Should we get a room?

Rose and Victoria sat at the bar relaxing, exchanging their thoughts and troubles of the work week. Both of them noticed an attractive but slightly rugged man sitting at the end of the bar. Glancing at each other they made their own personal snide comment about him, but also made themselves aroused over other thoughts that crossed their minds.

Both of them realized he looked slightly out-of-place and was probably here for a “first date” based upon his look and dress. Trying not to judge him, they gave him little thought, but occasionally gave him a little stare and smile.

The two women went back to their conversation of their day and what plans they had for the weekend. Nothing exciting all the regular chores; cleaning, laundry, walk the dog and grocery shopping.

Time had passed and they ordered another drink. The man was still sitting at the bar looking around as if expecting someone and appeared a bit nervous and almost agitated at his wait. He looked over in their direction and smiled and nodded and the two of them acknowledged him and smiled back. Raising their drinks in unison at him he took it as an invite and walked over. This caught the two of them a bit by surprise.

Walking up to Victoria and Gina, they noticed he was an average built man of medium height with dark features, but not foreign; dark hair, eyes and a mustache. He was dressed nicely, but he didn’t have on the normal business attire the other patrons did. Dressed in a pair of cleanly pressed trousers, sweater and a sports jacket, he looked handsome, but still out-of-place.

Taking a seat next to Victoria he introduced himself as Andres. Exchanging niceties to one another, Victoria gave Gina a glance and a slight nudge. Gina caught on to what Victoria had in mind.

Andres confessed to the two of them that he was to meet someone there for a date, but was obviously stood up; waiting for over a half an hour and the unknown woman hadn’t shown.

Victoria snickered some, knowing that her intuition was right. Gina being the more compassionate one felt sorry for the man and stated so. Not that Victoria wasn’t sympathetic to him she just knew right away that he’d been stood up before he even opened his mouth and explained his being there.

Finishing her glass of Merlot, Victoria excused herself to go to the powder room, telling Gina to order her another.

Andres turned and watched Victoria walk away. The seams of her stocking creating a line that went up and disappeared under her tight black dress. Victoria always wore black. Gina caught him staring at her walking away and chuckled under her breath and Andres being caught was slightly embarrassed.

Gina took the opportunity and moved down a chair to sit closer to this new stranger. Her auburn hair falling over her shoulders and her green eyes dancing underneath her winking eyelids, like fairies sparkling in the sun, Andres became mesmerized by her looks.

Gina white silk blouse caressed her ivory skin and her perfume wafted through the air and he could smell her skin and her hair which aroused him while sitting there. Thinking to himself, maybe it won’t be a bad night after all.

Victoria returned from the powder room and took up a seat on the other side of Andres, so now he was sandwiched between these two beauties and she could tell he was in his glory, but she knew that the two of them would have the upper hand.

The bartender brought over the glass of Merlot and Victoria took a sip and Andres noticed the perfectly applied lipstick to her lips as they left a trace of it on the rim of the glass. Victoria noticed out of the corner of her eye him watching her. Placing the glass back on the bar she turned to him and smiled.

“I’m like a very fine Merlot. I warm your mouth as you take in the full taste of my body; a woodsy but natural taste, and as you swallow me I fill your body with a slow-growing heat that makes you want to just taste more.” Victoria said to him while licking her red lips and letting out a low evil laugh.

Gina let out a laugh, knowing how wicked Victoria’s mind could be at times. Little did he know who he decided to take up conversation with and things would turn rather quickly for the three of them?

Gina moved into Andres as he heard her laugh, and she placed her hand on his leg. Gina’s scent still ever so present to him, her lips full as she spoke to him just above a whisper forcing him to move towards her. Her full breasts pressing closer to him and he couldn’t help but see down the front of her shirt. She apologized for Victoria, but wasn’t sincere about it and she gave him an almost evil smile while saying it.

Andres was in heaven being with two beautiful women wondering if he made a mistake sitting with the two of them, but thinking it was better than sitting alone and maybe even better that his date didn’t show.

Not sure how to react to the two of them, he let out a nervous laugh himself but tried to be confident in his approach to them.

Returning to small talk between the three of them, Victoria appeared a bit bored by the conversation, but tried to show interest. Glancing at Gina with a slight smirk on her face, Gina picked up on Victoria’s intention and changed the subject to something a little more promiscuous.

“So Andres, have you ever been with two women before?” Gina asked.

Andres appeared a bit startled by the question looked at the two of them as they stared and waited for an answer. He shyly replied, “No.”

“Well this may be your lucky night than Andres.” Victoria said picking up her wine and toasting him. She ran her hand up his leg and could feel the muscles under his pants move from her touch. Looking with great intensity into his eyes with a smile like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

“What would you do Andres if two women offered to bring one of man’s fantasies to life? Would you accept the offer or walk away?” Gina asked while placing her hand on his leg.

Andres looked at her, than back to Victoria, not sure whether they were serious or playing with him. What would he do? His mind was spinning as these two women toyed with his sexual desires and he could feel his cock beginning to get hard in his pants and was hoping that neither of them would find it nor notice it.

“It’s a simple question Andres or are you not sure how to answer?” Victoria said.

It was only milli-seconds, but it seemed like minutes until his lips could form the words that his brain was telling him to say.

“If given the opportunity, I think I would be up to it.” Andres finally replied.

Both Victoria and Gina leaned back on their chairs, never removing their hands from his legs, letting him know in a physical communication that the invitation was there.

Gina looked at Victoria and said, “Just like at the Hamptons Sweetheart. Remember?”

Victoria replied, “Aw yes, I remember quite well.” and began laughing. “Could be interesting.” she added.

Andres was not sure if this was part of a game or that this “fantasy” they were implying was just part of some evil way of messing with his sexual desires and he almost was ready to get up and walk out, but things changed rather quickly.

The bar was becoming crowded with the Friday night crowd with lots of pushing and shoving against those sitting at the bar.

“Well what do you want to do?” Victoria asked not directing it to either Gina or Andres.

“We could go back to my place.” Gina suggested.

Andres still unsure what was going on just looked from one to the other not sure what to say.

Both women looked at him for a response and he had a blank expression on his face.

“Whatever the two of you want to do is fine with me.” he finally stated.

Paying the bill the three of them moved their way out of the crowded establishment and out onto the street.

Gina’s place was just around the corner and she suggested they go there. Stopping and picking up a bottle of Merlot on the way so Victoria could quench her thirst for wine until her thirst for something else could be satisfied. Arousal was all that she had on her mind, she could feel it building inside of her, knowing Gina was feeling the same way, her mouth watering in anticipation of all the fun.

Once reaching their destination, things moved quickly as Victoria took control.

Removing her coat while Gina went to obtain glasses and a corkscrew, Victoria turned to Andres and took his coat off for him, letting her body brush his firmly. Placing his coat on the chair, she turned back to him and grabbed him by the hand.

His hand was warm with just the right amount if firmness but not rough and felt good in her hand. Andres watched as Victoria took his hand letting her fingers intertwine his, she raised it to her mouth and slowly releasing her hand from his began to suck on his fingers one at a time. He watched her and she looked deep into his eyes, as his fingers disappeared into her mouth and her lips closed down upon them, sealing her red lips around them. His cock began to get so hard in his pants watching her does this. The warm sensation of her mouth and the way her tongue circled and teased his finger, he could only imagine her mouth on his cock.

“Starting without me?” Gina said returning to the room with the glasses.

Pulling his thumb from her mouth slowly Victoria replied, “I think there is enough of him to share.”

Pouring the wine Gina looked over as Victoria began to pull at Andres’ shirt and her tongue was tracing his lips. Andres began to rub Victoria’s’ body, letting his hands roam down her back and around her ass and he could feel the straps of her garter belt.

Gina stood behind Andres and pulled up his shirt and let her hands run across his back and down his ass. Sandwiched between the two of them Andres let one hand roam Victoria’s’ body while the other was grabbing at Gina. His torso was inviting to both women as their hands traced and circled his skin; fingertips and lips moved across his body.

Victoria let her hand move down his chest and across his groin feeling his hard cock pressing against the inside of his pants; throbbing and acting to get out. She brought her lips up to his and let her tongue dance over his lips, she undid his pants and pulled down the supper reaching in and pulling his hard cock out.

Gina pulled his pants down from the back and Andres stepped out of them, his shoes already removed. Victoria and Gina were still dressed. Victoria was still stroking his cock while her tongue still danced across his lips, his breathing becoming heavy matching hers. She let go of his cock and stepped back away from him and started to undress herself. Now Gina was going to take control.

Turning his body around, Gina picked up where Victoria left off, stroking his cock and letting her tongue explore his mouth, tasting him.

Now undressed, Victoria pressed her bare chest against his back rubbing his ass and letting her hands move between his legs and grabbing his balls from behind.

Gina turned and began undressing herself, her hair flowing over ivory toned skin, her breasts pushing outward in her bra. Undoing her bra and letting her full breasts free and she began to rub them, pinching her nipples making them hard and pink. Andres reached up and began to rub them, and Gina finished undressing while he toyed with her nipples.

Victoria rubbed her leg up and down his, the stocking felt smooth against his skin. Reaching around she began to stroke his cock and Gina moved down and began licking his cock. Victoria let her lips and tongue move across his neck tasting his skin.

Andres reached down and let his finger run through Gina’s long auburn hair feeling his cock getting do much attention between Victoria stroking it and Gina licking it.

Turning him half way, Victoria moved her body downward and than the two of them began licking his cock and massaging his balls. His cock was throbbing so hard from all the personal attention it was getting. Andres never experienced anything like this before and was enjoying it immensely.

Victoria let her tongue move over Andres’ cock and found Gina’s lips and began kissing her as the two them continued to stroke his cock. She let one of her hands rub and pinch Gina’s nipples.

The two of them exchanged kisses if desire and want, and then returned their mouths back to his hard cock. Both of them were aroused from all this sexual activity, they had a hard time keeping their hands off each other and still focus on Andres and his cock.

Standing up, Victoria motioned to Andres to sit on the sofa and the two of them knelt on the floor and continued to stroke and lick his cock.

Gina ran her hand over Victoria’s breasts rubbing her nipples than down her body across her ass and leg. The feeling if her hand on her skin made Victoria become wet.

Andres’ cock was throbbing as the two of them licked and stroked him. Throbbing and aching as he moaned with the pleasure of feeling their lips, tongues and hands on him. He knew he couldn’t last much longer.

Victoria and Gina took turns sucking his cock, his head throbbing in their mouths. His cock was wet with saliva and their hands moved easily over his shaft. Andres breathing became deeper and louder as he was closing in on his orgasm and was ready to explode.

Liquid slowly began to ooze from the head of his cock and than it erupted like a volcano and the two of them licked and sucked on it taking it all in. Taking turns sucking and licking his cock until it was almost flaccid in their hands. Andres let out such a loud moan of release of the pressure of the orgasm and the complete feeling of ecstasy of blowing his full load and having two beautiful women suck him dry.

Knowing he was satisfied and his cock completely drained, Victoria moved her lips to Gina’s kissing her with gentleness, letting her tongue move over her lips lick a feather dancing in the wind.

Andres sat back and watched as part two was about to start.

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