beginning to build deep from within her, she had to get him started.  Knowing he always enjoyed about her, was her instigating sexual play in the middle of the night, she knew it would not take much and he would never say no to her.  It was the timing that mattered to her.  Where or when was never a question for them.

She began to slowly let her lips move across his shoulders and neck, kissing him ever so slightly as he began to move under the sheets into her.  Her hand now moving across his chest, feeling his naked body next to hers was raising the need deep within her and she could tell she was beginning to get wet.  His hand running up her thigh as it was wrapped around his leg and they moved into one.

He sighed and moaned with the touch of her hand on his body, along with the feeling of her lips on his skin.  The heat between them began to build as her body pressed into his.  Her aggressiveness and desire for him made him move with her, he was waking up with her body and his cock was reacting to her touch.  It was just a matter of time now.

He rolled over and her lips found hers in the dark, the moon shining in the window let enough light in to cast a glow on her face.

She opened her legs as he maneuvered into her, his cock hard and looking for the warmth of her pussy to get into.

Their lips not moving from each other, as their tongues danced in the night, like two secret lovers in a forbidden place, showing all their passion and need for one another.  Their bodies molded as he brought her arms under her body holding her tight against him. She let her legs move across his, feeling his body and she let her feet lead her as she felt all his flesh as they ran the length of them.

His cock pushed at her pussy and it needed no guiding, it found the source of her heat and passion.  Pushing itself into her wetness as she pulled his body into hers, the action was quick but gentle as he let his cock lead him to the source it sought out.

She came with the entry of his cock into the depths of her pussy.  Her breathing was rapid and deep through her kisses.  Releasing her mouth from his, she whispered to him the pleasure his cock brought her and he replied back to her how good she felt to him.

The moon and stars were their audience as they played out their passion for one another.

She kicked off the sheets as she let loose on him the rawness of her desire to be pleased and to please him.  Pulling on him, as her legs tightened around his hips and he thrust his cock into her.  She continued to cum and her juices flowed from her with each spasm of her pussy around his hard cock.

Feeling his cock giving her pleasure in the middle of the dark night was like a pleasant dream she didn’t want to wake from.  Keeping the motion going he slowed his pace down, letting himself enjoy her body.  The heat rising from her pussy and body, made him fill with passion as he always felt for her.

Taking his time to move slowly with her, making her pace herself, he kissed her gently letting his lips move across hers and their tongues slid into each others mouth.  Their tongues seeking the companionship of one another, found in the darkness; sharing their own warmth and wetness as they tangled with each other..

Her body moved slower with each penetration of his cock and she was building to another orgasm.  Knowing she wanted to unleash on him again, she held back, restraining herself from his body, but still letting him her rawness of sexual power she had inside her, building up again.  Grabbing hold of his flesh with her hands and arms, she held him tightly against her.

She could feel his cock getting harder inside her and her orgasm was building too, knowing he wouldn’t last long as their kisses now became more intense.  Tongues fighting for attention as their lips were locked together in a struggle of need.

Gripping her shoulders with his fingers tighter, as his thrust became more determined to fill her cavern with his fullness and her pussy tightened on his shaft.  Her legs still locked around his hips holding him tighter as he penetrated her deeper, and she met every movement of his body.  They became unleashed on each other.

Pushing and pulling as in a sex play tug-of-war, the movement of their bodies became quick and fierce.  Giving and taking; he gave her the fullness of his cock and she returned it with the tightness of her pussy.  She came with force as he exploded deep inside her.

Releasing their lips long enough to catch their breath and to exclaim their pure sexual satisfaction of pleasure of the feeling of the mutual orgasm, as the fluids flowed from both them.  Intermixing to make a warmth that was like their trademark of ecstasy.  The completeness to the act with a finishing score of a final note of their sex play could now be savored.

Their lips met again in the dark as the moon and stars applauded at the finale, providing them a silent audience.

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