The Bees are Buzzing

The sun was warming both of them as he let his hands move down her torso and her thighs as he knelt in-between her legs. His cock was throbbing in the air being warmed by the spring sun and waiting for the moment of warmth from her not just the day’s sun.

Slowly he let himself lick her body. Starting with the inner part of her thighs and letting his lips move across her skin as she moaned with the pleasure of his touch. Feeling his hands following his lips, the heat began to rise between her legs and she could feel her pussy becoming more wet before he even touched her secret place.

Moving with only one thing in mind; to bring her pleasure, he let his fingers graze the lips of her pussy, and she quivered under his touch. He felt the skin on her legs tingle with his touch and he knew that her level of arousal was about ready to peak. It wouldn’t take much for him to release all that tension and he was wanting for the explosion to happen.

With a very deliberate motion he let his tongue move down and across her lips, letting it move across her swollen clit that was engorged and ready for attention from him. His fingers continued to move across her thighs, raising the hairs and the sexual tension building inside her. She reached down and let her hands move across his arms almost as if to tell him, she couldn’t wait any longer.

With a gentle but forceful motion he pressed his finger deep into her well. She let out a long slow moan at the pleasure of the penetration of his finger as he moved it slowly in and out of her while his tongue continued to play with her lips and hardened nub. The first release of sexual build up was there and she could tell that the motion of his finger, lips and tongue was bringing everything to a head as she began to move into his finger motion while he continued to move it in and out of her.

The building of her climax was getting closer by the second, and she gripped onto whatever was in her reach. She first held onto the blanket, feeling her knuckles whiten with the tightening of her grip. Reaching down she wanted to pull on his hair as his tongue delved into her opening that was flowing with juices from deep within her, but she held back letting her fingers run through his hair.

With his tongue and finger working on her pussy, she came with a force and her juices flowed from her like a non-stop river of sweet juices that he licked up with eagerness. Tasting all her sweetness as she moaned with complete pleasure of the release of all her sexual tension made his cock throb to be inside her. The delight he gave her was immeasurable, never feeling this amount of passion from another person in every bit of his touch and tenderness.

Pulling away from her wet garden, he looked into her eyes seeing the contentment on her face of the satisfaction he gave her. His cock was throbbing in the air with excitement of the thought of her hot wet pussy. He watched as she licked her lips and knew she wanted to suck on his cock.

Moving to the side of her, she reached over and ran her hands over his thighs, feeling the muscles and the warmth of his skin. His held his cock as it throbbed in the air, begging for attention from her.

She reached up and began to stroke his hard cock. He let out a low moan at the feeling of her hand on his hard member. He moved closer to her and she knew exactly what he wanted as his cock got closer to her mouth.

Licking the head of his cock, letting her tongue circle it as her lips slowly engulfed it as he knelt next to her was arousing to her. Stroking his cock with one hand while her other glanced over his legs and fondled his sack, she looked up to him as their eyes met. He let his fingers run through her hair watching her suck and lick his cock.

He mouth moved over his shaft and it glistened in the sun from her saliva. She savored sucking on his cock, letting it slide in and out of her mouth like licking a lollipop. Her lips smacking against the head as she sucked on it, feeling it grow within her mouth and she was becoming more aroused with each penetration into her orifice.

Moaning with delight of the feeling of her warm mouth he couldn’t wait to feel her hot pussy wrapped around it. Delighting in the enjoyment she was giving him, he knew if he let her to continue he would explode without knowing the pleasure of her wet garden waiting for him.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and moved his body to lie between her legs. Maneuvering his body between her legs, feeling the sun beat down on them and the warmth coming from her skin and body, made for the feeling of her flesh so inviting. He felt the head of his cock immediately seek out the heat of her pussy as he began to kiss her, pressing his body into hers.

Letting his lips express his desire for her, the lust he felt and the passion he wanted to share with her, as his tongue and lips moved across her mouth. He could feel the passion return to him through her mouth, her body and the way her hands moved over his skin. The want was deep, raw and open.

To be continued on another day…




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