What type of an Ass are you?

I want to give my readers some humor today. So let’s just laugh about this from here, because we are going to talk about ass. No, not getting a piece of ass, or even some trim, but full, rounded or flat ASS! That round part of our body that follows us around when we wish it didn’t. That part of our body that we admire on others and most of the time we hate that same part of ourselves. Yes, we all have ass!

From a women’s point of view, first we will examine a mans’ derriere.

A man’s seat should never be bigger than a woman’s. It should be firm and something to grab hold of. Whether you are in the throes of passion and you want to hold on to that part of that is an extension of what is on the reverse side that has a hard throbbing appendage. That fleshy part of a man’s body that you want to sink your fingers or fingernails into and tear at. Rip into that fleshy part of a man’s body when their hard cock is penetrating and throbbing inside you! Yeah Baby, now that’s what I’m talking about.

Now when I say firm, I’m not talking a tight ass you can bounce a quarter off of, but one that fills you hand and has the right mix of firmness and softness. That when you are standing out in public next to that one special person, you can grab their ass through their pants and it just feels oh so right in your hand. As a woman you know what I’m talking about. It also must fill their pants just right. No one wants a bubble butt on a man, nor a man who has more “sway” in their step then they do. If a man’s ass has a jiggle, step away and fast!

The other is a flat ass. Now, I can take some flat asses on man, but when it is a flat ass followed by chicken legs, I think I may pass. Or a flat ass that when they have pants on it looks like they have a load of shit in their pants. I will definitely pass on that too. A man’s pants should fit them to show off their ass. If they have their pants so low you either see their boxers or briefs they have on for the day, or that is looks as if they should sneeze their pants would come off because there is nothing there to hold them up, it may be time to walk away.

But again, this is my opinion. Some women like a man that has no ass, and that is fine. I just would rather hold on to something when I am out with my man or in the grips of sweaty passion.

Let’s not forget if you are on top ladies and if you are like me and you want to tuck your feet under your man. (Yes, I use my feet when I can to touch a man.) I like to tuck my feet under a man’s ass, so I can cup them with the bottom of my feet. If you haven’t done that, try it sometime. Your man may like it and it feels fucking good on the arch of your foot too!

Men, you should show off your ass with pride, especially if you have one that is of the right size and shape. And ladies don’t be shy, grab hold of that piece of your man and leave a hand print or at least some fingernail marks.

Now we will move on to a woman’s derrière.

I believe a woman’s butt should compliment her body and yes, I do check out other female’s asses. Why shouldn’t I?

Now some women have flat asses and men like that and others have well rounded posteriors that cast a shadow as big as their body, and that’s ok too. But in my opinion a woman’s ass should fill her jeans very nicely and compliment a well tailored dress very well.

A woman’s butt should be firm not hard, but not too soft either. It should be a certain amount of bounce and sway in it when they walk. Not look like a bowl full of jell-o and have that much jiggle.

Now flat asses on a woman are not attractive nor are oversized ones either at least not to me. Now I’m no 10 nor am I a size 0 model, but my butt is in proportion to my body.

At one time when I was heavy, my butt was big, but it was still in proportion to match the rest of my body, just as today. A woman’s butt should fill a man’s hand or woman’s, with little overflow unless you like big butts on women, than your opinion may differ.

Keep in mind, like I said earlier, a woman’s ass should compliment her because it is the last thing you see when she is walking away. With just enough jiggle to make you smile.

Nobody’s ass is perfect, shit I even have a dimple in mine! But it is my ass and I’m looking for that one man whose hand it fits in perfectly and give it a good squeeze! Love it! As long as I can return the favor. You should find that right ass and caress it softly and at times give it a kiss or even a good spanking, just find the ass that YOU like.

So men and women, go squeeze yourself some firm ass, grab hold of it and don’t let go. I can’t wait til that moment when I can do that to someone. Fuck!

Go get yourself some ass! Or maybe kiss some, literally and figuratively. Stay Wet & Stay Hard!






  1. jldob

    Well, on occasion I’ve been told I’m a complete ass and I always thought complete was a good thing. You know -it’s complete- nothing more to ask for.
    I like that last picture with the dimples.
    I have dimples- on my cheeks- on both sets of cheeks.
    What do you think about men with dimples- on their cheeks.
    JL Dob

    • Depending upon the dimples and how big they are. Some can be sexy others a bit too much.

  2. *Smiles* I am a totally an ass, hips and thighs man. A woman’s ass will catch my attention quicker than a plunging neckline with plentiful cleavage. Don’t get me wrong, I love a woman’s breasts, but there is so much more you can do with a nice ass. You can bite it, spank it, lick it, kiss it, squeeze it or ride it. Ah, instead of counting sheep jumping over a fence to fall asleep tonight, I’ll be counting asses. LOL.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed that. And Thanks for sharing it too! ~Victoria

  3. It is round, but not full, it fits in my hand perfectly.


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