Tear at Your Flesh

My nails run up the side of your naked torso and you feel my lips on the back of your neck. Slight red marks appear on your skin as goose bumps appear begin to rise on your arms. I blow soft air on the wet spot from my tongue and the hairs on your body react to the sensation.

I step back and run my hands down your back to the top of your pants and trace the waistline with my fingertips and you let out a long sigh. I know how much you want to turn around and touch me, but I am in control. I admire how your skin feels under my touch; warm and soft. I begin to cover you with kisses and allowing my tongue to move across you. So many thoughts run through my mind as I torment you.

I slowly blow air across your skin, though it is warm breath it feels cold on your moist skin. I continue to tease and touch you with my fingernails, hands, lips and tongue, raising the senses of your body.

I press my breasts against your back, reaching around to grab your chest, feeling the heat rise through your skin, I become electrified by your heat. The scent of your skin excites me and I can feel myself becoming aroused and wet, the moisture building deep within my well of pleasure. Running my fingertips down your chest, I reach the top of your pants and my hands move down and find the hardness buried within them.

Rubbing your hardness through your pants excites me and I find myself beginning to breathe heavy. My heart beating hard in my chest, pounding just as your cock is throbbing, begging for me to stroke it, wanting to be released from its tight enclosure.

I begin to unbutton your pants while I am still touching your chest, unzipping them I pull out your hard cock and you release a long deep sigh of relief. I begin stroking your cock while my lips and tongue are still pressed to your back; kissing and licking you .

I taste the salt on your skin as you begin to sweat and my pussy is getting more wet with each stroke of your cock. I feel your breathing begin to deepen, your heart begins to pound in your chest and I feel it as my hand is pressed against you.

Your cock is getting harder in my hand as I continue to stroke it faster. My mouth begins to water with the thought of sucking on you and feeling that hardness in my mouth. Sucking on your cock is all I can think about as I continue to torment you with my lips on the back of your neck and shoulders while my hand is stroking you.

I begin to pull your pants down so now your firm ass is pressed against me. I press my chest even tighter against your back feeling all your raw sexual power coming through your pores.

I turn you around and our lips meet, and the two of us explode with sexual energy that is ignited when our tongues become intertwined.

Our passion burns hot for one another and the kisses we exchange is only the tip of the hot iceberg that we share. The feel of passion that has built in us like the pressure from a volcano as we are both ready to explode on to one another.

Our hands move across our bodies, exploring and grabbing at our skin trying to pull one another under our flesh. Like trying to shed that first layer believing if we could rid ourselves of it we’d feel our energy that much stronger.

Thoughts race through my mind as your hand presses down between my legs and finds the sweet warmth waiting for you and you probe me to release the hot fluid building inside me. I stroke your hard cock and hold on to you as you have your arm wrapped around me tightly.

I want to suck on you, so I pull myself from the grips of your lips and let my tongue run across your mouth feeling and tasting your mustache. I move myself down to your cock throbbing in the air and let my tongue begin to lick and taste it.

Placing the head of your cock in my mouth and my tongue circles it, circling it and teasing it as my one hand strokes the shaft and the other massages your ball sack. I hum the pleasure of sucking on your rock hard cock and hear you sigh with the pleasure I am giving you.

The more my tongue and lips move over your cock the louder you sighs of pleasure become. How I enjoy pleasing you. Feeling your body move with me as I begin to run my hands up and down your legs, across you ass, grabbing it and squeezing it, for I love the way your ass feels in my hands.

You reach down and hold my shoulders letting your hands run through my dark hair, letting me know how good my mouth feels in your cock. The more I suck on the tighter your grip becomes on my shoulders and dig my nails into your skin. Feeling your cock throb in my mouth with each stroke, the intensity building inside you.

I pull back, releasing your cock from the warm wet orifice of my mouth. I look up at you to see you watching me as I let my lips graze the head of your throbbing member and you watch as it disappears once again into the warmth darkness with my tongue leading the way.

Your cock is throbbing in my mouth as I dig my nails into your flesh, your gripping even tighter on my shoulders as you pull me on to your hard member. Deeper your cock goes into the warm wetness of my mouth with your head swelling inside it. I know you can’t hold on much longer as it slides in and out of my mouth with ease. The heat from our bodies is intensified by the motion, the sound and tightening grip we have on one another.

I pull back, but only for an instant.

It is than you explode.

Your hot white liquid spews from your cock covering part of my face and drips down to my breasts. I lick at what hits my lips and suck on the tip of your head to get the rest out so to drain you of your liquid joy. I rub the cream across my breasts like a lotion; sticky and warm.

You exclaim the pleasure of the release and your balls are now relaxed after all that pent-up frustration you were feeling. I gently rub your balls and place your cock into my mouth allowing all the warmth of it to relax your cock as in giving you an oral massage.

My pussy is so wet from the excitement, that we may have to start all over again.

I begin by licking your cock and letting my fingernails dig into your legs.


  1. I find you Simply Sinful, and to prove it…I made up an award! http://thewistfulsinner.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/simply-sinful-blogger-award/

    • Thank you so much! I am very honored by this award. I will add the award symbol to my blog today and also nominate those I feel “worthy” of such an award! Thanks Again!

      • You absolutely deserve it! Stay Sinful! 😉

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