It’s A Jag!

Spring at the manor always raised her senses; the fresh air, scent of flowers and the sweet song of the birds in the garden. The sun was warm coming through the window as she stood there admiring all the buzzing going in outside.

Unbeknownst to her, he was standing in the kitchen doorway watching her. Admiring her, he only saw her, The shape of her hips in the dress she had on, the cloth hugged the curves of her ass, her dark hair flowing over her shoulders and the fine shape of her waist, her arms slender but not thin, outlined by the sheerness of her sleeves: he found her irresistible. He found himself becoming aroused.

She turned to find him staring at her, a bit startled at first but welcomed his stare, smiling back at him in a sly sort of way.

“Are you ready to go?” He asked her, still admiring her silhouette in the kitchen window and the late morning sun.

“Yes, just let me grab the basket.” She replied moving to the table and picking up the picnic basket.

A late morning ride through the countryside was their plan to find a secluded place to have an intimate picnic together. Who knows what may happen on their little excursions, anything was possible.

“I have the car warmed up and put a blanket in the back for us.” He said.

Looking up to him a bit puzzled, she asked, “what car are we taking?”

“Your favorite. We’re taking the Jag.” He replied.

She smiled back at him trying to control her joy. She knew than it was going be a special day, finding herself not only excited about their time together, but that car just always provoked her sexually and made her wet.

He knew how that car stimulated her. He never knew a woman who got so sexually energized about a car.

The sun gleamed on the black lacquer of the fine automobile, hard to believe that it was over 40 years old. The lines of the bonnet and the body were so streamlined on this 1967 classic were exquisite. Like a finely shaped woman; graceful, smooth, long and slender. No wonder this car got her wet.

Placing the basket and themselves in the car, he put the car in gear and pulled out the drive.

The top down, the May sun shining on them and the scent if all the spring flowers sparked so many senses in both if them. Like a sweet light perfume that Mother Earth shares only with the chosen few; those that appreciated it taking in all their beauty. The bright green of the trees and the field grass, gave the landscape a glow under the bright sun.

The roar of the engine, shifting of the gears, the feel of wind was like an aphrodisiac to her. Rubbing her legs together she felt the warmth begin to rise between her legs. Her panties getting wet and her body feeling the passion building inside her. She turned to him, looking at his profile in the sun, running her hand through his hair made him aware of her desire.

Glancing over at her, smiling at her touch, he reached over and began rubbing her leg. Feeling the softness of her dress and the firmness of her thigh, the heat coming from her body was just not from the sun beating down on them.

Watching her hair float around her face and through the air, made him realize her beauty and the amount of passion and lust he had for her.

As if like gravity pulling her towards him she maneuvered herself so her face and chest was close to him. Running her hand down and across his chest feeling the muscles of his body through his button down shirt she let her fingertips move between the buttons to feel his flesh. It was warm to the touch and she just couldn’t help herself, so she unbuttoned his shirt to have more access to his body.

Pulling her hand from his chest, she began to toy with him while he was driving.

Slowly she raised her dress up to expose the pink thong she had on; hot pink. With his hand now on the bare flesh of her leg, he let his finger begin to caress the folds hidden beneath the flaming color of her undergarment, feeling the heat from her center. She took it a step further and began to play with herself while he watched her.

The feel of the fabric against her fingertips and the lips of her pussy enticed her as she slowly let her fingers begin to explore the folds between her legs on top of the cloth. Her fingers slid down between her legs and he watched as her fingers disappeared and reappeared.

He was having a hard time concentrating on the road as they drove through meadows and across the gravel ridden road. Realizing his cock was beginning to get hard in his pants watching his lady please herself on this noon ride, he knew he too would need to relief not only himself of this pent up passion but her too. This was going to be one fucking picnic he thought.

Approaching their favorite place to relax, a secluded road with a quiet knoll overlooking the valley of sheep farms surrounded by lush trees and wildflowers. The colors and scent of the spring day was in full bloom arousing their visual and olfactory circuits. Their other senses were already stimulated.

Parking the car off to the side in the shade, both stepped out of vehicle, he grabbed the blanket and she the basket. Lying the blanket on the ground in a sunny spot, he placed his body comfortably on it and stared up at her. The light breeze blowing the hem of her dress and creating a bit of a whirl with her hair. Her long dark hair whipping softly across her face sticking to her lips as she stood admiring the sun on the glade and the cloudless blue sky. Placing the basket off to the side and lying next to him, the sun beating down them, heating the exteriors when really all the heat was deep within them.

There was no hesitation from either of them as he rolled over to her kissing her lips gently but with the certainty of desire. Wrapping her arms around him, pulling him into her, feeling the firmness of his body and the stiffness of his cock pressed against her leg. Like teenagers escaping the prying eyes of family and friends, this was their liberation from the drudgery of their daily life.

Enwrapped in each others passion and want, she wasted no time and moved her hand down to stroke his ever growing cock in his pants. Their lips didn’t part from one another; tongues weaving together like the spider spinning a web, their mouths trying to catch every taste of one another. The scent of one anothers’ flesh mixing with the aroma of the spring air, creating a cloud of pure renewed pleasure that only they could smell.

Reaching down he pulled up the hem of her dress, taking his time to allow the senses of his skin to catch up to his brain. Feeling the warm smoothness of her flesh excited him. Between the touch of her body against his, the smell of her flesh and her hand rubbing his cock, the sexual energy building inside him was hard to control or contain. Reaching the source of her heat and wetness, he pulled on her thong removing it from her. Allowing her source of heat to be explored.

As on que, she unzipped his pants, releasing his hard cock from its dark prison to enjoy some spring air also. He moved his hand up her thighs feeling the folds of her own secret garden, all wet, warm and inviting. Pressing his fingers into her folds, feeling the moist heat from deep within her begin to flow as her body tensed and opened under his touch. The heat she emitted couldn’t compare to the heat from the sun as they both lied there open to the world.

Her hand stroking his cock, she used the other to push his pants downward to rub the fullness of his ass. The sun beating down on his skin felt so warm to her touch. His cock was throbbing in her hand as she stroked him, their tongues still intertwined, he continued to play with her wetness feeling her body change with every insertion of his finger knowing she was closing in on an orgasm. Though he held back, he wanted to enjoy every second of this spontaneous moment.

Pulling his hand away from the fire between her legs, he raised his fingers to his mouth to taste her sweetness. The warmth of her juices on his tongue ignited the fire within him. He moved his lips down her neck to the softness of her chest. Feeling the fullness of her breasts with his hand he let his tongue trace the opening of her dress and began to unbotton it.

Cupping her breasts through her bra, he pulled it back to expose her hard nipples pink and ready to be sucked. Taking one nipple than the other in his mouth, he had manuevered his body inbetween her legs. She now could grab his ass and pull him tighter to her. Letting her hands roam his body, from his ass to his head, she felt every inch of him as he continued to play her body like a fine instrument; gentle but with purpose to have it sing out with joy and pleasure.

Feeling the intensity building in her, he knew she couldn’t wait much longer. He too wanted to feel the warmth of her most intimate embrace. His cock was pushing to get inside her, pressing against the lips of her pussy, it only needed that one final thrust to reach its point of destination.

Looking up at her, her face filled with passion and desire, he pushed his cock inside her, the heat exploded onto him as he thrust himself inside. With the feeling of him inside her, she let out a cry of pure pleasure as she climaxed with the fullness of him inside her. Pulsing and pulling, they became like two ravage beasts trying to reach that high point of ecstasy.

She grabbed at him, her legs wrapped around him, pulling him tighter to her as she came with force and her hot juices flowed from deep within her. The heat emitting from her pussy was like a burning fire on his hard cock as he penetrated her deeper. Holding onto her tightly with each stroke of his cock, he too was feeling the full intensity of her body.

Their lips meeting with an embrace of tender care, as they kissed with desire and want, tasting each other as if for the first tume. But that was how they always were with each other. It was always new and fresh, tender and caring. Filled with passion, not just lust of each other.

She came again with force as her pussy tightened on his cock that was throbbing deep inside her. He knew he was growing closer to his own orgasm, he could feel it with each spasm of her pussy on his cock. Holding her tightly around her shoulders, he thrust his cock deeper, plunging himself deep within her as he came with one final movement. Spewing his hot liquid deep within her. Her pussy tightening around him letting him know she came too.

Their breathing began to subside and their bodies relaxed in each others arms, their kisses slower and more gentle as the conclusion to their play had finalized. Pulling back from her, looking deep within her eyes, that moment of tenderness that only lovers share, he said to her, “Maybe we should take the Jag out more often.”

Laughing at each other, they happen to notice a mangy mutt standing there watching them with her hot pink thong in his mouth.


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