Fill in the BLANK II

What do your Tweets Say? Well here in my second posting of “tweets” and they are from March 1 to present. Please read and enjoy!


The thought of you excites me as I start my day, your words, your voice & your touch, brings so many happy thoughts to my mind. I’m wet!

As you tighten your grasp upon me you grip my soul & I open to you giving myself onto you, you find my wetness to welcome your hardness

Fold me into you & hold me tight so I feel your heartbeat, your heat & your passion. For want overcomes need & you can’t live without me.

I need to get laid with desire, sweat and lots of passion to release my frustration that has turned into something I don’t like!

Tie me tight & tease me with your tongue deep within my cave & make me beg you to stop as you run your head against my nub & I feel the heat rise

Make me wet with your words, your voice brings me ecstasy, your smile makes me lust, your eyes bring me passion & you haven’t even touched me

I melt in your arms, your warm embrace, before your lips ever touch mine. I look in your eyes & see what I desire for the passion flows between us

Passion ignited without touch is passion that can’t be extinguished – adding the physical needs to the passion makes fire burn brighter

Make skin quiver as your hands run across my flesh & I feel your breath on my neck your kisses sweet as nectar & I taste your lips

Warm my soul with your touch, ignite the fire within me with your kiss, let it burn forever with your passion for I will always burn for you

Let my hands roam your body til you sigh with release as I find the spot that makes you melt & hard at the same time, because I’m wet already!

Grab me kiss me full on the lips let the hair on the back of my neck rise with your lips & your touch, I will be yours now & forever – promise

Run your hand up my bare leg feel the heat rise from my skin let your lips devour me as I reach out to you to return your embrace

Run your hands across my skin release the passion buried within for I will share all of it with you as my tongue runs across your body

Passion that is awakened & unused is wasted & burns a hole in ones being.

Passion that flows from my fingertips is rooted deep with in the well of my soul. I share with the chosen few that will admire what I have to give

The sound of the oboe & cello are deep & bring a cavern of emptiness into ones soul or fill it with a darkness no light can penetrate

The wetness of outside can’t compare to the moisture eluding from her as he brings her to a heightened level if ecstasy.

The rain beats against the window pane as the two of them drown in each others passion of pure raw sexual need of one another.

The song of morning birds seeped in the open window but was drowned out by their heavy breathing & pounding hearts as they were in rapture

The craving for U churns deep within my soul turning me inside & out making me want even more than my mind can imagine creating heat & wet

The roar of a Harley just makes my panties wet! FUCK!

The sun has yet to rise & I stir in my bed waiting for the warmth of flesh that will satisfy my passion & need, & awaken my sexual energy

Let my hands run over you’re naked flesh raise the passion & desire from its depths/touch me & raise the heat that is waiting for you

The snow falls gently in the morning sky as they share kisses like snowflakes on each others lips with tenderness they touch creating a warmth

The sun sets & kisses the day goodbye as you raise your lips to mine & I taste my essence on your tongue & your firmness fills me with your heat

Fill my heart with warmth & joy/make me crave your tender touch, your embrace/make me lust for your lips on mine as the wetness flows from me

Run your fingers up my leg feel my skin move to your touch. My eyes gaze upon you & speak of my desire that words cannot describe

Warmth rises from the deep corners of my soul for it is passion that I want to share with you. Do you feel my energy as it explodes outward?

The sun shines through the window to warm me but it can’t reach the depths of cold that is still within my soul.

The darkness closes in and encases my soul leaving no room for light as my heart stops feeling what it once could

Burn me with your kisses, ignite my fire with your touch, feel the heat from my depths, the warmth & wetness your desire brings to the surface

Find the space & fill it with your touch kiss me as if tomorrow will never come speak to me words as sweet as sugar, never let go of my embrace

He filled her with his firmness bringing with it the full passion he had for her & raising the level if desire she had for him

Reach in & hold my heart tenderly. For if I open myself to you, don’t break me, for I don’t give myself freely to others.

Run your tongue up my thigh until you find my sweet wetness waiting for you as I reach down & run my fingers through your hair-lick me

His fingers ran down her bare back raising the hairs on skin-reaching the fullness of her ass he smacked it & she let a shrill of delight

Fill me with your passion & desire I will give you my most intimate embrace I feel your hardness as you make me beg for more!

She kissed him goodnight in the dark, he returned it 2 her. She fell into the abyss of his warm embrace & drifted off dreaming of the morning

The words flowed from her lips like honey to the bee as she whispered in his ear – take me now, I must have you.

Roll your body next to mine & press your flesh against mine/I feel your firmness next to my wet that is waiting

His lips on her neck bring a rush of desire to the surface as he pulls her close to him and he whispers in her ear. “Are you ready?”

He unzips her dress & let’s it fall as the sun sets across the land reaching around from the back & grabbing her full breasts he kisses her

Why is something that feels so good appear to be so bad? I feel you next to me even in sleep. Your kisses still linger on my lips. Miss you

The sound of your voice makes me melt like butter in the summer sun your laughter makes me warm like the sun during the mid-day lay with me & feel it.

I’m invigorated by your voice, your smile & your touch. You’ve reached down & awakened my soul only to leave me salivating for more

Feel my lips pressed against yours as my tongue searches out the snake hidden in your wet warm cavern so they can dance and ignite the flame

The hot embers of lust grow ever so red with the dance of the flame of passion buried deep within me for you & your touch. Burn me baby!

Warmth of the fire doesn’t compare to the heat that we share in our pure passion that grows within us to share with one another.

They harmonized not only with their bodies but with the depth of their soul like a fine symphony of ever-changing peaks & valleys

Taste me & let me warm your passion to bring all that fire to the surface with my desire for you & you feel it through my fingertips.

I’m like a fine Merlot, I have a taste that is of the wood & I warm the mouth, as you swallow me I create a deep sensation that warms the soul

The dream becomes reality of you once you walked through my door & into my arms than to my bed to touch me like no other has & I wish for that

The quiet of the morn is broken by the song of the bird & my mind drifts to the touch of your lips on mine, your body pressed against my flesh

Ignite me & let my fire burn bright with passion for you & explode with complete ecstasy of your ability to satisfy my personal needs

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  1. I like it!

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