Tease or be Teased

A glance across the room with a smile attached to it. The flirt of the eyelash or the sparkle in the eye. What is your tease? Tease me!

Tease me with your touch, with your lips, with your tongue. The way your hands run up my bare skin and across my back as I sit next you.

Tease me with your hard cock against my wet pussy.

I will tease you with my kiss, my tongue on your lips, my mouth on your cock.

The way I shake my hips and sway as I walk away or walk towards you. The way my tongue runs across my lips as I look into your eye, knowing you are watching my tongue.

Yes, I tease and I like to tease.

The way the front of my shirt shows just enough of my tattoo to make you stare, but you know you shouldn’t. My full breast almost exposed; touchable and soft, you want to touch but you can’t. The redness of my lips and the way my lipstick is applied just right and I smoke a cigarette. My warm rough voice that sounds like something from a sex phone ad.

The way my shirt clings to my body and you can see the shape of it underneath, wanting to reach out and touch me, but you hold back. Why?

I may be petite, but my body is every bit of a female. I have all the right curves and I know just how to use them to my advantage.

Teasing You, it is just as exciting for you as it is for me.

Tease me with your body; stand just close enough so I can smell your body, your natural aroma of your skin. Watch your mouth move as you talk to me. The way you smile at me. Yes, tease me.

I hear your voice and I just want to cum in my pants. Hearing it makes me melt and fills me with desire.

Do you know what you do to me? Not in the least.

What is it you asked? What is it about me that turns you on?

Answer: I am open and have no fear.

Yes, I have no fear to say what I want and desire.

I want and desire you and I will tease you with every part of my body from my voice to my lips, my tongue and body.

Tease me? Please do! For I will tease you back!

Mmmm. More random thoughts of my mind!


PS – I may just have to add to this later this evening while lying in bed…mmm What will I be doing? Teasing You with my words!

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