The Heated Moment

Naked we embrace each other, in the throngs of deep-rooted need we are ignited, as our flame builds to a hot fire burning bright and strong. Tangled in our bodies and in our passion for one another we melt together. Skin hot to the touch from the sexual heat emitting from our pores as we move in unison, we begin to perspire.

Our lips exchange our want for one another, slow and meaningful. Our heated sexual energy could light up a room as our bodies intertwine and exchange our need for one another. My breathing is rapid and deep as you touch me with your hands; gentle yet firm on my body. I moan with pleasure of your body against mine. I pull and grab at you as you wrap your arms around me out of want and need to fulfill your own passion.

Pulling away from me, you rest the palm of your hand on my chest, feeling my heart racing fast and hard as you continue to penetrate me. Feeling my pussy tighten around your hard cock as you move ever so slowly to bring me to the heightened passion that we share, knowing just how to please me. I wet from the joy of release as I have already had an orgasm from your penetration. It flows from me as a river flows smooth and steady. I can feel your cock throb, as it continues to reach my inner most sanctum of heat.

I hold you, watching your face as you stare deeply into my eyes. Can you see the passion grow from within? I believe you can. The desire we share for one another is deep and unbroken. Like a long thread that weaves between the two of us, we share something that has not been shared with another, only us, we, have this energy that can’t be tamed, only by each other.

Lowering your chest to me, you place your lips on mine. Your touch brings our passion to the surface with a surge like an ocean wave at high tide, rushing forward but not receding into the dark abyss which it once lived. We flow with each other, as our bodies become one and your cock grows harder deep within me. Moving and sliding along the wet cave of my hot pussy.

Slowly you move your body to meet the force of my pelvis, it is steady but constant. You can feel the heat build inside me with each thrust, but you are in no hurry to finish the detail of this act, you are deliberate but patient with your quest to please me. Your arms hold me tight as your lips and tongue continue to explore my mouth and raise the passion through your kiss. I return the kisses wet and hot on your lips as my tongue intertwines with yours.

Pulsating, your cock throbs deeper inside me as my pussy continues to spasm and flows with wetness that you have brought out of it with the each climax you give me. I clutch at your flesh as my pussy tightens on your cock. Breathing deeper and faster as I moan with each thrust, feeling your cock grow harder inside me, you bring me pleasure, as it is building to a height that is unreachable until now. The passion play is long from finished as we continue to rob each other of the heat we share.

Rolling over I ride you like a horse in hot pursuit of the finish line, but I ease up on the reins to hold on to your body, feeling every inch of your cock as it pleases me so. I am floating among the clouds of ecstasy, as I feel myself release another gush of wetness from the penetration of your cock deep inside me, moaning with each spasm. My head tilts back as my body moves with you and you reach up to grab and pinch my nipples.

Falling forward, pressing my flesh into yours, I continue to move my hips with yours as you continue to thrust yourself deep into me. Sweat rolling down my back and sides drips on to your skin. Our lips meeting as now our tongues are intertwined with the need to probe and taste one another. The passion builds within us with each thrust and movement of our bodies. We dance to please one another, pulling and pushing, grabbing and clutching to each other, a fight of ecstasy.

You release. Eruption from deep within you explodes deep within me. Feeling your hot liquid fill me as my pussy tightens around your throbbing cock as it empties itself deep with my hot well. I thrust my hips down to meet your motion forward and I moan with delight of this last release of sexual tension. Our energy is still spilling out from our bodies as we tighten our grip around each other, holding one another as we float in our world as one for that moment. Sharing all with one another. Lips locked in passion, tongues intertwined as our bodies begin to relax from the climax we shared.

We shared all with one another; flesh, lips, tongues and our intimacy of our sexual embrace. Reaching a new plateau of desire and want, that only we can exchange with one another and no one else. Our bodies still tightly woven around each other, you move on top of me for one lasting movement of you inside me, I feel you one last time; the thrust of your cock inside me.

Releasing ourselves from one another, pulling away to looking longingly into each others eyes, sharing the last moment of passion, of intimacy. Our lips continue to share one final embrace of kisses; long and soft as our tongues say their farewell to each other, but still wanting more from this moment. Our eyes exchanging the long stare, sharing in this long waited moment of pure passion and ecstasy.

Where can we go from here?

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