Twists & Turns

He pulled her hips up so he could enter her from behind. Her breathing was rapid and deep as he probed her with two of his fingers, diving them deep inside her hot pussy. She moved her hips with the motion of his fingers, first slowly, then as he moved and twisted them inside her hot cavern she moved more rapidly to meet his probing.

His cock felt heavenly to her just minutes before when he was on top, with her legs spread, and he pushed his hard member deep inside her making her cum the first time. Both their bodies wrapped around each other in the depths of lust as she cried out to him his name telling him to fuck her harder. With his fingers deep inside her and her pussy wet and hot, she couldn’t wait to feel his hardness fill her crevice again.

Pushing against his hand, feeling his hard cock brushing against the inside of her thigh, her grabbed her ass and gave it a tight squeeze.

“What do you want?” He asked her.

“I want to feel your cock inside me!” She replied.

“Your pussy is so wet. Are you ready for it?” He said back to her.

“Yes. I want to feel your cock inside me.” She answered.

He pulled his fingers out of her hot pussy and teased her by rubbing his cock against her swollen lips. He licked his fingers tasting all of juices and savoring the sweetness of her. He let the head of his cock press against her clit that was sensitive and hard. The sensation of his cock rubbing against her pussy was driving her to the brink where she couldn’t take much more.

Teasing her even more as he rubbed his head against her lips letting it slip in, only to pull it back out.  Taunting her and seeing her ass wiggle with delight of his cock and him tormenting her with each probe of the head of his cock.

He smacked her ass hard.  Spanking her was one of her delights that heightened their sex play and aroused her making her pussy wet.  Again he teased her with the head of his cock.  He was enjoying the amount of sexual tension that was building as he could feel the energy from their play rising between them.

Finally he thrust his cock deep inside her with one quick deep movement and she came with force as her pussy tightened around his hard member.  Juices flowed like a dam breaking as the heat and moisture her pussy gave off was like a furnace.  It spewed forth like a furnace with molten ore; hot and wet.

Feeling the force of her orgasm excited him as he smacked her ass again leaving a bigger hand print on her ass and she moved to meet the thrust of his cock.

“Cum for me baby.  That’s it cum for me.” he said to her.

Her breathing so fast and deep as she clenched onto the sheets, her head buried, she replied to him, “Fuck me Jay! Fuck me!”

Without saying anything else, he jammed his cock deep inside her as she continued to tighten it around him.  He knew he couldn’t hold on much longer and he too would need to give way and explode.  But he grabbed hold of her ass and continued the thrusting motion as she continued to cum under the pleasure of sexual release of his cock.

He continued to smack her ass and it made a crack of a sound in the room.  Between her breathing and her begging for him to fuck her, the sexual tension in the room was thick and heavy.  She moved to meet his thrust with force as his cock began to get even harder and he knew it would only be minutes before he would have to let loose of his build up.

Clenching the sides of her hips, he pulled her deeper onto his cock as he impaled her with his hardness, bringing out yet another ripple of spasms from her cumming again.  She continued to have orgasm after orgasm with his cock deep inside her.  The pleasure and passion that he gave her, this was not just fucking or lust, it was deep-rooted desire to please one another.

He couldn’t take it much longer and with one final movement he shoot his full hot load inside her bringing yet another massive orgasm from her pussy.  His juices flowed within her and together, as they also flowed from her pussy, dripping down his balls.

He let out a moan of pure release, still gripping her ass that was pink and red from his hands spanking her, he was in no hurry to pull his cock from her hot well.  He slowed his movements down as the last amount of fluid seeped from his cock and he felt drained of his liquid seed.

She lowered her body to lie flat on the bed, and he collapsed on top of her with his cock still inside her and wrapped his arm under her as he kissed the back of her neck.  She reached back to let her hand run down his ass and thigh feeling his skin and the heat coming from his flesh as her breathing began to slow and steady.

He cupped her breasts as the two of them lied there together in the aftermath of their passion.  The sexual tension had subsided but was still very close to the surface as the two of them still continued to show the passion for one another through their touch.

If only the moment would last forever she thought.  Feeling his cock still inside her as his body slowly relaxed.  Her pussy still hot with need from him as she came back to the reality of the evening.  Running her hands down his body was like icing on the cake to her while he held her tightly to him kissing the back of her neck and listening to her breath.


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