Random Thoughts IV

Awww It is Spring, or at least the calendar says it is, but here in South Eastern Pennsylvania it still feels like winter out. So I am still bundled up to go out and looking forward to the warmer days of cut-off shorts and tank tops.  Oh yes, those days will be here soon I hope.

I am writing something to add to my Random Thought category as I sit here.  And yes, the above was a random thought.  I have many from time to time, but now I will give you some “juicy” random thoughts to think about.


Stepping out of the shower I apply lotion to my smooth skin.  My legs cleanly shaven along with all those other parts of my body I imagine your hands running across my flesh.  Feeling the texture of your palms as you touch me and I feel the urge of sexual desire being pushed to the surface.  That feeling I get whenever I think of you.  I let out a heavy sigh.

Taking my robe off as I begin to undress I admire my tattoos on my body; the colors, the symbols and all that they mean to me, knowing yours will be added to the collection soon.  You admired them so much when you saw them in pictures or in person.  I look at myself naked in the mirror and wrap my arms around my body imagining they are your arms holding me.  How your body just molded to mine in such a “perfect” way in this imperfect situation we shared.  An unfair world of imperfection, and how we made “our” world perfect if only for a short time.

I continue to rub the lotion on the rest of my body and I can feel myself becoming aroused even more as I reach down between my legs feeling the heat rising from the folds of my pussy and I remember when you touched and licked me, making me wet as I came for you as you let your tongue invade and explore my deepest folds.

My breasts are round, my nipples pink and hard as I continue to touch myself as the mid-morning sun is shining bright in my room feeling the room with warmth. I look at the bed and picture you lying there sleeping just as you were on the one November morn.  I become even more excited as I feel the urge to touch myself while the vision of you is so fresh in my mind, but it was so many months ago.  But to me it still feels like yesterday, last week or even last night.

I smell my skin and I feel the sexual need building in my body as I can tell all these thoughts are making me energized with the desire to touch myself and imagine it is you.  The self-torture I do to myself to satisfy my own sexual need to be touched, even it is me doing the touching.

The sheets smell fresh just as they did that night from being dried outside in the fresh air and sun.  The bed feels warm as I lay my body down in the sunlight and it shines on my body.

I cup my breasts with both hands feeling the fullness of them as I pinch my nipples, I close my eyes and I let my mind wander to a distant time months ago.  I whisper you name so softly that I can barely hear myself say it. I let my hands begin to roam my body as my legs and feet move across the sheets feeling the soft cotton against my smooth supple skin.

Keeping one hand on my breast continually rubbing and pinching my own nipples the other moves across my stomach feeling my belly button ring and finding its way between my legs to the source of heat.  My clit is already hard and beginning to throb and I haven’t touched it yet, but I know, because I can feel my pussy lips are swollen and all I want is to be satisfied by touch, even it is my hand that is going to satisfy me and not yours.

I begin to drift in my mind to you; feeling your body next to mine, your lips pressed to me, your cock probing at my flesh to get inside, your legs and how my feet traced them exciting you.  Aww, I can almost smell you next to me.  My fingers massaging the folds of my pussy rubbing my clit over and over again.  I press a finger deep inside me to find my wetness and begin to release all the sexual tension.  Yes it is me doing this, but all I can think about is you.

I let my mind race to your body again, feeling your cock deep inside me as I let my finger delve deeper inside me, my thumb rubbing my clit and the wetness is beginning to come out as I can feel the tension building.  I lick my lips in my fantasy and in real life as I continue to think of your cock deep inside me as it was that morning.  How you told me how good my pussy felt around your cock.  How our bodies meshed together perfectly.  Aww, the feeling is growing and getting closer.

I pinch my nipples harder, switching from one breast to the other, feeling my nipples against my palm. The sun beating down on my bare skin making it warm, but the real heat is coming from between my legs and I continue to rub and massage my clit.  Seconds or minutes, I don’t know, go by and I am getting closer to my goal.

I climax, letting my legs fall wider apart as I feel the complete surge of sexual energy run through my body and out my pussy as the thought of feeling you cum inside me as I give myself an orgasm.  I don’t stop touching myself, I only slow down so my body can enjoy the moment of this explosion of sexual energy that I just let go of.

I open my eyes.  The daydream is over.  Another random thought of you and our time together.  I feel relieved but still I feel pent-up sexual tension that only a “man” can bring out of me.  No sexual toy or my own touch can really release all that passion and desire I have stored in me.  I need the touch of a man.

But when and who, is yet to be determined.

Stay Wet & Stay Hard My Friends!


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