MIssed Passion

Did I just see her?  Was that her walking down the street?  Could it be her?  What is she doing in New York? Lower Manhattan?  All these questions crossed his mind as he sat in his Manhattan Water Works EPA truck on Broadway. These questions and many other thoughts crossed his mind when he saw what he thought was Victoria walking down the street.

It had to be her.  Who else could it be?  He wanted to call out her name but he knew she wouldn’t probably hear him on the busy New York street, but he had to know.

Starting his truck he maneuvered into traffic and began heading down the direction looking for the woman on the crowded sidewalk.  Getting caught up in traffic; the hustle and bustle of taxis, buses and cars, made it very difficult to move at the pace he wanted to, that and the lights.  He cursed the traffic and the lights.

Getting ahead a bit, he finally saw the back of her walking down the street.

It had to be her.  He could feel his cock beginning to get that tinge whenever he thought of her and now seeing her so close it made the feeling hard to ignore.

Watching the female walking down the street dressed in skin-tight black jeans, black heels and black leather jacket with fringe, with her dark hair flowing across the back of it, made him know it was her.  Her slender petite build he could remember even though he only saw her in person only once, it was no mistaking it was her.

Sitting at the light while she stopped and did some window shopping, he couldn’t believe it was her, so close but still out of reach.

So many things ran through his mind at that very moment.  Should he call out her name?  Should he pull over and get out and catch up to her?  Many questions and thoughts were whirling around his brain, like a windy day in the city.  He wanted to reach out and touch her; feel her body next to his, see her lips move as she talked, her eyes sparkling as she would speak to him.

His cock was getting harder in his pants as those visions moved forward from his memory banks.  He couldn’t let this opportunity pass by.  He hadn’t seen her in months let alone talked to her since that one conversation.

Glancing down he looked at his hard cock raging in his pants.  Like a “Victoria” meter, when he talked to her or saw her picture, his cock would become so hard.  He pulled his truck forward looking for a place to park as the traffic moved through the light; bumper to bumper he inched forward.

Finally finding a place to park, he pulled in and put the truck in park and shut it off.  Looking over his wedding band caught his eye.  What about his wife?  No don’t think about it, he had to talk to her, it was now or never.

Getting out of the truck he weaved through the crowd on the street to catch up to her.  Walking up behind her, he wanted to call out her name as he watched as her ass moved and swayed, her hips and body moving through the crowded street.  His cock beginning to rage in his pants as he tried to control it while walking.

As he continued to follow her down the street, he thought of their night together.  The way she kissed him as soon as he walked in the door, touching him, looking at him with that passion she shared with him everyday. The way they held each other as if it was meant to be; it wasn’t a coincidence they met, they were right for each other.  They touched not just each others flesh, but their souls, deep and raw was their passion they had for each other.

He also thought about the way her pussy felt wrapped tightly around his cock with the first penetration of her.  The way her mouth was warm and welcoming when she sucked on him, her tongue licking his cock.  The taste of her pussy, so inviting and so sweet, he couldn’t stop thinking about it.  His cock was getting harder in his pants.  All these thoughts made his cock begin to ache even more in his pants.

Watching her walk down the street brought some many thoughts to his mind.  He still craved her deep inside his heart, she never left that spot.  Her words, her thoughts, her body; still fresh in his mind as if it was just yesterday he had touched her and they talked.  He still wanted her, but knew he couldn’t continue.  The internal battle of desire and want raged in him everyday, and now seeing her made it so aware to him how he had buried it but still craved this beautiful woman who touched his soul.

What to do? Was the question that came to his mouth as he said it out loud to himself while watching her walk down the street only feet away from him.  Should he call out her name?  His cock was beginning to rage in his pants and his mouth watered for her lips on his.  The sensation of her tongue on his lips was almost too much for him to think about.

Thinking back to that night they spent together and the passion they shared for that evening.  The way they shared their bodies; so natural, real and with no inhibitions, he even told her that over and over again.  Something he didn’t have at home and looked for in her.  He found it and he let it go.  He gave up passion, true unconditional love, a non-judgmental person for a woman who didn’t give him all that.  Why, he had to ask himself.

Still watching her walk, he came close to calling out her name.  What to do was the next question that crossed his mind.  His cock was telling him something different from what his mind was telling him and his heart was saying something completely different.  His heart was telling him to reach out to her; call her name, touch her, talk to her, let her know what he was thinking.

Keeping up with her pace on the busy New York City street in Manhattan, only feet away from her, he couldn’t bring himself to call out her name.  He wanted to so badly.  So much desire began to rise in him for her.  Not just physical desire, the deep-rooted want to be with a person that made him feel happy and she showed it to him everyday they spoke to each other; through her words; spoken and written.  He knew that the fire they felt for each could not have faded and could be raging again with just one conversation, like the way his cock was raging in his pants.

Just as she stopped to look at a store front, his phone rang.  Reaching into his pocket he saw the name on it; his wife.  Should he answer it?  He had to.  Trying to keep an eye on Victoria and talk to his wife at the same time he found himself beginning to fade and his mind wandered.  He never liked talking to his wife on the phone, he hated it fact, but he could always talk to Victoria from early morning to late in the day and never tired of their conversation.

Turning around to try to focus and finish the conversation as quickly as he could, hanging up and putting the phone back in his pocket, he looked up in the direction of where Victoria was standing.  She was gone.  He panicked.  Where was she?  How could she disappear so quickly?

Looking in the store she was last standing at, he didn’t see her.  Turning around in circles as if she was behind him, fearing of not seeing her again rose deep in his gut.  Maybe she saw him, turned and walked in the opposite direction.  His cock ached and his mind felt disappointed, his heart began to sink in his chest, feeling a different ache.

He raced down a couple of stores and didn’t see her.  Where could she have gone?

His phone buzzed that he got a text message.  Pulling his phone out again as his head spun in all directions looking for her not wanting to take his eyes off the street or the store fronts.  The text message was from a familiar number, but no name, why?  Because it was Victoria’s and he had deleted it.

“You just missed me.” The message read.

He replied, “Where are you???”

Instead of waiting for a response, he dialed the number and she answered. Her voice like a warm wave of fresh air to hear on the other end of the phone, her smoky deep voice as she said “Hello Jay.”

“Victoria! What are you doing in New York?”

“I decided to treat myself and come up for the weekend.”

“Where are you?  You were just standing here!” he replied almost pleading.

“Why you know where I am.  Close but just out of reach. What did I tell you once?  If you can find me, You can have me.” She replied.

“I want to see you! Where are you?” he pleaded back to her.

“Jay, you know where I am. I am here and I always will be.”

“But I want to see you and talk to you! Let me know where you are?!” was his response.

“Jay, I love you and always will, but you made your decision and that is something you will have to live with. You know what will happen if we talk to one another and especially if we see each other face to face. I would love to spend the afternoon with you.  To talk to you and see you again, but you know what will happen.”  She stated back to him, but he could hear the amount of desire in her voice.

“Victoria, please let me know where you are?  Let me see you and talk to you!”  He begged back to her.

“Quick question Jay, was that your wife that called you?” She asked.

“Yes it was, why?” He replied.

“Well if you didn’t take that call you’d be talking to me face to face now, instead of on the phone.” She answered him.  “I love you Jay.  You have been in my heart all this time.  You will always be there, like the ache that can’t be filled by another.”

“I have thought of you too a lot over the last couple of months.”

The phone went dead.

“Hello! Hello!” Jay said into the phone.

He dialed the number back, but it just rang and went to voice mail.

His phone beeped that he got a text.

Pulling up the text he saw that it was from Victoria.

“But Jay, you choose your wife. And I am not going to compete for your love, and you won’t give up something that makes you unhappy and you have your reasons. I know you said you were happy, but deep down inside I know you aren’t.  So you are living a lie.  Like I said, I will always love you and if you decide to change your life, you know how to reach me.  I would take you back in an instant.  You brought me so much passion and I love you for it and always will. Love Ya, Victoria.”

He looked at the text, his heart ached, his head hurt, he wanted to yell out her name or just yell at anyone, but he just stood there in a trance staring down at the text message reading it over and over again.

Glancing up from his phone he continued to look around for her, but he knew she was gone. He turned around and walked back to his truck, his head hanging thinking of what just transpired.  Knowing deep inside his heart he gave up something that he should have never let go.  A chance of a lifetime of pure happiness, filled with love and passion, deep rooted passion, for each other and for life in general.

Getting in his truck he sat there thinking.  He made a big mistake and he would have to live with it the rest of his life.  Starting his truck he pulled out into traffic, knowing he just let something slip through his fingers and he would probably never have it back again.

A slightly different story for my readers today.  One of loss and heartache, but don’t we all experience it sometime in our lives?

I will be going to New York the end of this month, so if any of my readers or followers are in the NYC area, please message me, I would love to meet you.

As always, Stay Wet and Stay Hard!


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