Let Me Please You

With the sun shining through the window cascading a light shadow from the trees outside across their bodies. They were oblivious to any sounds from the outdoors. The music played softly in the background while the two of them looked at each other, a symphony of sounds to match the instrument of each others’ body. Stroking and turning to the rhythm they made under the touch of their hands.

Her body open to him. He ran his fingers down the sides of her soft curves as if tracing a fine piece of sculpture. The smoothness of it and the scent of her flesh aroused him as she too let her hands wander across his skin. The hairs on her skin moved under his light touch, as if it was a feather moving across it. She drank him in; his skin and is masculine scent, the smoothness of his chest.

Escaping the doldrums of the everyday world to share this quiet exchange of time. To capture a moment of solitude to exchange this moment of intimacy in each others’ arms. What a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. They were not just escaping the daily routine but the world and entered into their own; a full fantasy of sexual desire.

Letting themselves get lost in this moment of sharing and touching, the two of them lied there facing one another, inches apart, taking the time to explore. The music and their intimacy taking them to a distant place out of their normal realm of boredom. A world that was private and only the two of them shared.

Reaching down she began to gently rub his cock which was already hard and just waiting for some attention. She moved her body closer to him and could feel the heat coming from his body.

Like the heat from a fire, it warmed her skin and her soul.

Knowing she was filled with the same amount of heat and sexual energy charged just from his touch. Their lips were hot with kisses as they moved with one another, touching and feeling the desire coming out through their tender embrace. Wanting more than they could get from someone or somewhere else, this was their moment in time.

The passion building between them was becoming greater. His hand moving across her body as she parted her legs to let him rub her swollen lips that wanted so much attention from him. She let out a slow low moan of pleasure of having him touch her. Her wetness just waiting to be released with his fingers as he slowly pressed them into her.

The pleasure he was giving her along with the feeling of her hand grasped around his cock made him ache with passion and desire. His body moved closer to her and the heat began to spread as the energy between the two of them was like electricity, an unseen force being felt through their skin. Charging them with the passion they had shared with one another through words and non-sexual actions.

Licking his lips, and feeling his mustache against her face was just such an erotic turn on, his fingers pushing deeper within her as she could feel her arousal becoming close to climax. Her mind started to think of his cock growing harder in her hand as she massaged the head of it. Moving her body down to embrace his throbbing member with her mouth, that was watering at the thought of sucking on him.

Feeling the solid mass in her mouth excited her even more. Without words, she pushed him onto his back so she could take in his full body with her hands and mouth. Licking his shaft as if it was a treat, which it was to her, she couldn’t get enough of him. Bringing her the pleasure she so much wanted, not to just please him, but knowing he would please her too with it and even more. Her lips and tongue caress his hard cock as it throbbed in her mouth, her hands caressing his sack and his legs, feeling his skin warm and soft under her touch.

He moaned with pleasure and contentment of feeling her warm mouth on his hard cock, her hands roaming his body; inviting and gentle. She aroused him to a new level, bringing so much sexual want to the service that he had never experienced before. So much passion that burned inside of him for her could not be contained.

She licked and sucked on his cock. Toying his cock with her tongue bringing him so much pleasure and at the same time pleasing herself with knowing his arousal of this act. She could feel herself getting wet from the excitement and the energy that they shared. Moving into him, letting her breasts brush up against his thighs, sharing the exchange of flesh on flesh was so exhilarating to her. She wanted to mount him and feel his hard cock penetrate her deep, deep in her hot pussy, but she hesitated enjoying this complete moment of sucking him.

He reached down and pulled back her long dark hair to watch as his cock disappeared into her hot mouth, the tongue circling his head as it slid back and forth within her mouth. Her lips pink and inviting to his cock, she glanced up at him staring at her as he held her hair back. She was becoming more and more excited over sucking him.

His cock grew harder and his breathing deeper with each penetration into her mouth. He was holding on to his erection knowing he could explode at any second. She could feel the tension growing from his swelling of his engorged shaft and head and through the intensity of his thighs tightening under her touch.

She sucked harder on him, letting her hand slide up and down his shaft as she licked it more and his cock was so wet from her saliva it slid back and forth just as if it was in her wet pussy, which was craving attention.

He erupted in one last thrust and loud moan of relief as his hot liquid spewed forth into her mouth. She took him all the way in, the entire shaft almost disappearing into her hot cave as she swallowed all of his juices. She continued to tongue and lick him, sucking him dry of every drop of his hot fluid. She was filled with sexual energy of sucking him whole and hearing him moan with complete pleasure.

Pulling his cock from it warm enclosure, she licked it and sucked on the head raising the sensitivity of her touch on his cock.

Sitting back as she slowly stroked it gently, he looked up to her with contentment of such a wonderful pleasure she had given him. He knew that she still need to be satisfied, he pulled her down to his body, rolling her onto her back he began to kiss her tasting his own essence in her mouth as he slowly circled her nipples with his fingertips.


  1. Bravo!

    • Thank you for your wonderful compliment!

  2. Just a hot and amazing read!

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