For Just A Moment

My fingertips touch your very flesh; smooth and warm.

We are naked to each other.

Our souls exposed to ones personal desires.

You reach out and touch me and my skin tingles as my muscle flex under your hand.

Your hardness pressed against my leg as your lips reach out and touch mine.

Hands roaming known territory all new as you seek out the spot if warmth from within my body.

I am wet for you.

Your hardness can not be restrained as you fold into me to fill my well and let my hot liquid flow.

For we are one in this moment of passion.

Feel my body tremble under your release to bring my body to a higher level of desire.

Your hardness throbs deep within my well, so wet and warm.

We release the tension that has built up over a short time.

Tense and relaxed at the same time as our tongues still play the game of cat and mouse.

We unfold to only hold onto that moment and store it in the recesses of our mind.


  1. So glad Twitter led me to your blog. Cheers to erotic fantasies and the women who write about them. 🙂

    • Sorry I am just getting back to you. I am glad you found me. Yes, to the Women who write Erotica! Yes, we are to be reckoned with!

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