Victoria Meets Gina

She walked by and the clicking of her heels are the marble floor was not the only thing that caught her attention.

The sway in her step, the way her skirt hugged her ass, emphasizing the perfection of her and the kick pleat showed just enough of her stockings as a tease for anyone watching. Her auburn hair was the last reason, the way it flowed as she walked by. All these factors only excited Victoria.

Victoria watched her walk down the hallway to the lift and realized she had to get her own ass moving to get to the meeting. Not wanting to miss this opportunity to spend some time with this vision of beauty.

Getting to the lift just in time to push her way in, Victoria was able to squeeze in next to this splendid specimen of a female. The scent of her perfume aroused her along with how the silk blouse caressed this unknown females’ body.

Feeling her phone vibrate she looked down to see that her meeting had been canceled. Breathing a sigh of relief, she wondered how she was going to spend the next hour and how could she get close to this female standing next to her.

Looking over at this beauty, she said out loud, “my meeting has been canceled and I came clear across town for this.”

The unknown female looked at Victoria a bit puzzled, but also interested. Interested in her. Noticing her fine features, dark eyes, her well painted lips and how her dark flowing hair outlined her face.

Within seconds, before the stranger could reply, her phone began to ring. Victoria watched her full lips move and her green eyes that seemed to sparkle with the blinking of her eyes as she spoke on the phone. Victoria tried not to stare, but couldn’t help herself.

Finishing the call, the stranger put her phone back in her bag. Looking over to Victoria, she stated her meeting was canceled also. Victoria found herself becoming excited, she couldn’t let this vision of beauty escape her. She had to get her attention and fast.

“Would you like to stop and get a bite to eat?” Victoria asked.

The female was a bit startled at her forwardness, but as if she had no control she answered, “Yes.”

Extending a hand, Victoria introduced herself and the touch of this woman’s hand in hers was like electricity. She was never so attracted to a female like this before; arousing and excited.

“My name is Gina.” This vision replied.

So once they got to their designated floors and neither got off, they rode the lift back down, alone.

Victoria didn’t want to waste any time, so she became very forthcoming.

“I hope you don’t think I’m strange, but you are a very attractive woman, and I’m very much aroused by you.” Victoria said to Gina.

Gina glanced at her a bit surprised at first, but found herself also turned by Victoria’s statement and replied to her, “I noticed you right away when I walked into the lobby downstairs. I thought you looked very stunning, and yes I find you attractive also.”

Victoria gave Gina a big smile and could feel the desire to explore her grow. The wheels in her head began spinning.

The door to the lift opened and the two women stepped out. Walking together towards the lobby, Victoria couldn’t wait to taste the lips of Gina’s and she could feel herself getting wet thinking about it.

“I have to go to the ladies room before we head out.” Victoria said glancing at Gina with a sly smile that was inviting.

Gina followed Victoria to the restroom and that’s when things changed.

Once alone in the lady’s room away from any prying eyes, Victoria made her advances to Gina known.

Placing her bags on the table inside the door, Victoria approached Gina cautiously but with intent.  Turning to Gina, running her hands run down her arms to feeling her toned muscles through her sheer blouse aroused Victoria so much.  Gina looked into Victoria’s eyes letting her know her advances were welcome.  Gina returned the intimacy of the touching by doing the same to Victoria.

Their lips met in an explosion of desire which never had experienced before.  This chance encounter was intense on many levels just by their touch.

Victoria moved Gina back against one of the stall doors which swung open and they entered it together and she turned and latched the door shut.  It was roomy enough for the two of them and Victoria took advantage of the seclusion.

Unbuttoning her blouse to expose her full breasts encased in her black lace bra, Gina reach over to feel the warmth and smoothness of her skin and let her hands run across her breasts.  Victoria reached down and began to unbutton Gina’s blouse so she too could feel her skin.

Once Gina’s blouse was removed, Victoria let her lips move down to her breast to lightly kiss and lick them tasting her skin was enticing to her and she wanted to find her nipples to suckle them.  Pulling her bra back to expose Gina’s pink nubs, Victoria began to flick them with her tongue and let her lips play with them.

Gina moaned in delight at the feeling of Victoria’s lips on breasts.  She moved her hands down across Victoria’s hips and began to pull up her skirt to expose the top of her stockings and found her heat between her legs. Reaching in-between her legs, she rubbed her mound feeling the moisture building along with the heat.  Gina probed at her.

Letting her fingers move her thong to the side she rubbed at her lips that were hot and moist from the intensity of this encounter and Gina pushed her finger into her hot hole and began to release some of the moisture from her well.

Victoria let out a long low sigh at the feeling of Gina probing at her.  She was gentle but assertive in her approach, something that Victoria enjoyed immensely.  The touch of her fingers made her almost weak in the knees.

Victoria looked at Gina and began to kiss her.  Letting her tongue roam her full lips and taste her.  Their tongues intertwining like a gentle dance of two strangers, wanting to get as close as possible but still afraid to explore their own territory.

Victoria pulled up Gina’s skirt feeling the stockings and garter made her even more wet as she let her hands run across the top of the stockings and the straps.  Gina was still probing Victoria and she could tell the wetness flowing from her with each probe as she let two fingers enter her wet cave.

Victoria began to exchange the favor to Gina as she let one hand move to her wet garden and she rubbed her lips through her thong. Feeling the heat emitting from her, she pulled back and looked into Gina’s eyes and let her know non-verbally how good she felt in her arms.

Exploring Gina, was so arousing to Victoria as Gina in-turn was giving her so much pleasure.

Victoria thrust her fingers deep into Gina’s wetness, giving Gina a startle at the motion, but Gina soon relaxed and took it all in.  Enjoying the motion of Victoria’s gentle but firm touch to her most intimate place almost made Gina weak in the knees.

Victoria was reaching a point of orgasm as Gina’s fingers penetrated her further.  Gina pulled her fingers out to taste her, and not only did she suck on the one finger, she gave the other finger to Victoria to suck on too.  Victoria returned the action and the two of them were sucking each others’ fingers tasting the essence of one another.

Victoria was in ecstasy as she returned her finger back to Gina’s wet garden and began to finger her and allowed her thumb to massage her hard nub, Gina did the same.

Victoria pinched and squeezed Gina’s nipples as their mouths reconnected.  Twirling their tongues as their fingers twirled in the depths of their wells of wetness.  Both reaching the point of climaxing with the motion and the excitement.

Victoria pulled back and bit her bottom lip as Gina pushed her fingers deep inside her up to her knuckles bringing her to an explosive orgasm.  The liquid flowed from Victoria on to Gina’s fingers and she could feel her pussy tighten around her fingers.  Holding Gina tighter as their breasts pressed against each other.

Victoria drove her fingers deep into Gina, pushing and probing her, feeling her nub get harder. Gina too was reaching the eruption of pure wetness as she too began to cum with a force.  Her own pussy tightening around Victoria’s probing fingers as she came and her body reacted to the release of sexual tension.

Victoria returned her lips to Gina, kissing her with such gentleness and letting her know that she wanted it not just a chance encounter. Gina returned the deep kisses of passion, feeling Victoria’s body as her hands moved across her back and down her ass, knowing that this was a meeting not of chance, but reason.  She wasn’t going to let her go.

Slowly they pulled away from each other and let out a sigh and a soft giggle at this moment of lust of one another.  Only knowing each others’ first name, they almost felt like strangers, but then again they weren’t.

Pulling themselves apart from their tight embrace and straightening out their clothing, not a word was said, just glances and smiles.

Victoria was the first to speak up.

“I don’t normally do this, but I found you irresistible and I had to take a chance.” she said turning to Gina.

Gina threw back a smile and replied, “I’m glad you did. I enjoyed that immensely!”

“Would you still like to have lunch with me? I would really like to get to know you better.” Victoria said as she put her blouse back on.

“Would love to! Though I think we can skip desert, since we both already had some.” Gina said back to her.

Both began laughing as they kissed each other as if to seal the moment in time in each others’ mind.  This was the beginning of long adventurous friendship.

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