Secret Passion

They escaped to a storage closet.

The office was quiet, it was late in the day and most of the employees had already left leaving the two of them to their own demise.

Having shared so much of their desires to each other, they wanted to take these moments to explore them in secret, away from staring eyes.  The subtle glances and gestures had reached a point that, both knew there was a level of passion that needed to be explored.  The joking of wanting each other had reached the point of explosion.

Though this is not what she imagined it to be, she knew that if she wanted to examine these hidden desires, she had to take the moment when it became available to the two of them.

Once the door was closed and locked it took only moments for them to begin to delve into each others body.   Their lips met with fire as they exchanged tongues.  Their hands roaming and groping at each other as if the end of the world was coming and this being their last chance at sexual release.

Pulling at each other shirts; she pulled his up and ran her hands across his chest feeling his skin, warm and welcoming.  She already could feel his hard cock growing inside his pants pressing against her leg.  He pulled her shirt up over her head and her dark hair flowed over her shoulders.  Her firm breasts pressing against the bra that held them in place, pressing to be released.

He reached around and undid her bra still not removing his lips from hers.  Their lips locked into place as their tongues intertwined sharing so much with just their kissing.  She pulled back just enough to let her tongue run across his lips feeling his mustache, which only excited her more.

Cupping her bare breasts he moved his lips down to flick her hard nipples with his tongue and suck on them, making them a dark pink. Moving his lips from one to another, taking full advantage of her nakedness, he just wanted to taste and touch her all over.

She reached down and stroked his hard cock through his jeans, feeling the hardness growing in his pants.  She already knew he didn’t have anything in-between his pants and his hardness; he shared so much about himself with her, it was if they had known each other for years instead of just weeks.

Returning his lips to hers, he kissed her with the passion that they had shared with each other.  Words they had exchanged described their want for passion in their lives, their passion for each other, now given the moment, he wasn’t going to waste any time showing her what those words meant. Fulfilling her dreams of him and his want to please her.  Desire was just the tip of the iceberg with them.

He pulled up her skirt exposing the top of her stockings, as he ran his hands over her ass.  The firm roundness of it made him press his groin into her even harder.  Their bare chests pressed against each other, she could feel his breathing and heartbeat.  Her own breathing becoming rapid under his touch and the arousal he was giving her, feeling her pussy becoming wet.

She unzipped his pants pulling them down and away so she could stroke his cock with freedom and no restrictions of his clothing.  She rubbed it against her hard nub through her thong that was throbbing with want.  Letting him know the need to feel him inside her, because she couldn’t wait much longer.  She felt the wetness begin to build and flow out of her and her thong was sticking to her thong.

He pushed her thong to the side so he could feel her wetness and let it flow from her as he pushed his finger deep into her crevice.  The warm juices flowed from her immediately.

Her breathing was rapid and she pulled her lips away from his to hold onto him tighter as he probed her deeper and she began to climax with his action.  Kissing his neck in the throes of passion in-between bated breaths, while still stroking his cock which was throbbing in her hand, she felt herself becoming weak from the release of the sexual tension.

Pulling his finger from her heated well that was dripping from her wetness; he brought his finger to his lips to taste her sweetness.  She watched as he stuck it into his mouth and licked it clean of her liquid pleasure.

Pressing his cock to her swollen lips and throbbing clit, she couldn’t take much more of this tension.  Though she had climaxed and relieved some of the built up passion, there was still so much inside her that needed out and soon.

Feeling her body tense under the pressure of the climax, he knew he had to put his cock deep within her wet pussy and soon.  His cock was throbbing under the constant stroking of her hand and he could feel the pre-cum beginning to build and if she continued he would explode before feeling that warm pussy tight around it.

Pushing her against the wall, he pulled her skirt up around her waist, raising her body high enough and pulling her legs up around his hips, he pushed his throbbing cock into her with one thrust.  Moving his hard cock quickly inside her, she cam again with force. Trying not to scream out at the sudden motion of his cock deep inside her, she bit her bottom lip to hold back the ecstasy of that he was giving her.   Still breathing deep and fast as he pushed is cock deep within her; she was having a problem control her vocal feeling of release of sexual tension.

He invaded her hot pussy with his throbbing hard cock with deliberate motions to feel it tighten around him.  The wetness flowed from her like a faucet that was gushing warm liquid.  It constricted around him with each stroke he made into her well.  He wanted to feel every inch of her, but he knew he couldn’t hold on much longer before he too would explode inside her.

Her legs wrapped tightly around his hips, as he held onto her pushing her against the wall with each thrust of his cock, her pussy tightening around his cock with each spasm of her orgasm.  Their lips locked to muffle the sounds of her joy of sexual release.

One final thrust and he couldn’t get any deeper inside of her.  Still pushing and pulling at each other like ravenous animals to feel all of their hot flesh, he came with force.  She felt him explode inside of her.  Like a volcano of hot liquid as it mixed with her own juices and they now flowed together inside her.  His hands tight into her flesh as she held back the screams of pure release of this pent-up sexual energy.

Slowly he moved his lips to hers.  Releasing his grasp on her body as the tension melted away and flowed out of them.  This moment that they had waited for took minutes to fulfill and was now just a memory.

Pulling his cock out of her hot pussy that was still gripping onto it, her arms still wrapped around him, she slowly let go and let her hands slide down his body.  Still their lips were set to each other.  Still showing the full passion of want and desire for one another as they just couldn’t let go, not even their lips.  Her legs slid down his body and she placed her feet back onto the floor.

He backed away from her slowly, staring at her with his dark brown eyes as if searching for an answer that didn’t exist to a question neither of them had asked.   Still his hands moved across her with care and gentleness, letting her know how much he enjoyed her, everything about her.

Pulling herself together, she straightened her skirt and picked up her bra and shirt.  He too pulled his pants up, replacing his cock back in its enclosure and pulling his shirt back over his head.  There was that awkward moment, but not awkward, they just didn’t know what to say to one another.

She turned to him now that she was dressed; looking at him with that longing glance she had always given him and said to him, “That felt really good.  I enjoyed that immensely.”

“It did feel good.” He replied looking back at her and moving closer to her to kiss her.  Letting his lips slide across hers, feeling the smoothness and the want still there in her kiss.

“Are you heading home now?” She asked.

“No. I have to meet my wife in town for dinner.” He replied.

Like a stab in the heart, he had to say that, but she knew that she was the other woman and that he would never leave his wife for her.  She could only steal these moments alone with him when she could, but it only left her wanting more.  She could only hope and believe in the impossible.  Because anything is possible.

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